Abolish “faith journalists” NOW!

A guy named Kyle Dunphee sits in the asshole of the human universe, and writes stuff.

That stuff affects the world–and, predictably that “stuff” he writes has a religious undertone.I recently covered some of his stuff, here

WTF is up with that gendered narrative? And WTF is it doing in journalism? Well, for starters, it is covertly proselytizing religion..

You don’t have to take my word for it–you can view it yourself, here, at his own page, from the Deseret News.

Kyle Dunphey
Kyle Dunphey is an Audience team assistant who occasionally covers breaking news and politics. A Vermont native, he studied communications at the University of Utah and graduated in 2020. Whether on his skis or his bike, you can find Kyle year-round exploring Utah’s mountains.

But ESPECIALLY check out his “Faith” page, where he gets down on his knees, and….

Yeah–hey folks–journalism is supposed to be a bias free narrative, and shitstains like this guy, and this girl are ruining the practice entirely, filling column inches with religion-infused moral diatribes.

Whatever happened to “Journalism Ethics?” Basic research? Do they not teach those courses anymore?

These shitstain reporters are far off the “unbiased journalism” farm, and into herd behaviors at this point–run them off the cliffs as you see fit!

You can contact this shitstain here at Twitter, and get on your knees with him if you choose to.

Otherwise–if any real journo’s are reading in–yeah, right? These shitstains and their preaching have taken over journalism!

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