Kate Briquelet: you are a POS

The following is a public service announcement: Journalism is toxic, when women like Kate Briquelet are allowed to dispense personal opinions, disguised as “news.”

The Kate’s, the Karens–what a lot you are. Journalism today has cattle car loads of them, all headed in the wrong direction.

Don’t Be a Kate!

Kate Briquelet on Muck Rack
Little Dindunuffin’ Catholic/Protestant/Baptist/other stupid hidden religion as yet identified “journalists” like Kate Briquelet, taking orders from heifers like Alana Bloodsausage Boltwood of the Canadian Mental Health Association, and the tribe she created, called “the incel movement” are WHY black, brown and “other” women go missing every year, and no one gives a shit.

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There are simply too many white whiners to weed through online in order to find these other cases–too many column inches blotted out by the voice blight vapid repetitions of privileged white female narratives. And that’s a pattern throughout history, as white women were not only instrumental “voices” leading to the lynchings of black men over the centuries–but also were the raizon de etre’ of colonialism and its aftermath.

What–are these women made of gold, diamonds or beaver fur (plews)? Hordes of their ancestors flocked to the America’s in search of exactly that. I bet my followers like this hateful, little racist guy put these women up to such sillyness.

Diamonds are a “girls” best friend–emphasis on “emotionally stunted” and trapped, forever, with the emotioal IQ of a nine-year-old–by design of the herd bosses–diamonds put smiles on otherwise frumpy, humorless–narcissistic, and self involved faces.

Beaver fur indeed. I can’t imagine any other reason why the western narrative is willing to kill off hundreds of millions of “not white” women over the centuries–maybe Shoeless Nathan Allen was onto something, about those white females being “apex predators” I dunno–

But this stinking chum of white female privilege writes “In darker corners of the internet, Brian Laundrie is a victim of domestic violence, a symbol of bias against men when it comes to abuse accusations from women, and a poster boy for how bald men are treated as second-class citizens.

You actually said that? Misandry has a name, and it’s yours today.

Why–that’s the equivalent of me saying–for example–that “vaginal dryness, and chronic yeast infection prone, self-diddling and sexless little white bitches with dildoes tucked under their pillows are all over the internet are rushing to diminish insight into the police reports that documented Gabby Petito battering her boyfriend.

Talk about the lede, indeed….these types of women are ALL OVER THE INTERNET right now doing exactly that–burying the lede. And they have done it for millenia! Look! The KKK used EXACTLY these kind of women to mask their own atrocities. Its the “western way!” White Knights! Princesses who can do no wrong!

Hell No Kate: It’s NEVER a Woman’s Fault, right?

You should go talk to the un-nameable Saint Alana, over at the Canadian Mental Health Association–Alana Bloodsausage Boltwood, and her compatriots from the Bronfman liquor empire, and crime and big pharmaceuticals legacy, if you haven’t already, to craft your stupid, gender biased, and sexist commentary. Honey–not all women are nothing but wolf-crying total pussies–many women have progressed, and learned to fend for themselves since 33 A.D.!

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I can just see you every time you beat your husband, your puppy or a child– and that Beta-simp gives you that look “Oh, that’s my girl! Such a strong empowered woman! I would never think to question her battering tendencies, because the Virgin Mary can do no wrong! She looks over us in our prayers, and cares for us with her hidden, un-nameable violence!” Amen.

Listen, Lady–police reports don’t lie–right?

Gabby Petito admitted on police body cam that she has an obsession with hitting her fiance’, Brian Laundrie–she couldn’t control herself! Like all women’s vilence, it flies under the radar, because laws are written to shelter women from consequences, even if they are serial arsonists, and worse. The criminal codes are gendered “male” only, BY women who occupy positions in the One Percent of society.

Millions of males sit in prison year after year, tens of millions of males get charged year after year, buy a system that was designed by women like you, for women like you. And that is disgusting–survival of the crybabies and spawn like you, who think that women have a right to cheat, lie, hit, slap, punch, or otherwise hurt men (or anyone for that matter) who do not uphold their privilege–and its women like you who have created this, generation after generation.

Heartless little wolf crying inferiors*, killing other women’s children overseas so that they can spawn other genteically inferior spawn. You should be locked up, for just a whiff of the pain you put on others–and maybe then, you could learn to fight your own battles too..

*Beta females

Virgin Mary Syndrome, The Kate’s and the Karen’s,

12 thoughts on “Kate Briquelet: you are a POS

  1. Hello,
    I understand that you are upset. But if you are such a weak man that you can be hurt by a girl, you probably deserve it. Show up in my office and I’ll bitch slap you too, who knows maybe you’ll like it?
    See you there bb. You already know where I work.


    1. re: ” if you are such a weak man that you can be hurt by a girl, you probably deserve it.”

      What a psycho statement. Deserve what exactly?

      Is that really you, Kate? If it is (and I am leaning towards it isn’t you but one of the MANY you’s, just like the Karen’s all over the place) you feel free to show up at my blog-office anytime.

      My pet chihuahua Moscker will know where your sweet spot is at with one look–he’s known your types before.

      That said, “weak men?” Seriously? What a cowardly sexist bitch you are(this sock puppet of you anyways). I could balance six of you on my nose, seven days per week, while jogging in my underwear.

      But truth be told? You didn’t link anything here, so I am guessing you are a twelve year old Israeli troll, stirring the pot.

      And really–what kind of person bullies other people? Oh, yeah–you.

      Listen lady: the world is full of toxic “girls” like you who never mature beyond an emotional nine years old, because toxic women raise them. I am fortunate to live where women drive trucks in red high heels, every day–women construction workers, sewer cleaners, and so on fill the streets.

      Only your form of society seems to condone female initiated violence without criminal penalty. You are like dogs, in a pack–not a civilized society at all.

      Go get your yeast on honey.


    2. p.s.
      I found some song lyrics that you just might love, here you go–and what a coincidence, they were Gabby’s favorite lyrics too!

      “Your woman is your angel, is your left side, is your whole life; easily the most beautiful thing in the world,” one song, Matt Berry’s “Woman,” begins. “She’ll soothe you; she’ll accuse you; she’ll confuse you; she’ll lose you but always be the best friend you have in the world.”

      With friends like that–who needs enemies? Lets see….a basic calculation infers that about 75% of what these types of Kate’s, and Karen’s and similar sociopaths do is a net negative.



      1. Hello again. Deserve to be beaten. For being weak. You weak, pathetic maggot. Do you understand me? Or are your balls already as shriveled as those pearls you clutch?
        Really, the fact that you have a pet chihuahua is just typical of the weak, pathetic little excuse of a man you are, isn’t it? What, did you not want a pet with a bigger dick than you? Should have bought a bitch, I’m pretty sure even that chihuahua can get bigger. After all you claim it can pleasure human women.
        Scrotes are born to be slaves. Why should we do hard work? A scrote will do it for us and our smile will be payment enough. Be grateful, without us to provide for you useless apes would never be able to build civilization.


  2. Yes….oh, yes, I think I do understand you, thanks to Sigmund Freud’s notion of “projection.”

    Yup–its pretty clear you have made YOURSELF understood.

    And I bet your mother gave you that mouth–when she wasn’t face-sitting you, little lattke honey bunch muncher!

    And I do have a pet with a bigger dick than my own–your face with that exceptionally long, wagging, sloppy tongue! Look at you, hopping around as I wave beaver fur at you!

    Get along, little doggie, get along….I don’t need anything like you in my tribe, Moscker, before I sic my GUINEA PIG on you too.


  3. Wheeeeew! You had me worried!

    I went and checked my balls–they are not shriveled, according to my last several masseurs and companions(totally hot, totally cost-effective, totally hip with the fire and water massage on the ballsack–hell, I even asked a couple of my ex-wives!).

    Then, I asked for a second opinion, and do you know what Lefty and Righty said? They said this: eeeeeew. Why do lesbian’s smell like beer cans– so fond of yeast–and armpit smells, seeking the daddy their mothers never let them have???

    And why are they hopelessly trapped in the mindset of pre-teen boys?

    Then my little Lefty said to little Righty: “Do you remember that girl in class–the “precocious” ten year old –the early bloomer, the one one that the assistant (lesbian) teacher was always grooming, telling the poor kid to avoid the male teachers who might peek up her dress–as Lezzie Ass’t teacher did exactly that?

    Yup, I remember…and the poor girl….she became a lesbian too!

    No surprise there, ay?!

    And Righty said “yeah, its so gross how they get away with grooming young girls–then, PIZZAGATE!!!!” And the conversation kind of ended there, if you know what I’m sayin’.

    Guess what they told me AFTER that?

    They said ” you need a bigger weasel fur schtremel–it will do magic tricks on “primitive, barbarian europeans”and convince them that you have a bigger brain–look at this link below iif you are in doubt about “magick and elongated skulls.”


    After that, yeah–you just go home alone,little lattke– like poor Alana, fat, sad, and too clever for real conversations with real people–stalking young boys and all, like that asshat Demirovic.

    There’s a reason your types are incel’s honey–it has a lot to do with the gene pool, good looks versus WTF is that? and so on. But also–a lot to do with “You Are Very Stupid,” and other things.

    But keep hope alive, OK? Yeast has proven to be a major factor in civilizations around the word! Bread, beer, ….beer….



    1. Fake-Kate: as I said earlier, I don’t often engage with peg-boys like you, or other chaiwalla’s in this regards, but I will meet you at your mothers house–whenever time she hops off your face. which is nearly never, according to the constant shit that falls out of your face.

      Send me her address, ok?

      In the meantime–wow!Kolkata! Prestigious address!


  4. A lot of big words for a man too chicken to do anything. My challenge still stands. Set a location, I’ll show up and bitch slap you so hard you’ll be down on your knees begging me for forgiveness.


  5. Hey, fake-Kate: I did a little research on you and guess what? You appear to be one of those easy to hire Indian trolls, who started your career as a butt boy or chai-walla, and worked your way up to being a script kiddie and low level internet-harassment -for-hire goon.

    Very clever email, BTW–you faaag

    Cheers, chaiwalla!

    More information about “Kate”

    Email: gsfaff@gfaag.com
    Whois: http://whois.arin.net/rest/ip/ (IP: India West Bengal Kolkata
    ISP Organization Latitude Longitude
    Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited Not Available 22.5697 88.3697
    Geolocation data from ipinfo.io (Product: API, real-time)
    IP Address Country Region City India West Bengal Kolkata
    ISP Organization Latitude Longitude
    Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited (jio.com) 22.5626 88.3630
    Geolocation data from DB-IP (Product: Full, 2021-9-1)
    IP Address Country Region City India West Bengal Rajpur
    ISP Organization Latitude Longitude
    Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited RJIL East FTTX PUBLIC 22.4382 88.4321
    Geolocation data from IPregistry.co
    IP Address Country Region City India🇮🇳 West Bengal Kolkata
    ISP Organization Latitude Longitude
    Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited 22.51788 88.3834
    Geolocation data from IPGeolocation.io (Product: API, real-time)
    IP Address Country Region City India Maharashtra Navi Mumbai
    ISP Organization Latitude Longitude
    Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited 19.12431 73.00522
    Geolocation data from IPapi.co
    IP Address Country Region City India West Bengal Kolkata
    ISP Organization Latitude Longitude
    Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited 22.518 88.3832
    Geolocation data from IPAPI (Product: API, real-time)
    IP Address Country Region City India🇮🇳 West Bengal Dam Dam
    ISP Organization Latitude Longitude
    Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited Not Available 22.628000259399 88.412002


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