Writing Internet Wrongs: I am starting a new series, to make the world a better place!

Writing Internet Wrongs is my new series intended to tackle some of the internet’s big problems, and to make the world a better place generally.

In that light. I take on the case of the angry, bitter children Gina, and Jay–children from Kathleen Dehmlow’s first marriage, she, who “left her kids behind after she had an affair with her husbands brother” who she eventually married, and started another family with.

In cultures steeped and heaped in shame based, rigid, dogmatic, and false religion based social engineering schemes, rather than natural human instinct’s– bitter children (who become bitter 60 year olds) are a by-product of the complex mechanism’s of false religion as a go to reference point for “moral behavior.”

The paradox, of course, is that the entire western narrative of shame seems never to feel its own shame, as it’s armies of bankster bucksters drive tanks over the whole nations and whole families of other children overseas. Bombing wedding celebrations, while starving nations; filling nations with drug addicts; dropping depleted uranium on children’s playgrounds for generations to come–where billionaires become trillionaires during the arch of COVIDs march, and the only thing they give back? –Yup, a vaccine, and lots of questions about who gets rich, and how they do it, generation after generation.

But back home, SHAME on Kathleen Dehmlow!

Who by force of narrative, and force of social constructs that led to a final act of bullying so immature that it deserves to be called out–social ostracization for a mother, who was forced to leave two children behind….

Dear Gina and Jay, a message from “heaven from your former mother, Kathleen Dehmlow.

RIP, Ms. Dehmlow–we got you covered.

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