Battered boyfriend syndrome highlighted in mystery surrounding disappearance of Gabrielle “Gabby” Petito, body cam footage reveals


URGENT UPDATE: Manhunt! Brian Laundrie Found….?

When men batter women, its called “domestic violence” but when women batter men, apparently, its called “a fight”–such is the nightmare of sexism that women’s groups, and advocates like these* who ramble on about torture have foisted into our society.

As mobs gather outside her boyfriend Brian Laundrie’s house, calling for him to forego his fifth amendment rights, and speculation runs rampant in the Case of missing Gabby Petito, an eerie web trail emerges with songs and musical lyrics posted to her online Spotify account, those lyrics a helpful reminder to boys and men: when your girlfriend likes song lyrics like this below–RUN!!!!!! And never look back!

“Your woman is your angel, is your left side, is your whole life; easily the most beautiful thing in the world,” one song, Matt Berry’s “Woman,” begins. “She’ll soothe you; she’ll accuse you; she’ll confuse you; she’ll lose you but always be the best friend you have in the world.”

Yeah: with friends like that, plus some boyfriend abuse documented on police body cam–who needs enemies?

Notice that three out of four of the things that women “do” in that song have negative consequences–that 75% of what these kinds of women do will have a directly hostile impact on your life.

That 75% of what these types of women do is going to hurt you. Does that sound good, or loving in any way?


And don’t look back. That could very well be what happened in this case.

Evolutionary Darwinism, while not a pleasant topic, is in fact, a very real thing, in societies led by military supplied gangs of “police,” and other malformed human packets. I wonder: were Gabby’s parents aware of this, or are they just new pawns in the hidden religion of the DVIC?

This story spotlights everything that’s wrong with the carefully curated social construction of western white women and those that their ideology and their “belief systems” affect–white woman’s tears, pulled out at convenient times for a variety of reasons that only benefit them, not least of which is pure CYA; gendered narrative where the female abuser is not called an abuser or a criminal–or if she is admittedly an abuser, she claims its “mental illness” wut made her do it!–and where men are spoken of as if they have a duty to enable the hiding of these factswhen women are nutty and mean,good men” don’t discuss or disclose such facts.

Especially, “good men” dont report these nutcases and bullies to the police, who can help them put these women on record for what they are. See “Bovine brains, curious cows, and herd politics” for an eye full of cud on this matter.

And it is this exact psychopathology of the western female mind that causes domestic violence in the first place, and which fuels the narratives of the ever-in-distress white female, saved by her also “white” knights….. Little Red Riding Hood, always one step ahead of the wolf–Goldilocks and bears–(hey, honey, GTFO of places where you have no business being!)–The Domestic Violence Industrial Complex is a scourge upon equality of the sexes at every juncture, and it functions as little more than religion, hiding its scurrilous teachings, superstitions, and bad religion in society.

Watch here from Fox13 as one of these DVIC advocates named Mindy Murphy, a likely Irish Catholic, from the “excommunicated Joe Biden” fold manages to turn Gabby’s confession of domestic violence directed at Brian into an indictment of him instead, as a body language expert (more junk science) analyses his posture during the traffic stop. Its all junk science, like magic spells and trance formation, cast upon males, and combined with that dastardly religious trickery that twists every malintention of a female into something that is a males problem. I urge you to click over there, as the Catholic-y witch in Drusilla goggles casts her gender-spell

The police initiated contact because someone called them because they were fighting in front of the place where two disappeared lesbians once worked. But they pulled them over because the female–Gabby– had attempted to grab the steering wheel, causing the van to swerve off the road. It’s absolutely insane, the levels to which western societies go to obfuscate women’s violence and potential for causing calamity.

Hell no, lady, its NEVER your fault!

Ask any Iraqi baby who has been bombed or poisoned by these women’s version of a society. Ask Cambodian grandmothers whose legs were blown off by US ordinance, and whose children were napalmed, and whose sons murdered by the sons of these unaccountable women–hell no lady, violence is NEVER your fault!

Create a terrorist movement like the Incel’s who routinely go on shooting rampages? Hell no lady-its not your fault! Just ask Alana “Bloodsausage” or whoever she is why she created that “incel movement” and you get the idea that terrorism and its definitions are a bit, um….biased. The newspapers in the west won’t even name Saint Alana, as if they are hiding a Virgin Mary icon deep in a mystery cave under Rome or something.

Imagine if I started a massive PSYOP that caused people to want to kill themselves, kill others, or be killed by others? It would be criminal, and I would be charged in the least with a terrorism offense, no different than any terrorist ideologue. But a western white woman creates a terror movement for the exact same reasons as Osama bin Laden created al Qaeda? Hell no lady! Its never your fault!

And now her family says:

Her boyfriend ‘left Gabby in the wilderness with grizzly bears and wolves while he sits in the comfort of his home’ as their daughter is missing

Lions and tigers and bears–OH MY!

Choice has been co-opted at every juncture for most men. And any and all resources to combat Battered Boyfriend Syndrome have been consumed by–you guessed it–consumed by women.But don’t worry lady, its not your fault! Even if one of those buttons is a nuclear warhead aimed at a daycare center!

Listen folks: teach your girls life skills beyond how to manipulate boys with that one trick pony between their legs–teach girls how to fight with that powerhouse between their ears, how to survive and so on–and stop raising girls who think its ok to batter their boyfriends. And teach your sons safety words like “RUNNNNNNNN!”

It’s not ok to hit or stalk anyone–but that’s what women are doing, and getting away with it because of gendered narrative. In that narrative, women can hit men first, second, third–and women can stalk men endlessly, even in their workplaces. The fight or flight response is a marvelous thing if it is disciplined, and if it is trained as a life skill into both sexes–but routinely, in societies where women are little more than breed-cows for their human herd, swapping accountability for privilege, one can only expect odd results.

While anyone can empathize with a mother in such a situation–that of a lost or missing child (or a child who has been caught in the horrific “limbo” between law and order, and secret religion foisted into law and society, like little Christopher Bowen and so many others), that’s not my job-protecting grieving parents.

As you see, media pundits, women’s DV “advocates,” current and former police, their associates, and the entire DVIC gets paid for that stuff. I just write it as it is, because…..

My tears all ran out sometime around 1993, the very birth year of VAWA, and other “privileged” policies that managed to eradicate our faith in the law, due pricess and civil liberty, while hiding fanatical religion and their gender-biased handiwork in culture, while not getting caught doing that; and while “empowered” women heaved their haunches on judges benches, handing down sentences to men because they cannot fathom “violence” from their privileged roost in the sty–and as Catholics filled up the ranks of the Supreme Court, and all agreed to look the other way as the monstrosity of a fascist, sexist police and surveillance state was built up around EVERYONE’S rights; and as abortion rights themselves teeter on a precipice today.

When it comes to Equality v Privilege, most people in the world never have either. But to womenwho form the vanguard of the DVIC, they have both and then some.

PostScript: You can watch western white female privilege and violence in this excellent video from TMZ, where a white woman harasses a black man with verbal insults, pushing, poking, slapping him as he warns her multiple times to not touch himand as white men allow this abuse to continue, doing nothing to intervene.Finally, the black guy does what is necessary, and punches her square in the mouth, *BLAM!*and knocks her on her ass, whereupon all the white men intervene. It is EVERYTHING that is wrong in the western construct of women, and the men who enable their privilege–and it needs to stop.

*a very large percentage of people online who ramble on about “electronic weapons, no touch torture,” and so on are actually women’s “empowerment” advocates, groups, NGO’s and other DVIC funding beneficiaries who seek privilege, rather than equality for women. In fact, a major part of the gang stalking dialectic is this exact “parochial” view of women, and many of those online who ramble on about electronic weapons, and “torture” and so on ARE “who the gang stalkers ARE.”

This was most strikingly highlighted in the Portapique, Nova Scotia mass shooting, where the shooter was surrounded by domestic violence advocates, women in the military, and nurses–the majority of them middle aged white women. He targeted those who targeted him, and after the event, these same women were everywhere in Canadian media rambling on about how domestic violence is “torture,” and so on. Its a completely biased, false, gendered narrative–but a multi-billion dollar industry.

This gendered narrative and the blurring of the lines between actual gangs of military, military intelligence, police and their associates who form gangs and stalk people is harmful to actual targeted individuals and should have its own category of claims, as most actual targeted individuals seldom make such ludicrous claims themselves.

Many of these women who gender the narrative are also anti-pornography and anti-prostitution crusaders, such as Ella Free (a totally fake name) and many others ranging from Ramola D., to Dr.s Catherine Horton, Tomo Shibata and more. They are parochial type women, and they NEVER do a thing to stop gang stalking such as we see in cases like Ahmaud Arbery, and others. In fact, many of them can be implicated as gang stalkers themselves.

They derive their funding from donations, and wage expensive billboard campaigns, but have zero results that they can point to successfully “fighting gang stalking.” Apparently, their definition of gang stalking is like their definition of equality: all double talk, and lots of privilege. More about Public Relations firm Ella Free and her constant plea for cash here. They always manage to buy up some bizarre billboards and ramble on about “electronic weapons” but have never solved the problem of gang stalking–because THEY are who the gang stalkers ARE, for the most part.

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