Women who batter men, and Gabby Petito–a surprisingly bad conversation, held with predictably bad people: watch this TMZ video of a female bully in action

As the word is starting to get out that many white women, doused in privilege and ready to Flame-on! at any challenge to that privilege, we see the phenomenon of “the micro-aggressive Karen’s” everywhere, reported by black American’s.

But white men like Brian Laundrie are used to them–these Karen’s rule over their worlds daily. In fact, white women crying wolf has lasted since “biblical times” and it is the EXACT mechanism whereby Jewish-christian culture is able to maintain control of the “masses,”while recruiting new followers to its herds.

Related story: The The 10 Craziest Karen Stories of 2020, and a look into how Jewish-christian women like Bari Weiss ally themselves as racist micro-aggressive bullies to socially engineer societies–harassing, stalking, defaming, and bullying men all along the way.

So–this issue of murdered women who were themselves batterers and bullies is basically a public relations campaign problem–a ” framing” problem wherein it is mostly these exact women “having that conversation,” and one can only expect the same results–and yes, that can indeed drive you crazy. Part Social Darwinism, part social security pyramid scheme run by the banksters (of all tribal-religious backgrounds), but 100% female violence behind it.

Beware the Ides of the Karens! They happen every month day. Image: Getty Images

SO, watch this TMZ video below of what white female violence looks like, as a white female batterer directs violence at non-white people or others who do not genuflect to their privileges–and nearly gets away with it. White men should be grateful that other and othered men are keeping this issue alive:

Pittsburgh Steelers Violent Fight At Game … Woman Cited For Disorderly Conduct

The woman hits, pokes, slaps a man and not one single man steps in to stop her, or defend the man she is assaulting. Only after the man she is assaulting finally looks around him, and then BLAM! clocks her with a hard right fist, does anyone step in! Its “crazy-making” the amount of violence these types of women are responsible for in our society–but even MORE crazy that men submit to it.

Pure social engineering by the One Percent to keep every man afraid of their “privileged” enforcers. Here is a different take on that, from Sebastian Itturalde of Peru.

And the same is true in the conversation about Gabby Petito too–the police report does not lie, right? I mean, in every news article, and ALL of the body cam footage, we see:

two police officers responded to a report of a “domestic problem” between the pair on Aug. 12. One officer wrote in the report that Petito said she slapped Laundrie during an argument, prompting Laundrie to lock her out of their van. She eventually got into the vehicle. When Petito and Laundrie spoke to police, they indicated that tensions were high because of mental health problems.

Menatal Health Problems….that is sure a curious way to disguise female to male violence. One wonders if Dr. Lorraine Sheridan–who interviewed “the internet” and “anonymous respondents to a survey” has a stake in the narrative itself.


I mean, shoe on the other foot and all that, its called criminal activity if it is a male doing it. And so, we see that the mental health social engineering is in fact a gendered narrative at all points–and that the confluence of law and the pseudo-science of psychology, science does not hold up–because there is a clear definitional bias at work.

That’s the One Percent at work–as they cavort around the globe starving entire nations, and bombing etire nations, killing men women and children–yeah, we are asked to overlook this odd discrepancy in the data: that women initiate and perpetrate the majority of domestic violence, and this documented for well over four decades now with actual SCIENCE and the scientific method, as noted scholar Dr. Martin S. Fiebert and many others have demonstrated decade after decade.

At the root of female initiated violence is the expectation that men must view women as “dependent” and that a man’s role is to protect these dependents–and even then, protect them from themselves, and even protect them from the law, which can punish them for violence, no different than any male.

There is quite a long evolutionary explanation behind that, but I digress. Suffice it to say that equality is PROHIBITED at every point by both straight culture, and the gay mafia too, because of this exact narrative. Change cannot happen, when the banksters control this dialogue–and the complicity of women to cover that up. Conspiracy, indeed–one that has worked for the banksters since “biblical times,” though not necessarily before that.

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