How to deal with extremist Israeli troll farms online: “how do people become radicalized,” and online psychological warfare directed at FVEYs citizens

A huge portion of gang stalking complaints involve cyber-harassment from the US FVEYs alliance and pro-Israeli extremists, targeting individuals online and off. So much is this true, that in every synagogue shooting, we can trace the agents provocateurs using social media monitoring and open source intelligence.

Except: the government/FBI/DHS/ et al are hiding the ball, because AFTER “terrorists” are “radicalized” the FVEYs nations policy is to hide the internet internet history and social media presence of the shooters, citing complete junk science as their reason for doing so, and hiding the fact that the US-FVEYs and Israel are waging psychological warfare on those who” become radicalized”–and that is at every point unethical, and illegal.

What is psychological warfare, and who does it? What are online influence campaigns, and how do they contribute to radicalization–and why do they target individuals?

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