Who are Haneen Hossam and Mawada al-Adham? And how is organized gang stalking related to “human trafficking”?

All over the internet, the phrase “human trafficking” is associated with “gang stalking” and is being applied by ultra-conservatives to describe things as banal as Youtube or TikTok posts, and there is a clear link between that phraseology and gang stalking.

In the case at hand, to teen girls were convicted for the “crime” of advising other women and girls to make money online; and they were provably stalked, followed,and monitored by morality police, and other intelligence agency affiliated stalker;, and then,they were tried and convicted– jailed for advising girls and women to simply learn to make money online

Who is Haneen Hossam? Egyptian TikTok star jailed following human trafficking conviction: Two Egyptian TikTok stars have been jailed after being convicted of human trafficking.

On Sunday (June 20th), a court in Cairo sentenced Haneen Hossam to ten years in jail, and her co-defendant Mawada al-Adham, was also sentenced to six years imprisonment, the BBC reports.Both women were convicted of “human trafficking” after “exploiting girls through video-sharing apps for money”.

I have previously covered this linkage, and now we see more clearly what kind of people are behind such dialogues. And unsurprisingly, they are anti-prostituion, anti-sex worker, and anti-pornography–the same people whohave managed to kill feminism and to skirt due process and civil liberty in the US are connected time and again to both gang stalking rhetoric, and human trafficking rhetoric too, and the blur is substantial.

Here below are some links for gang stalking researchers to see how the term is used online and off, by religious crackpots, and other anti-democracy persons and groups:

The above link is clearly a right wing christian psychobabble

But it isn’t just right wing people who conflate the two terms, and indeed, these anti-sex work tyes come from both sides of the aisle.

Here, a lesbian claims she is being smeared as a pedophile (not at all unlike the earlier incarnation of this PSYOP where Eleanor White claimed the same thing, but was curiously close with many law enforcement agents and agencies)

But there are literally SO MANY of these people online who have conflated these two terms that any researcher is urged to investigate both the linkage, and the narrators.In the latter case, we see a lesbian, claiming she was labelled a pedophile(this is actually a common occurrence–it really happens to gay people) but the narrative itself reads more like virtue signalling–as if the featured writer is herself selling a bill of goods.

As we see time and time again, the far right religionists and the hardcore lesbians share one thing in common, which is a war on sexual liberty. Real whores* like The Honest Courtesan, Maggie McNeill, and Norma Jean Almodovar–both veterans from the last generations sex, gender, and pornography wars, disagree with these maniacal sex-obsessed “gang stalking and human trafficking” narrators all of whom seek to “control the sex supply!”

Fortunately, you can research it yourself, and find what I have found–its all lies and hyperbole, with lots of online virtue signalling, and actual stalkers hiding behind fake narratives as #fakeTI’s .

SO, compare these cases to the case of these poor Egyptian girls, jailed for simply trying to encourage women to learn to earn their own money, to break cycles of dependency on patriarchal religion centered culture.

Quite a difference, ay?

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