Launching the “Hell No, Lady, It’s Never Your Fault” campaign, contributions are welcome–pay it forward to your local swami/salami, whoever that guy is

If ever there was a time in history where YOU can make a difference in the lives of downtrodden white females, TODAY would be that day–but wait, THERE’S MORE!

Hell No Lady, It’s Never Your Fault! You might not have heard about these white female con artists, hucksters, bullies, trolls and general sociopaths–but I grew up around them. They need their asses kicked.But because I am scared they might sic Alana Bloodsausage Boltwood or Dog the Bounty Hunter on me, I am instead raising funds in the hopes I can get on their good side and be able to participate in international “philanthropic” crimes WITH them.

Like the No Notoriety campaign, or the “Thou Shat Not Name Them” campaign started by ultra-conservative FBI agents, I hope to be able to convince the press to NEVER hold WOMEN accountable for ANYTHING, EVER!

It’s just better that way–and I won’t get my incredibly small, shriveled, useless micro-penis(read the comments section) bitten quite as often by these cockmunchers.

On the note, the OFFICIAL LAUNCH–get your bling on! Look at this MERCH below!!!

“Feel free” to use my Svengali meme anywhere and everywhere you can!

Hell No Lady, It’s Never Your Fault!

As part of this campaign, I am asking all of my subscribers to contribute to the idea that women can do NOTHING wrong, EVER, because they are women–that is enough for me! Murder? It’s because she grew up in a patriarchy! (But which one??)

Boyfriend battering that leads to a pattern that escalates to homicide–why didn’t he just LEAVE HER ALONE!!!??? Despite body camera footage, her own confession, and her own acknowledgement of her OWN insanity and sociopathic tendencies–HELL NO LADY ITS NEVER YOUR FAULT!!! some random and alleged “stranger” who was following you that day say’s HELL NO LADY ITS NEVER YOUR FAULT!!!!!!

End the Cycle of Accountability NOW!!! Or I blow up this bank vault!!!! Gabby Petito was clearly wronged–“society” should have just let the lesbian bank robbers and bombers have her–it could have save Brian Laundrie from his alleged fatal last encounter with her. Oral Sex, and access to “the youth” NOW, or this bank vault gets one in the face!!!!

Related Story: The lesbian bank robbers and psychotic bombers of M-19--a blast from the not-too–distant past of female sociopathy, directed at society–another Bronfman production, just like Saint Alana!

Lady!? Hell No!! It’s Never YOUR Fault!

Elizabeth Holmes ‘deferred to’ her COO-boyfriend when running Theranos, her lawyers argue

The thing about “equality” that seems to get stuck in the craw of the chickens who roost around white females, is this idea that they should be held accountable–for ANYTHING, EVER.

Which….isn’t quite working out for the “ethnic” man who billion dollar balloon seller Elizabeth Holes Holmes is scapegoating Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani (sounds eerily close to “swami!” and salami!!!!) for her crimes:

Court documents unsealed on Monday revealed new details of ex-Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes’ defense strategy, in a closely watched criminal trial accusing her of using her blood-testing startup to defraud both patients and investors.

In the documents, Holmes contends that alleged abuse by her onetime boyfriend — former Theranos COO and president Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, who also faces criminal charges — influenced her beliefs about the startup’s operations and financial well being.

 “During the period of the charged conspiracy, and throughout Ms. Holmes’ and Mr. Balwani’s relationship, she deferred to and relied on what she perceived to be Mr. Balwani’s business acumen,” an unsealed brief filed by Holmes’ attorneys states. “… She believed that what Mr. Balwani was telling her was true.” 

Svengali much, Lizzie?

The Svengali archetype is a much abhorred message that for many years was cast FIRST upon Celts, Picts, Gaels, upon Asiatic men, Jews, Arabs and others as white females were trained like pigeons to see “them” as mind controlling hypnotists who just want to get some white girl beaver fur in their portfolio’s.

And clearly, we have a guy with the word “balls” in his name, which is likely enough to get her indictment thrown out too. And if that doesn’t work, the little sociopathic white b!tch will claim he beat her up–and the jury will be treated to waterfalls of auto-effacing “white women’s tears.”

Watch this one folks–it WILL be everything I say and more–the Asiatic Svengali v white woman’s tears is a real thing in the west.

Look, social justice warriors: white woman’s tears have silenced any and every white man in history who attempted to challenge that mechanism, and the privileges that go with it –the fact that they silence you too is a byproduct of how effective the technique is working on you now. And Guardian UK? You stopped being relevant around the time you peed your pants as your own fascist government stole the info JUuian Assange gave you–your journalism is just more “white wash” m-kay?

Related Story: Establishment fake-left paper, Guardian UK fluffs around the topic of white woman’s tears.

So, maybe, rethink your own racism, and notions of “allies,” m-kay? And watch this video of a white woman battering a black man, to understand what violent, sociopathic, shit starting shitbags they can be–and how Sunny Balwani is just one in a long line of men who have been subjected to scapegoating by these nutcases.

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