The “women’s empowerment” narrative, and “leadership development” as thin cover for white female supremacy*– meet Lulu Markwell, Women’s KKK leader

Everywhere you look in the gang stalking dialectic online, you find links to “women’s empowerment ” a term that has morphed and changed over the last forty years into a sort of ambiguous rope in a cultural tug-of-war.

In my nearly twenty years of research, I have found this to be one of the most consistent features of all blogs, video’s and other media online-highly organized gangs of women in top leadership positions ARE who many gang stalkers ARE.

  • Female psychologists, and social theorists like Dr. Tomo Shibata, affiliated with University of Michigan professor Catherine MacKinnon(billed by Wikipedia as a “radical feminist,” she is in fact the exact opposite–a typical christianesque prude and teetotaler), an influence peddling anti-sex, anti-pornography, anti-sex worker third wave pseudo-feminist whose father Admiral George MacKinnon (later judge MacKinnon) was instrumental in starting the US Star Chamber FISA court system, which is the seed that grew the tree of the due process free Jewish-Catholic-neocon surveillance state that the US has today.

And quite interestingly, these white females are centered in various cities in Texas, and in Colorado, USA, where we find several mass shootings taking place as shooters target police who gang stalk them. In fact, it would be safe to say that anywhere a mass shooting takes place in the USA, these women ad their organizations are integral in the pre-ballistics.

You can research it yourself, but this case in Arvada CO (and here too), soon followed by another case there, indicates a certain identifiable narrative that requires further examination. And most famously, a Democrat Party operative was coincidentally sitting in a cafe right across the street from where Scott Bierele shot up a yoga studio. That evidence repeats time and time again in these cases–the evidence is there with no doubt–men targeted by these psychopaths have even implicated women’s gangs as they were being gang stalked. Read through the strange case of Michael Chadwick Fry for an interesting look at that.

And so, necessary examination indicates that the DVIC, and the illegal harassment scheme known as “intelligence led predictive policing” is a civil liberties violating nightmare for those targeted with this abuse. Indeed–journalists are winning awards now writing about it. This is what the DVIC is, and what it does–it circumvents all of those inconvenient things like “laws” and “due process” and “civil liberty” in favor of a secretive, ultra-conservative witch-hunting that utilizes hidden methods and tactics to target individuals–exactly as we saw with Julian Assange.

And we need to target these people BACK. But how? Yup: ROGS Analysis is a powerful tool, as is SOCMINT, OSINT, and plain old common sense. Start with the often repeated claim that “the gang stalkers will cause you to lose your job.” Yup–women in human resources are behind about 50% of all workplace shootings. That’s a good place to start your own research too. ( a shout out here to the the Kates and the Caits!–you have it coming.)

Write, if you have any ideas–but for now? Yup–their is a solid link between women who are gang stalkers, and the KKK. And, the Kate’s too.

SO, let’s look to an earlier era, as primarily Protestant white females clogged similar communications drain pipes: Meet Lulu, the darling of cock-blocks, temperance crusades, censorship, and #fakerape wolf cries of an earlier era–if this is feminism, let me OUT!

*white has some interesting intersections, as we see LatinX people recently being called “white” by some, and who have often forgoten how the term “white” as in “whitewash” is a true globalist plot–the Irish were only called “white” just a hundred years ago, as they adopted the exact, brutal, stalking tactics of the British monarchy and its Jewish banksters. Even famed orator Stephen Douglass noted as much in hos comparison between how the banksters were treating the Irish, and how they treated black slaves.

Today’s “white” has almost nothing whatsoever to do with skin color, and it never did–this embodied most deeply by surveillance state player “Moonshot CVE” headed by Indian’s and other non white peoples. Banksters put on blackface when it suits their purposes.

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