Touching the “real world” from a country upbringing: a paper wad in a pack of Beechnut Tobacco

Slavery, if nothing else, produced industry grade unawareness.It was a great thing for some, continues to this day. Myself, I was just happy I got free chew after some smartass loaded some toilet paper into the hoppers, and resulted in me getting ass-paperin my chew one time.

But when I wrote to Beechnut, and told them my chew was full of paper wads–they did the right thing, and sent me an entire carton of free Beechnut chew! You go tell me that the AMerican Dream is broken, and I will tell the whole world about my chew!

See the source image
You cannot imagine my joy upon receiving that package, at my home address! The letter read something like “Dear Beechnt chew user, we are DEEPLY sorry for how you had to suffr through a toilet paper bag of chew! Please accept our apologies, and this respectful gift of MORE FREE CHEW! than you can ptherwise get for free in other parts of the world!”

I was completely taken in. I felt like the scion of a chew family in that minute!

I imagined that suddenly, the world had found me valuable, available, and coveted my connection to a community! They sent me that chew FOR FREE!

I seem to recall ten clean, sealed packets, each one delicious and free, boxed in a wholesale box. It made me want to chew more!

And so, this is how I learned capitalism., one chew at a time.

I still follow those chew instructions, though I don’t chew anymore, I just smoke now.

2 thoughts on “Touching the “real world” from a country upbringing: a paper wad in a pack of Beechnut Tobacco

  1. Will you Please explain in detail what a
    “ CLOSED LOOP NARRATIVE OF GANGSTALKING “ is? And how you were a perpetual target of the ‘paths?

    Re: “ Literally, overtly and covertly aimed actual weapons at me. One of those weapons was the closed loop narrative of gang stalking, where the individual becomes a perpetual target of psychopaths and their sociopathic enablers.”
    You are scaring me now. I had forgotten about a particular “ narrative” as you say that still frightens me to the point of disorientation. I fairly good with pushing it waaaayyy back so it could rarely be unreachable. It’s still reachable, however. And I just grabbed it and here comes the chilling reality.
    It settled back In and the darkness is my blanket.

    Ghostwriter, I’m fortunate because I’ve only had but one scary episode at the hands of the GS’ers. I can barely explain it. So the way I try is by stating that, “ it was nearly supernatural”.
    I know this sounds all hokey pokey but I met the devil that evening and I don’t much like him. He was eating a huge bologna sandwich oozing with Mayo. He Talked w his mouth full and literally haunts me if I think too much and too long.

    But I was stuck in like a matrix situation where everything cyber was evil. And in no uncertain terms, He explained the level of evil I was brushing shoulders with.
    Of course, I accidentally dosed myself with High Grade imported Russian Liquid Acid that an informant named David Mayo of Winchester, Ky. ( put it on blast!) left in my backpack unbeknownst to me. This LSD oddly snuck it’s way to the airbnb i was staying at in LVille where the nearest FBI headquarters is located. This was premeditated I believe.

    You see , I was on my first attempt at personally delivering my computer forensics, security cam footage, and 38 lbs. of hard copy evidence to the head of the FBI Chapter, Mr. James Robert Brown Jr. Who of course is robot with a broken moral compass and gave zero shits. After another reach out session, he assigned me a “ special agent” combolesbo with a chip on her shoulder. Anyway, I don’t wanna get worked up about that story at this time. Let’s just say, the more contact I have with the ABC’s , the more I have a growing confidence that I too could be a “ special agent”. The abuses of beautiful descriptives like “ special” and “intelligence” have been ruined at the hands of the acronyms lacking a solid moral compass. It’s sad.

    My girlfriend reminds me of this though, she says, “ but not everyone can possibly be a gangstalker. NOT EVERYONE IS a gangstalker “. Which gives me a bit of fortitude to continue on. Then I remember, she’s the only friend they have allowed me to keep.The only girlfriend left anyway.

    Sorry…I get down but I bounce …( I’ll make more. The Unconditional kind. And we will drink champagne on the cherrywood Italian yacht I will be buying with all the monetary restitution as I bask in the LIGHT with a new emotional retribution!

    Copy that;)


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