Who is behind the “human trafficking”narratives? Let’s look at the morality police of ultra-conservative Egypt targeting Tik Toker Haneen Hossam

A scratch beneath the tinfoil surface of the gang stalking dialogues online reveals ultra-conservatives waging sexual morality panics, and targeting girls with sexual shame, online stalking, and abuse. Worst of all–they are doing it in the name of religion–as usual.

Haneen Hossam: TikToker, 19, jailed for human trafficking after she told women to earn online

Haneen Hossam seen in her video (Instagram: @hannenhossam.official)

Holy Boudicca! Right wing nuts and other religious conservative people are INSANE! The lengths that ultra-conservatives in religions around the world go to terrify young women is astounding.

From Meaww media

Hossam has been accused of escaping trial since the court ordered her arrest in April. Hossam was accused along with the others, of human trafficking by “using girls in acts contrary to the principles and values of Egyptian society with the aim of gaining material benefits.” The accused Tiktokers were alleged to be “part of a criminal group organized for human trafficking purposes”

The narrative of human trafficking is co-mingled online with the gang stalking dialectic, and it is not limited to theocracies with morality police either, because this identical and insane bullying and harassment is also being targeted–RIGHT NOW at pop-idol Britney Spears, who is worth millions.

Read along as these deep state religionist trolls stalk her life, and try to shame her for having breasts–and flaunting her admirable assets on social media LIKE ANY OTHER AMERICAN POP STAR.

Image source: Britney Spears

At every narrative gate and entry point, we see christian stalkers stealing freedom by co-opting women’s rights to choose, and replacing the notion of those rights with one or another version of “religious freedom.” It’s exactly what a horsehair worm does to a cricket–it gets inside their head, literally controls their “mind” and then murders the cricket by parasitism, much as Britney Spears father did in her conservatorship.

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Western morality police are every bit as toxic, dangerous, and deadly as anything under radical Islamic regimes, but they murder in different ways. As gang stalkers online like to say “its spiritual death” that they seek to cause. Take a peek at how the “incel terrorism movement” began, for just one example of how western psychological operations work online to create terrorism, no different than ISIS or its many variants.

In all cases, whether it is goat-fucking jihadists, or incel car crashers, these online armies of morality trolls try to get into the persons head, and wage PsyWar on them, using a persons sexuality as the entry point to further shaming. And it is these psyops that are also behind a lot of domestic terrorism too.

Take a look at how online trolls try to manipulate a multi-millionaire who is well past the age of sexual consent, using the EXACT tactic of sexual shame, highlighting the mental health smear, aka “psychological meta-narrative:

‘Britney Spears does need a mental health check’

Members of the #FreeBritney movement and fans of her music were shocked to discover their idol posing topless on social media. Many of them questioned her mental health status, while others were concerned about her conservatorship battle after posting the picture. “Hear me out… based on the Instagram Britney Spears does need a mental health check not under conservatorship,” said one concerned commentator, while another wrote, “Disgusting. Sorry sweetie, ladies don’t do this. Haven’t you learned anything? Maybe not. Then do not whine about taking control of your life. Grow up.” 

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