I get letters, thank GAWD! And: Thank You, my newest fan! You know who you are. I would also like to read you sometime!

To you: I tip an absurdly oversized glass of wine, whereupon it predictably splashes into my own face.

Satanic Jew-christians and their partners in the Abrahamic Trifecta of crime and mayhem laugh sardonically (and also predictably) as if the wine-stem itself should have also shattered, and stabbed my eyes out, causing me blindness.

YOU are not a bad writer yourself, I might add. Please send samples, if you are so inclined.

My latest fan says:

Message: You are amazing! Probably the most gifted writer of our season! Truly.

My name is Kristin XXXXXXXXX and I’m currently residing in my hometown of XXXXXXXXXX. But none of that matters, what really matters is that I am your newest biggest fan! Beyond my desire for accurate information regarding the RICO crime I’ve been a victim of for 3 years & 22 days, contracted and paid for by an ex boyfriend who’s entire family uses organized crime and abuses of security and judicial resources as a means of social and business upward mobility. Additionally, they use this form of domestic espionage as a form of revenge and domestic abuse. Who cares…..haha! I’m addicted to your style of writing! It perfect and real! Honest, “ don’t give a fuckery” journalism peppered with cursing and superlatives. The truth you unapologetically parrot regarding these Nazi Uber sophisticated carpet mushers is HILARIOUS AND FACTUAL!


Thank you so much for your intravenous injection of the TRUTH!

Thank Gawd for the TRUTH ! And while not every truth comes with a receipt, yours most certainly does. Your receipt is long, legible, and legitimate!”’Hope all is well!…KXXXXXXXXX

14 thoughts on “I get letters, thank GAWD! And: Thank You, my newest fan! You know who you are. I would also like to read you sometime!

    1. Jose–honestly people who start a conversation by talking about electronic brain zappers and telepathy have no place here on my blog.

      And, the proper word to describe such emotional connections is “empathic,” whether its real or imagined.

      That said, I am bending a spoon right now by shooting laser beams out of my eyes, just to get some sugar in my coffee.

      That may seem like a lot of work for one cup of coffee, but the truth is, I only do it to help open my eyes in the morning.


    2. Please allow me to take this one…..

      Jose, This is a very good question and it’s simply because a lot of our RICO crime contractors & commissioners couldn’t afford ” The Deluxe Gangstalking Package” , or even ” The Works”. In my case, my exboyfriend could only afford ” The Economical Package”…heck, It might have even been ” The Super-Saver Stalker Package”. So I haven’t gotten microwaved once, no flying monkeys, no echo-location, no rape drones, no V2K, no recreational drug torture studies, no spiritual warfare, I even asked for some more mind control so i could mow my yard and my handler couldn’t even pull that off. So what I’m saying is, I believe you must have gotten one of the deluxe all-inclusive package. Seriously, I haven’t even seen one syncronized or “syncronised” in lamemen lingo.

      Random inquiry…you wouldn’t happen to know any organized crime participating Latino’s in Versailles KY? Your broken english translation from your iphone 11 reminds me of another Latin man that goes by the name of FELIX ESPINOZA of Electrostatic Painting. I hear the REAL FEDS are watching him. So if you see him, be a friend, won’tcha…give him a heads up. Feliz Navidad or what have you:)

      Miss Gangstalked of America


  1. *This isn’t a comment reply to the above blog posting

    Ghost boy,

    It’s Kristin from Kentucky. Your blog correspondence outlets are either confusing or they ARE confusing:)

    I’m cutting thru the chase . I want to hire you to be a part of something way bigger than your blog but need a easy way to send you my proposal. I’m not “ one of them” and if you do a 2 second social media investigation on anything K10 related or Kristin Harrison Kimbrell related there will be be no doubt. But more so, I don’t give a shot if they spy on my correspondence . Because you see, that is how I bait “ them” and this is what my project is about. So let them spy. I have less time for blocking, firewalling, virus protection hudo, and etc. than I do mastering my final art project which I’ve selected you to be a part of without any approval. You are the perfect fit and we need to get started , not just for selfish endeavors, but for larger more philanthropic endeavors.” They “ just now hijacked my text to you by the way. Their geeky goonery of evil will always surpass mine. I refuse to waste time combatting their spy opts. Anyway, software ain’t my game. Philanthropy and the truth thru my art is….


    What now? I can come to you. And I’m not kidding. This is big. Come aboard please!




    1. Well: I know how these things work, so you can either figure out a way for us to communicate at the blog I sent you (maybe use your folks computer) or use the comment feature at the ROGS blog, http://www.researchorganizedgangstalking.org

      TBH, I cannot imagine why or how they can block you from commenting, because that’s a huge project in itself, and the question becomes “why are you so interesting that they would stop you?”

      In my case, I wrote what is likely the nations first “manufactured terrorism” story, wat back in 2003–and those shitbags from the agencies folllowed me endlessly, implanted a computer I had, chased me coast to coast, trying to link me to terrorism.
      So, yeah–good journalism can get a guy in trouble these days and then too. America the “free” lol.


    2. As for collaboration….well, TBH, some of the stuff you say makes no sense–too cryptic. Feel free to propose sensible collaboration, contract terms, etc.

      Let me also say that when you are really in a pinch, a good way to communicate is Dropbox links, or Anonymouse and Guerillamail email

      BUt feel free to sketch out your proposal–no, we will not be meeting soon unless there’s a serious cash incentive.

      You know how it is–the internet opens odd doors, and even more odd situations, right?

      I hope you are enjoying the novel though. Have a read through “Lon Shotgun” for a glimpse of how people in your area of the country create criminal charges for people.

      Long shotgun


    3. Hi, I checked everything.

      Yes, you are getting through–you are on Charter Communications/Time Warner, out of Lexington, KY.

      And, you were there just over 3.5 hours ago

      So, use the comments section, we can talk there


  2. Oooohhhh shucks !! Renaissance Rico man,

    My project proposal was a co-op about unicorn deaths & lollipop wishes.

    A million you say?…I guess i’ll have to go with the Crayola of Asian spies, or keep shopping.

    Faux pas and apologies, by the way…I looked you up and CAN NOT believe you are able to be polite to seekers such as myself, let alone have any sort of tactful and courteous correspondence with them. How have you refrained from self implosion or not TP’d and silly string spray’d the front steps of the DOJ? How have you refrained from even a rogue Alaskian off grid sabbatical, all isolated and wrapped in Reynolds? I’ve only been aboard the ” Peace Train” parable for 3 yrs. and 29 days, and I’ve already stopped flossing once a day, and I find myself giving grimace to small latino children. Also been dropping F bombs like it’s a condition.

    Good Golly! You’ve been doing this a very long time! Read a blog last night where you discussed the REAL facts regarding the “Peace Train” that took an emergency landing. ( opium was still likely involve). But you refraining from a “roll of the eyes” response to my Cat Steven’s trivia question was very valet de chambre, so thank you. I’m definitely green with the in’s and out’s of my newest role as “Miss Manufactured Terrorists of America”.Your reference to the reading that might benefit or educate me on police set ups is both disturbing and confusing??? That hillbilly story is a difficult read.Additionally, please explain and explain the ” narrative” where actual weapons of the socio&psycho were used, por favor.

    PS: Ever notice how the Lamestalkers always replace “z” with “s” in their use of ” organization” ? My lamehacker wrote a code to misfire apple’s autocorrect to always mispell “organisation”. Also anytime i use ” fictitious”, Lameboy has coded it to spell ” factious”. My iphone is all done up in lamelingo, but i think I just fixed it and disposed of all cyber surveillance. Slowed ’em down if anything. Just some fun facts I thought I’d share.


  3. Hmm….

    Well, any serious project involves a lot of legal front end, like a bulldozer, and then there’s the expensive issue of hiring PI’s/IT insiders/photog’s etc. in such situation. Lawyers start around 300 per billable hour, and the others bill at 5-1k per day,on the low end so…..yeah, not a cheap project.

    Honestly: we can only have substantive conversation at the other blog, so I won’t answer all your questions here. Otherwise I will fade away in my responses, honestly.

    But I will validate one thing you said up there: so many LatinX people are both gang aware/affilliated, and then, they are also fundie/vangies, so they are easy to radicalize this way. But its as much the ADL and similar Jewish-racist group doing it as it is the FBI/DEA/LEIUs etc

    The ROGS blog has a story about Armando Ruiz, an ICE/DEA/FBI ping pong ball–the guy makes it back and forth over the border a dozen times–net cost 6k per–and then finds Jesus in a cop-run Super-Electrified Flying Jesus church–one of those deals with the word “Zion” in the name and some bastardized version of Hebrew on a business card with a six pointed star or similar symbolism.
    Its an eye opener, how these cops start churches as much as they infiltrate them.Otherwise retirement is very boring, apparently


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