A note about misogyny: it’s a powerful meme driven by the One Percent

Hatred of women is a bizarre concept to randy heterosexuals like myself. It’s inconceivable at every level–my doctor is a woman, my gardeners are women–many of the chefs that I patronize (lol) are women too. I trust good women, I love good women, I work with good women.

And the rest goes without saying–yes, my sex life is wonderful–amazing, actually.

Related Story: Woman arrested for arranging to have sex with dog Anyone out there thinking what I am thinking? This would make a great Chris Hanson episode–maybe even a series! There are 119 million hits in my search engine for “woman arrested for having sex with dog”Chris….Chris Hanseeeen?!…are you still in jail? I have a series idea I would like to pitch!

Chris Hansen’s mug shot. In the history of cowardly , unethical and just stupid journalism, this “good guy” pushed the cowards envelope–but the police state loved him! Chris–maybe you can look into the rash of human females who are raping dogs, and arranging dog-sex online? I’m thinking “To Catch a Dog Copulator Yes/no?

People like me have to add that disclaimer about a wonderful, healthy sex life, because otherwise you get the Incel Army–which was created by a woman with ties to liquor and drug cartels, mind you–trolling you endlessly about being an “incel,” or you get the Kate’s, Kathy’s and Karen’s up your wazoo, flashing their privilege at your doorstep, the way an old pimp flashes cash(read the comments at that link).

That said, if it is OK to call for hatred and scorn of men, and directed violence at them–in such a society, it is also OK to call for hatred and scorn and violence for women.

There are many archetypes of “women” that rightly DESERVE hatred and scorn–and even the same types of violence directed at them that we see as an under-current of the Brian Laundrie–Gabby Petito “bi-directional violence” scenario. There, we see Geraldo Rivera calling for Laundrie to kill himself, which is the reverse micro-aggressive way to say ” we should kill Brian Laundrie.”

And so, for good reasons–not all “women” are deserving of love, respect, honor, or anything else–they deserve to be treated as HUMANS first, and second, to endure the same social, criminal, and other penalties that men face daily.

In fact, many women deserve to face the EXACT consequences that they force upon men, including violence. And I am not talking about women who get arrested for having sex with dogs, for example–while there are 119 MILLION hits for that search term online, these women generally are not the problem (except, perhaps for incels who apparently cannot get laid even by a woman who sleeps with dogs.)

Dog, the Bounty Hunter in his ’03 mug shot-Hey Dog–you go get that Brian Laundrie, ok? “Real Men” like you, and Alana Boltwood–and all of those Kate’s and Karen’s are why your country is just F@CKED now in terms of rights, human or animal, lol

Here’s my top ten list of women who deserve scorn, even hatred–and maybe, a good beat down, the exact type of beat down that people are calling for when cases like Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie hit the news, and ape-faced Dog the Bounty Hunter join the pursuit.

The implied violence of the entire event is stunning–each woman’s fists and claws a butterfly wing ripple acros the vago-sphere, calling out “Hey Lady–Its Never Your Fault!!!“and while the Kate’s and Karen’s of the world think this is ok, it is not–women’s structural and institutional violence is EXACTLY what we see playing out in this case.

Oh…wait a minute…I am having a hard time hating. Probably because I am fortunate to be surrounded by GOOD WOMEN right now.

Hmmm. I am finding it difficult to even come up with five….four…three…..Jimminy Cricket’s, I cannot find even three or four women who I actually hate. I have known know a lot of dirtbag women, and some con artists and scammers and evil hearted dog-loving women–but I don’t even hate them! I have known cattle cars FULL of Karen’s and Kate’s who all had some devious Machiavellian back stabbing thing going on(true story)….but….WHAT’s WRONG WITH ME?!

I cannot find HATE! I cannot get in touch with Misogyny!!!

Imelda Marcos….Bloody Mary Queen of England….Erma “the Beast of Belsen” Grese….Amy Coney Barret (OOOHH!! I am starting to feel something there….) hmmm….but none of those women in the distant past are anyone’s problem right now, per se– and certainly not mine. My hate is too distant to even hate the worlds most hated women.


Bari” Please tolerate my racism, while I cannot tolerate yours” Wiess, and her compatriots in white, Jewish supremacy?…..Meh, these women are EVERYWHERE–and wherever they are not? They have wormed their way into other women’s heads, mucg like a horsehair worm gets into the head of a cricket (it NEVER turns out well for the cricket.)

Related Story: Watch, as a horsehair worm invades the brain of a cricket, literally controlling its brain, and causing it to eventually commit suicide, as the worm wriggles away to face another day.

But I do have a thing or two to say about scumbag psychologists, and judges, and the CPS system–and all of those herd animals that were responsible for little Christopher Bowen being sliced and diced up for 8 years, undergoing 323 completely unnecessary doctor’s visits, and 13 COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY SURGERIES, as his father cried out for custody–and even common decency for the boy.

Yeah-I definitely hate Kaylene Bowen, and all of the Kate’s, Karen’s and Kathy’s that created her, enabled her, and so on. They need their asses kicked.

Oh, shit–but whose gonna do it? They might sic Dog the Ape Faced flabby old biker on you. Oh nooooes.

Then, I would have to kick his ass too. And then, all of his scurrilous biker pals…and all of their down-low cop brothers…their army of snitches and drug addled informants, and….and then…..fuck.

Women’s structural and institutional violence is a never ending, maddening thing–and women like Alana Bloodsausage Boltwood and her “incel movement” PSYOP creating even MORE structural and institutional violence isn’t helping.

So, I guess Kaylene Bowen, and every woman who enabled her–and those women in the system who denied the father the simple human right of protecting the child from a toxic mother who hides behind a “mental health diagnoses”–Munchausens being just another psychological term that the One Percent and their psychiatric meta-narrative deploy in order to continue to profit off of women and children as if they are herd animals is the only one on my list at the moment.

Munchausen by proxy: Mom arrested after son has 323 hospital visits, 13 surgeries

In his eight years of life, Christopher Bowen has been to the hospital 323 times and underwent 13 major surgeries.


Click the link, watch the video–it’s quite disheartening the effect that women’s structural and institutional violence has on children, and whole societies. Thankfully, “Mommie Dearest”is locked up now, and the child is with his father–no feeding tubes, no unecessary surgeries–but lots of scars. Yeah. Lots of scars….

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