Long shotgun

Well, Roy is driving the truck, and I am riding shotgun. It’s not an unusual configuration.

Fairly normal, in most of our playbooks. If he gets flak, I get flak, but because he’s drivin, it’s our flak, and I have to deal with it when he can’t .Hell--his hands are full scramblin on the wheel and just followin the guy. These mother fuckers don’t deserve no respite–no rest for the wicked as we say.

SO anyways–that fat old cow, Brian Berthold, my brother in arms, and kin to be factual–he thinks he can escape our vigilance–he is likely thinking that he is above the law, which maybe he is, maybe he isn’t but he can’t dodge my truck in this moment, and I am about to prove it, so follow along folks, it gets bumpy.

Brian is a smartass–talks to outsiders, and sometimes fancies that he is the citizen reporter around here. He is not, I promise you–all of his story tellin is just him talkin shit online. None of us around here think he is nothin, but internet folks always seem to like him. And that’s a problem!

He goes on and on about the Klan–hell, everyone knows there is no Klan no more–we have our social groups, of course, like any other town! Rotary Clubs, VFW, Retired Police Chiefs, and so on–hell there is no Klan no more!

You see, we had churches here before he was born! We had civilization and the trappins of it all, and we don’t need no outsiders to help that retard mixin up the message of the Lord, with that poppycock he is always putting online! There is no Klan, and no great conspiracy , folks! Just decent church-goin people doin decent people things now, ok? We say our prayers around here, and trust the lord will do the rest!

The mayor here did NOT make a baby with his daughter; the mother of the town banker did NOT sleep with Rothschilds, no matter what folks are sayin. Hell I can tellya, she’s a church goin woman, we all know her and that story–and that kind of talk needs to be shut down, because GOOD women get harmed by BAD talkin!. Her pap would have a field day with you all there, if he knew what you were sayin. And it needs to stop.

Shame on you, pickin on a deceased woman!

Starting TODAY, with that mental retard, and his yakkin FaceLook book, we went out for a ride–we sure did.

So, Brian. He’s under the lasso tonight–we have him rounded up, and all of those things he said on the internet, mind you–hell, that goin out to the Russians and the Chinese who do GOD KNOWS WHAT with it–!

He has no mind to protect his own damned family, his momma, nor their kin. He’s a bad apple, I promise you, no right minded fellow takes family secrets and puts them into FaceLook! That boy is crazy by every definition in that book. Whatever it is, they always bring it into the damned trials. But that book itself would prove him crazy. Theirs lots in their about his kind of mentalness, I promise you, those diagnostical perimeters of craziness are very real, and we need to care for folks who have those diseases!

Look folks-mental health is a real thing, and I know snake pit warriors who still have nightmares over the Coochie in Nam, so you can have and hold your opinion, that’s just fine–but have you ever had to hold a fellah screamin about SNAKES IN MY FACE?!!! I bet you haven’t, but Roy was like that for quite a few years after the Chinese did what they did to him.The Gong chag dang and their Gooks is a vicious mockery of our freedoms!

Well anyways. When the truck caught that stupid bastard around Pike’s Curve Road, he was already tired. As it should be–you gotta run a calf about two miles or so before they cry for their damned momma, and wanna suck titty again–, and that’s how we train a herd! It’s not rocket science folks, just plain old herd mass and body indexes. Meat, TBH.

And when he crumbled there on the pavement-fuck as shit it had to be about 103 degrees–he was ready to receive the lord. But even then, me and Roy wasn’t havin it.

He got a disturbing the peace charge, and even then? He tried to fight it, lol. Said we had no warrant, whatever the fuck that is.

His crazy runnin game got him trapped in Momma May’s yard at one point, and Old BEthune’s yard at another–he got charged alright. Who needs a warrant, when crazy people think they can go stompin through folks’ yards as they please?

These white folks who forget where they come from? Far as I am concerned, they can just die off, like trapped flies on the pavement.

The heat will get to them, after awhile.

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