Dear Brian:

You don’t know me, I don’t know you. And Only You know what happened between August 12th and the time of the disappearance of your girlfriend. But know this–you are absolutely correct to not talk with police. It’s your fifth amendment right.

Now: what has begun happening to you has a name–it’s called organized gang stalking, and it’s illegal. You can bring charges against those who are doing it. SO be pro-active. Collect evidence–you will need it.

Please document the following, so that your attorney has the facts he will need to defend you:

  • your computer and cell phone will start doing “crazy” things, like clicking, buzzing and even other conversations taking place on your phone as you use it. This is part of an illegal investigation, and police do it all the time in these cases–without the glimmer of a single legal wiretap warrant.
  • Your computer might even have its microphone turned on, and some targets have even reported that Fusion Center operatives will use that microphone to play music, or conversation as you use the computer. The computer itself will show strange activity, like turning itself on and off, etc.
  • As you see, an actual gang has been mobilized right outside of your house. They will stalk you, and repeat words and phrases, some of those words and phrases taken directly from your computer or cell phone search history or conversations
  • flash mobs of people will show up at places like Publix, where you used to work
  • cars will follow you, and some of them might attempt to run you off the roads–some of these asshats will stalk you from behind with cars that have one headlight off–report these incidents to your attorney–NOT the police, because they will use that as an excuse to violate your fifth amendment privilege.
  • if you are booked into a jail at any point, the jail will record your conversations–the software they use will take a “voice-print” recording of your voice–and be careful what you say to anyone except your lawyer. Also, many jails have been caught illegally recording the phone calls of prisoners too.

All of that said, there are some wild conspiracy theories online now, if you haven’t seen them. One goes like this:

You were at the Moonflower Community Co-op in Moab, when some random lesbians called the police because you were arguing with your girlfriend. The body camera footage of that incident is all over the place online. As you might recall, the police almost took your girlfriend in for domestic violence–ALWAYS LET THEM TAKE THE GIRLFRIEND IN, because otherwise–as you see now, it only gets worse. These girls don’t know when to quit.

Some of the worst conspiracy theorists are speculating that the disappearance of two lesbians in Moab is related to the disappearance of Gabby, and TBH, its an interesting theory.

It goes like this: random busy-body lesbians called the cops on you and tried to get close to your girlfriend or something similar. You know how they can be. And as you know, your girlfriend was quite a “free spirit,” and so on, with all that that implies–TBH, I have dated quite a few of those indecisive girls who like to play both sides of the badminton court, and they can be quite a nightmare! There is usually some serious underlying mental issues with those types of women–narcissistic traits, passive aggressive/aggressive, maybe even borderline personality disorders and so on.

Neither here nor there, but as they say “crazy in the head, crazy in the bed!”

Well, anyways: the theory postulates that because these lesbians had somehow offended you, that some “creepy guy” camped out by where they were camping, and later, that they were killed, bodies tossed into a river or stream, riddled “front, side and back” with bullets.

Well–I am sure you don’t have a gun, right? But that’s what’s being implied by this theory.

In one story, Kylen Schulte had told friends there was a “creepy man” near their campsite that had been intimidating women there. “Investigators were informed that Kylen had mentioned to her friends that if something happened to them, that they were murdered,”

TBH, those lesbians can sometimes be quite the creepers themselves–just have a look at this terrorist movement leader, Alana Bloodsausage, who is directly responsible for what we call “online psychological operations,” where gangs of lesbians stalk men and boys online, and offline too–sometimes so badly that those men and boys decide to go on mass shooting sprees, frequently managing to actually kill some of the people who are definitely stalking them.

And these days, the “domestic violence advocates” are indeed stalking men as “gangs of women.” Neither here nor there….right? But that’s what they are doing.

Well, anyways, in the theory, you might have been the guy who killed those lesbians. They told friends that some “creepy guy” was camped by them. The creepy guy smear is similar to how white women have for ages controlled black brown, and “othered” men–often resulting in lynchings, beatings, torture and imprisonment–because white female privilege is a real thing, and crying wolf is the name of the game that keeps them in power, allied closely–as you see–with police. Dude–you should have sent her to jail, and now look at it….

Then, in the theory, likely a conflict ensued between you and your beloved, and that somehow transpired that you ended up back in Florida alone–very alone, I am sure. Take this moment to love and cherish your parents–they love you very much, brother. Kiss your mom’s precious cheek–hug your fathers loving bones.

Had I known you before all of this hullaballoo, I would have warned you that music lyrics like the following are huge red flags for any man seeking companionship with a woman–just look at the first lyric mentioned in that news story, where we see that your BFF believes that 75% of a male-female relationship is her, causing stress, pain, and misfortune for her “beloved.”

Your woman is your angel, is your left side, is your whole life; easily the most beautiful thing in the world,” one song, Matt Berry’s “Woman,” begins. “She’ll soothe you; she’ll accuse you; she’ll confuse you; she’ll lose you but always be the best friend you have in the world.” Another song, “Take My Hand,” is about picking up a stranger at a bar. “The Badger’s Wake” is about a badger decomposing underground.

Dude–that’s really dark stuff. Dangerous “beliefs.” Best friends simply do not drag best friends through all of that drama! Just look at these four words here: soothe, accuse, confuse, lose…..I think that last one says it all. I mean-75% of those words are negatives. Then, picking up strangers in a bar?

Those lesbians were in a bar too, shortly before they were murdered, whupping up support for a war on a creepy guy. They were probably gossiping about the creepy guy–ignoring their own immense body odor and incense creep factor, of course. I mean, that;s what the internet is saying anyways….

The west is indeed in the throes of a culture war, and it is indeed asymmetrical, with the power of life and death expressed in many ways that are not always obvious. Stay safe out there, bro, and try to get through it, one day at a time–and keep your mouth shut, on your lawyers advice. If these people want any one thing, it is a world free from the rule of law, due process, and civil liberty, replaced by the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) and its social engineering schemes free from oversight.

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