Toxic Feminism and Lulu Markwell, Mother of the Women’s KKK: tracing the ideological strain of white female supremacy, censorship, temperance, and “leadership” narrative into today

When discredited New York Times opinion editor, rabid racist, and documented bully Bari Weiss–who not coincidentally hails from the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia, where Robert Bowers was radicalized online by Zionist agitprop–Weiss teamed up with the daughter of the infamously hateful Westboro Baptist church, Meghan Phelps-Roper, and acted together to “vindicate Central Park Karen,” it was an act of solidarity for white supremacy unseen before in our times.

Well–that’s not exactly true–many periods of history have seen the Jewish-christian conflict mediated by ultra-conservative agendas, and where where the Jewish-christian Horseshoe (click the link for a short ‘splainer about Horseshoe Theory) “came together”to vindicate its form of culture–two white women who come from two distinctly different and clearly opposed racist and tribalist cultures agreed to protect their privilege by vindicating a white female criminal who had made a false 911 call, at the possible expense of a man’s life–the exact type of crime that men go to jail for every day.

While solidarity has been the buzzword in some circles for many decades, complicity is a much better term for what they do, generation after generation, continent after continent, as Alexandr Solzhenitsyn has described. So, the actual victim in that story

Never mind that he is a black man–men throughout all history have been victims of this form of Jewish-christian women’s structural and institutional violence–so much so that there is an expression related to it:”white woman’s tears,” as these types of women commit crimes of all kinds, not least of which is domestic battery, aka “domestic violence” as we recently saw in the case of Gabby Petito–and then cry when they get caught doing it. I suspect it is an evolutionary strategy “survival of the shittiest” but who knows.

Related Story: Watch the movie Lucy if you haven’t already. While most pundits and wannabe critics relay that the movie is about “how we underuse our brains!” the actual plot is how Jewish women wage genetic warfare, because men just want to throw junk in their hot pockets; with juicy helpings of co-option of narratives, and thus, these women (ScarJo, of all people) ensure their evolutionary survival. Don’t take my word for it though–watch it if you haven’t and watch it again, and contemplate on it with this feminist quote: “The proportion of men must be reduced to and maintained at approximately 10% of the human race.”- Sally Miller Gearhart

But the structural and institutional racism of white women from the Jewish-christian cultures is keenly highlighted in this event, because the times we live in are now edging towards “black is the new white,” and that, a form of divide and conquer strategy of the One Percent. Even the Klan has been considering new sheets since the 1960’s!

There’s tension at the outside edge of the herd, as these white females lash out and find solidarity in their race, and their white skin. This is what white supremacy is, and it is what white supremacy does.

Surely the Saints(Latter and Former, lol” rejoiced when these women’s rape, and pornography, and “competition” based anxieties built the Utah Data Center, and the NSA-spying-on-citizens programs! Ideologically, they are no different, no less racist, tribalist, or delusional; and indeed, it’s all about DNA.

Censorship indeed–a byproduct of doing business with the One Percent–whoever “they” are.

94 thoughts on “Toxic Feminism and Lulu Markwell, Mother of the Women’s KKK: tracing the ideological strain of white female supremacy, censorship, temperance, and “leadership” narrative into today

      1. I did sir:) I had to delete all apps/accounts because HORHAY my plus sized Latino hacker has gotten ahold of Rosetta Stone and figured out how to video camera survey me 24/7….when he’s not watching Trump porn that is. The Spanish Bee Arthur also took control of my Facebook posting kilos of cocaine for sale again. Got me banned. Then was unbanned only for enrique to take it all back and change everything on my Facebook to blanks with my name being “ Null”. Jesus has additionally figured out cute tricks with vehicular hacking and additionally, home computer and smart tv geekery. Later for me only to realize he’s from Chile.
        ( REALISE as they say in GS lingo)

        I missed you. Love LOVE LOVE YOUR MOORE ARTICLE. You are a gawd dern‘d genius…almost 🙂 I think about that “LYING TWO BIT NO GOOD RACIST SHERIFF OF SEX TRAFFICKING BLAH BLAH BLAH” …quite a bit and felt I either needed to be his biggest fan or bust him online because he’s a fed. Now I don’t have to…

        Thank you.

        Let’s go visit him Palllezzze? It’d make for great TV???


      2. Well, which Richard Moore article? I have written several, including one today.

        Richards case is a genuine case of gang stalking.

        He is a genuine KKK target.

        I bet he would be glad for any help that you wish to provide–he has done some very brave things to expose gang stalkers.

        As for your Chilean/other LatinX hackers, I have no idea.


      3. Ghost Boy, I don’t know how to do WordPress . Shit all complicated:) haha. Javier gifted me back my Facebook “ Kristin Harrison Kimbrell” so CHECK IT OUT.

        So I found my handler and went over and promptly turned off the electric main . Then I knocked on his door to ask if his electric was out an hour later. Did I tell you that? He’s everything you profiled in your blogs. A low IQ ex vet /ex boyscout who of course joined the military cz he’s closeted …” covert protocols “ again! I’m starting to create posters, art, & flyers of the gangstalking kind . I’m using their “ covert” misspellings linguistics. Ie: organiSed. Etc. then it completely negates their bullshit lingo , confuses the mall cops , while making me laugh.
        Oh also I did another really cool thing but I can’t yet discuss that until after the fact due to WHOREHAY just tuned back into watching me type this live for his GOING NOWHERE PROVING NADA DOING NOTHING CONTRIBUTING NOTHING UNOFFICIAL UNAUTHORIZED UNOPENED INVESTIGATIONS!! Sorry…. I forgot for a second he’s always lurking.

        Anyway, I went to “ moonshiners ball” a huge hippie 4 day fest where whorehay the handler out did himself . They scripted this intricate drama that they musta worked on for at least the better part of a year. It was definitely intense. They keep going with the prostituting of men and free drugs type of “ covert protocols “. Which is so wicked and good at the same time.

        So ummm…I got a bunch of free shrooms … and again I say to my handler ….thank you and thank detective Doo little for MORE FREE RECREATIONAL PARTY FAVORS and throwing men at me who tell me I’m amazing and beautiful more times than my ego should ever hear:)

        Winning !!!

        No seriously, I cried . It was cruel. But I got to meet the main player of my social media slander campaign who I thought wasn’t even a real person. Turns out he’s a smelly herion addict and sex offender who’s changed his name and moved a few states away to KY to “ hide”. No hiding now! I put that on blast . Also what idiot from the Lexington police department pays a needle jabbing sex offender w BO who by the way looks like Rick James to pull off a “ slander campaign “. Good gawd! The Gomer Pyle of Gangstalking, I guess.


      1. Hi. I do not generally click links, so if you have something, please post it at your own blog? Then, I will look at it and decide if it meets an “evidentiary standard.”

        If you are being stalked, one of the things to look for is license plates–document them, and turn them over to state authorities–but do so in a manner that is consistent.
        For example: “here I am at a Publix market in Murfreesboro TN. Here is license plat GNG-STK.

        Later, here I am in Nashville, Tennessee, and note the street sign, and the Google map location, and this same piece of shit stalking me, license plate number GNG-STK.

        That is what solid evidence is.

        And it takes patience to get it, but I think you can!


      2. send the letter here in the comments section. But TBH, you haven’t got your facts straight.

        You need to put your story into an organized timeline, and mark your “proof” within the timeline, as in:

        September 13, blue car, license plate XXX-XXX followed me to Walmart, 5 p.m.

        September 17 blue car, license plate XXX-XXX followed me to Publix,


        ONe incident of following does not a stalking make–you need patterns, and photo’s, and “cause” like “tried to pass me, and push my car off the hoghway” etc.


      3. Lookie!!!

        DID ANYONE REALLY SECOND GUESS THE MOXIE I INNATELY HOLD? Did the perpetrators of the RICO crime against me truly think that when I vowed to win that I’d fall short? Must have. I think my ex needed to hire a more experienced HANDLER because someone didn’t do their homework on the forSe that resides inside of me. When I told these criminals I was built for this , I wasn’t lying. Know why? Because I don’t lie. I don’t have to! My organiSed COVERT PROTOCOLS are better than drooling psychopaths with stage 5 Cyber Psychoses!!!



      4. p,s,
        I will look at this stuff when I can get access to private servers. Right now I am under several interesting ” hacking attempts” by your own friends, as you outlined earlier.

        Please tell them that the standard WordPress hacks are garbage after we re-name all our files, and logins and so on, ok?

        And search for my post about those shitbags from Th e Constant Company, and their API-related attack. Useless, heiheihei.

        And–there is one mass shooter instructor named ” Nimish Mistry” associated with those Constant Company addresses too.

        Have fun with that Zoroastrian.


      5. I’m so sorry . Looks like Austin Clay Thomas Fielder is my hacker this week so it’s definitely him. He’s WHOREHAY the drooling “ disabled vet” ex Boy Scout who joined the navy for the love of blow jobs not for the love of freedom and peace:) I’ll head over to turn his electric off in a few;)


      6. P’s: understand about the links all his have geek viruses and stupid nerdome I don’t care about. So yeah, I currently only have a Mexican mafia which work for electrostatic painting in vesailles Ky amd contract for congleton lumber in lexington. And then I have Austin who lives at The creeks on Tate’s creek apts. 3536 Tate’s creek rd . Apt45 Lexington, 40517. He’s the only one managing the real drooling retarded tech “ covert protocols “ and orgaiSed cyber crime. He literally lives 1 mile from my parents home. He also works voluntarily ( not CI obligated) paid voluntary however- for the Lexington police department because he can’t get hired in mall security due to his incessant drooling and low IQ. He’s got a damn Boy Scout sticker on his run down 1992 blue Honda Civic next to his GAZILLION “ I’m a disabled vet”

        “ did u know I’m a disabled vet”

        “ go slow disabled vet driver”

        Next to his :

        “ disabled vet on board” sticker.

        Hey! i wonder if he tells people he’s a disabled vet ? Yay know? I wonder….

        Anyway-it’s Austin and I figured he’d target you because his primary focus is keeping me isolated and obsessed with sabotaging male friendships. Probably cuz he wants ‘em all for himself;)


      7. lol

        Well, again, just write it all down. And–Wordpress is actually quite easy. lots ofmtutorials, lots of easy one click options.

        Its basically just a glorified typewriter, TBH


      8. Hi, I have a spare minute.

        I would like you to read “Cat On a Hot Tin Roof,” by Tenessee Williams.

        Its about a woman named Blanche, who lives on an old family plantation, turning tricks to survive.

        She eventually becomes very fragile, and is assaulted by her sister husband Stanley.

        But in a nutshell, I want you you to consider this: at a certain point in life, we can become isolated from frends and family–for whatever reason–and we need to ground ourselves in some form of reality, before we hurt ourselves, or hurt others.

        My advice is to slow down, ok? And read that play!

        As for your alleged stalkers and hackers, I can only say that at a certain age, we either get deeper in bad culture, or we get out of it.

        My advice is to get out of it.


      9. I have but only read the first sentence of your message , stopped, paused after Tennessee Williams to text you this reply….

        Yet another obscure message leading me into the abyss of the unstable and questionable reality I’ve been forced into. Are you using COVERT PROTOCOLS and trying to allude to the fact that you are a…what’d you call it…Agent “can’t spell that word/something”?


      10. I am no agent.

        And Tennessee and Kentucky are really far away from each other lol. A poor writer like me cannot possibly walk that far.

        So imagine poor Blanche, in the play, coming all the way from Belle Reive to the Kowalski domicile!

        Yup. Like I said—reading too deeply can make a person paranoid–a lot of the #fakeTI blogs are about that.

        Contact Targeted Justice for that kind of spook show.


      11. I’m skipping to the next message and saving myself from whatever you’ve written after the words “Tennessee Williams “ that I know will ultimately mind fuck me into questioning if you are a role player . Not only that , but one of mine.


      12. Also, fair notice, I am under surveillance by state actors. Their goal is to send you on many “goose chases.”

        Try to avoid that time-sucker.

        Meantime–yeah, post what evidence you have on your blog. Its a very real thing, gang stalking.

        How did you get on their radar? An ex-husband or something?


      13. Ex boyfriend-Sam W. Arnold IV -(aka:Diaper Boy )who’s both a Fayette county public school teacher & trust funded KY bow tie wearing blue blood moonlights as a federal drug trafficker . Met on tinder. Accepted a date. Causally Dated for 3 months. Grooming began. Buying me presents. Pushy. Grooming w gifts. Inserts self into my art biz. Red flagged him as social climber. Broke it off because of his self proclaimed and acknowledged mental illness/ thousand yard stare obnoxious/ no one’s home/wet brain/incontinence (ie:diaper boy)
        Broke of off BUT NOT BEFORE HE SHOWED ME HE WAS SHIPPING IN THC VAPE CARTRIDGES( $1k worth) from Colorado . And I’m no pot head and absolutely no hippie but I’m pro weed. Nothing is wrong with it if you want to get fat, be narcoleptic, and cough up pflem all the time:) anyway, what did matter Is that he was shipping it in under his sweet little underage daughters name -unbeknownst to her-she had never done drugs . As a teacher of 20 years , and a girl with a solid moral compass ; hearing Sam justify his reasoning for doing so was disgusting! He literally said it’s better in case he was caught because he could bail her out and it was a slap on the wrist fir her.

        I was out of there. This guy shouldn’t be around children let alone be in charge of a high school class room. So then he thinks it’s a good idea to stalk me . My parents. My doctor friend who I was renting an extra studio from . Steal a $5k valued painting my mentor enrique Gonzalez gifted me only to brag about it . Refuse to give it back. Then say I own him $? Calls my dad. Calls doctor w studio . Mom . Stalks .
        Has his friends harass me. I file TBUT charges for painting. A gangstalking cop shows up says bizarre threats .
        Sams sister try’s to sell painting in her wine & gift store. I text her in kind thinking this is a mistake. She says she bought it from me when I’d never met her. I thought strange both siblings could lie so boldly.

        Reached out to Sam Arnold III, esq. A notoriously known “ bad guy” as sam describes him who poisoned his mom instead of divorcing her so that Sam III could be with his legal secretary who’s younger than his son. So they are married noe and Sams brother, Sam II, I’m laughing so hard;) hahah….wait for it…
        Is 2 years old. Just peed.

        Anyway, reached out to divorce lawyer daddy who has big Tobacco farms in KY, also who was 18th judicial seat as family court judge

        SPOILER ALERT: turns out Sam Arnold III former judge and current divorce lawyer IS APPARENTLY IN “THE SYNDICATE “ if that’s even a real thing. What is a real thing is that this man of the law has been uses organized crime as a means of social and business upward mobility since he first passed the bar in 1973 and the list of woman he’s used domestic espionage “ covert protocols “ (aka: corruption & collusion ) on is quite long. I can only imagine Country girls from Cynthiana he collusively called gangstalkers on to protect his clients interests. He also did trusts. The arnold family has social media influencers/reputation cleaners on the clock 24/7 so it’s hard to investigate. But I found one case. Daddy arnold ripped off this elder lady after her husband passed. Basically calling the inheritance his legal fees.

        So the honorable Sam arnold III , a devout Christian “very active in his church” blu blu blu …you know the kind that pulls the proverbial “ I’m a Christian “ card? Yep. So the honorable calls detective David Collins ( home & auto detective) of the Lexington Police Department and has him hire a few informants to file the first of what is bow 25 fake charges. When I say fake, I mean I wasn’t in town. Never heard of the people beforehand. Charges are so ridiculous with fake evidence bo ones seen and always filed from an abandoned house from people using fake names . Hind sight: CI’s.

        So detective begins the ruin of all that I had, but gifted me an opportunity that not many are given. I hope to run with w this opportunity. My philanthropy. This isn’t a selfish endeavor. This is for the 700k other victims. The ones from the past and the ones that will never be because of me.

        That’s a promise. I’m gonna change the face of this crime. Lift its veil.


      14. Sounds like a big project. I really don’t have any idea what it is–too many case facts, local mafia’s, etc.

        Sounds like maybe you should hit up a few anonymous federal tip lines, lol.


      15. HHHH. WEll, if you need to know who I am, you miss the whole point of the mission, lol,

        People are winning Pulitzer’s out there because I am anonymous.

        Pay it Forwards!

        And–freedom is where you find it.

        Not where you don’t/can’t–and with certainty, old GW, the Clinton Cartel and their dueling racist groups, the ADL- KKK pals have turned the USA into a full blown police state by any definition of the term.

        Oh–and those Mossadi jihadi’s running around there unchecked are a problem too.


      16. LIttle girl–life is worth a lot MORE once you adopt my way of living.

        As I said–freedom is where you find it, after intel agencies start manipulating your life and freedom–I sell those bastards quick and cheap.

        And I eat quite well for doing so.

        The only elusive thing about me is that I recognize the multiple layers of complicity in the bigger picture, and protect myself accordingly.

        But there are lots of people who know who I am–and they are winning Pulitzers, and writing stories to challenge the narrative of gang stalking.

        Others who know me are stalking people that had stalked me once upon a time. I didn’t ask them to do it–its just the way gang stalkers are.

        A certain police PR agent that was part of that is a really inattentive driver, for example. She one put an Inrel computer in my house, and put software into “sniffer mode” as retired agency pigs circled my block endlessly.

        Well, word is, she’s a bad driver–and some Republican state troopers think she does bad PR! Gee–I hope she doesn’t die in a fiery car crash soon! SO sad! Wawawaw…VAWAWAAAAA

        Because carrying a gas can and putting it into your trunk–on film–indicates a total moron, whose father wasn’t around to teach her “not to do that.”

        For example–it’s just an example, ok?


      17. I can’t read this either. AM I IN A FUCKED UP JIM CARREY MOVIE ? I THINK I’M STARTING TO BELIEVE I MIGHT BE THE ONLY VICTIM OF THIS CRIME AND THAT ALL OF YOU-including you-ARE ONLY HERE TO CATER TO THIS BIZARRE CRIME AGAINST ME. If so, fine. More the merrier. More cash money in my pocket.


      18. Oh knock it off.

        I am noticing you have a tendency to personalize things to a great degree, in a sort of narcissistic way.

        That’s not criticism, just observation.

        And yes, you are a bit paranoid–not everyone is here to feed that green eyed monster. Check yourself, ok?


      19. Well–the cartel people and the feds are sometimes a blur, and its hard to tell who is who as they are stalking you.

        Generally–and in this case–it rises to the occasion where fed action was a very necessary, very good thing, and it put some genuine scumbags away.

        And so yeah–sometimes civilians get caught in the investigatory crossfire too.

        Stay safe out there–and do like Walter White would do–don’t take shit for an answer.

        You are ballsy, so respect for that.


    1. Likely true–many disabled Vets, with their short peckers, and their SS checks have nothing else to do to keep up the charade “ZAPPPPPPING ME RIGHT NOOOOW!__ALIENS< GHOSTS< MIND CONTROLLLLLLL!"

      A bunch of frauds.

      But, the SSI intake form is basically an invitation to such malingering. Gotts love those "special" Social Security "doctors" approving such applications–100% having once been part of the CIA/VA/ DIA infrastructure.

      SO, sometimes, malingerers malinger for a good reason. An entirely different topic.


  1. Okay Ghost Boy, I find it difficult to believe that you are genuine if you have yet to notice the fake TI’s code signaling they are in fact fake TI’s.

    Surely that’s what it is. Why am I second guessing myself…probably because you haven’t noticed?? I’m not buying it . These people aren’t conditioned to do this? Anyway, Hoorhay the handler hacked my autocorrect to replace Organized with OrganiSed etc. as I’ve mentioned previously. Here’s an example I just came across. Oh and don’t forget to laugh at my reply to the fraudster’s post.

    Posted 10hrs ago on
    r/gangstalking (or something)
    The moderator or whatever it’s called posted:

    I was briefly employed by a gangstalking organisation in Birmingham, UK. AMA About three years ago now I did some cash in hand work for a friend of a friend which basically entailed me following one of around five people for about 3 hours a day. I was given a list of their schedules and told to basically circle them and walk past them in multiple directions if they were on foot or tail them if they were driving.

    I didn’t really know what I was doing at the time and the guy that supervised me told me it was all drug debt related. I only went along with it because it paid so well, but I stopped after a couple of weeks because it all felt so twisted and fucked up.

    Please AMA, I hope I can provide those of you currently suffering with some insight. I am sorry for contributing to this awful phenomenon, I was broke and ignorant at the time.


    1. Well, this ” the fake TI’s code signaling they are in fact fake TI’s”

      You might have noticed that over 80% of my “followers” here are #fakeTI’s, and a couple of their agency handlers too.

      There are exactly three actual targeted individuals here, and I will only name one, because he is quite open about it: Richard Moore, the cousin of famed civil rights era photographer Charles Lee Moore.

      On that note, let me tell you a brief story: I once knew a guy named “Michael Fernando” who was a punk rocker in Hollywood.

      A black punker at that, and so on. Well–he could slip into and out of any jail in LA County. And, he had interesting frineds in military intelligence.

      His job–whoch O unwittingly became part of–was gang stalking other punks who were white racists.

      We had a bad habit of spray painting anti-racist slogans on everything, all over Hollywood, once upon a time.

      And lo and behold, one day Mike disappeared, and left a lot of us hanging (pardon the metaphor).

      Turns out he was neither Michael Fernando, nor was he a true punk–oh we hated how he led such charges at the skinheads of the day, and then, always seemed to find a quick bailout.

      And, he disappeared back into military intelligence where he had come from, as it turns out he was what is called an
      agent provocateur.

      Honestly–who gets bailed without even a single phone call? Yup, like that.


      1. Please answer this…are you honest? At least with me?
        And two, how many real TIs have you spoken/corresponded with?
        And three, what percentage would you guesstimate of people on the internet are true victims?
        Fourth, is it a fair statistic that there are currently approximately 7 hundred thousand victims of this crime in America?


      2. I would say that 700,000 victims is an extemely low estimate, because since the NSA is sending all American’s data to the toxic, apartheid state of Israel unfiltered, the numbers are much higher, as Israeli spooks run everyone through their “are you loyal to Israel” algorithm.

        Then, they file endless frivolous reports that American’s are terrorists and so on, spy on our Facebook, tap our phones and what not.

        Its 100% originating from that NSA-FVEY’s Israel connection.

        I have spoken to many real Targeted Individuals, and NONE OF THE ACTUAL TI’s yammer on about electronic weapons, DEWs, V2KL, etc.

        ALL real TI’s talk about ex-husbands who are cops stalking them, or people who filed workers comp lawsuits, people in the security industry who pissed of some KKK Kops, people who are being picked on in their workplaces, victims of the extreme “countering violent extremism” programs, and/or like myself are actual activists who didn’t take a knee and bow to racist or zionist supremacy when we were in the limelight.

        As I say repeatedly–Ahmaud Arbery was a real TI, though he might not have known it. A gang of police, prosecutors, their friends, relatives and associates stalked him for many years before they killed him.

        They tried to electrocute him with a Taser two years before they killed him.

        And his mother had to do the detective work to even get that homicide into a court room–an actual conspiracy to stalk, and murder at every level.


      3. Thank you for reaffirming what I already know and not answering my question yet again, dear;)

        Hang on…I’m getting a V2K transmission…

        “Come in V2K, go ahead….”

        “This is your V2K telling you to clean up on aisle 4”

        “ what’s that? V2K , there seems to be some COVERT PROTOCOL static. I think there is 3rd party interference, possibly due to microwave mind control or rape drone interference “

        “Go ahead , V2K”

        “ Clean up on aisle 4, some lady, possible a victim of narcissistic spiritual warfare, just knocked over the stacked pyramid display of Captain Crunch cereal boxes.”

        V2K: “ Wait”

        “Go ahead …”

        “ Don’t mix the Captain Crunch with the Crunch Berries with the original Captain Crunch without Crunch Berries. Targeted Individual, please confirm …”

        “10-4 , V2K. Will do. “


      4. What question was that?

        But your bit about the V2K flavored Crunch Berries was very good.

        It should be used in the next Jim Carrey “Truman Show Redux” script–sorry for the French title but it seems aptly applied under the circumstances.

        We gonna haul this truckin CONVOY across the USA!


      5. 1. Your guesstimation of victims in AMERICA?
        2. How many REAL TI’s have you spoken with ( approximately)?
        3. Is a true TI defined by their placement on the NSA terror list? Ie: like are you on it? Is Richard ?
        4. Has anyone tried to apply for “ surveillance role player” positions to successfully get an inside on what the F ‘ is really going on ? And if someone were to …would the prerequisite disqualified a TI?
        5. Very important…have you head the supposed “syndicate “ insider’s anonymous blog about him being in the xxxxsyndicate as he refers to it. He explains the hierarchy and what’s going on…have you read that? I feel it sounds truly legitimate. Am I stupid?;)


      6. The syndicate blog is what is called a limited hangout. When a spook or agent dangles limited information into the public to gain publicity and make friends, while waging a disinformation campaign–in that guys case, its a platform for him to proselytize.

        The guy from Seattle, right?

        Infiltration is definitely worth trying. But 90% of those hired must have a military or police background. That’s hard to fake.

        True TI’s aren’t always “on the radar” and the NSA isn’t the only agency to blame.

        In most cases it is state and local police targeting parolees,drug addicts and others who have community custody and control situations.The AA/NA groups, the homeless sheltes sponsored by church groups, and so on are hotbeds of targeting and community spying. Social workers, etc. are all part of that program.

        Google “Salvation Army” and “gang stalking” there is one really good case about that online–a woman from Chicago.

        I have talked with dozens of real TI’s after I began to study it–but HUNDREDS before I began to study it. The fact is, most TIs do not know they are such, and many of them are just victims of “community suggestion”


      7. Are all our correspondence being published on your site? For fucks sakes . Okay I’m not half as tech savvy as you , ALSO, I DO NOT EVER PLAN TO BE. Again, not my gig. It’s my assistant’s gig . Or my art manager-whom I’ve lost to this RICO game. Anyway, (GO AHEAD AND WRITE THIS DOWN -AUSTIN DROOLER & Jesus’s SEX SLAVE RODEO Syndication)
        Anyway, Anyway, I managed to set up a new email that Jesus and the drooler HAD PREVIOUSLY not yet known of. I created it at the freaking public library . I’ll be THERE TOMORROW to send my correspond with my crime reporters , and national network producers, justice folk, and etc. There I will create yet another anonymous private email that I can email you from if you email me at my initial anonymous email. RING AROUND THE FING ROSIE. See what we have to do because of these dicks? I’m sick of it. That’s why I’m fixing it for everyone involved . That’s why I need you.
        So if you aren’t feeling too exposed ( insert snickers) . If you would please sir, email me an email to discuss this project at …dang it, I’m flipping pages. Can’t find it. Get back to you . Or ?


      8. Listen–this is standard since 9/11. Its GWs New World Order.

        My accounts were all hacked and I stopped using my real name anywhere online after 2005. The US FVEYs nightmare is exactly that–its why people HATE America.Its why they call gang stalking “murder.”

        And it is directly from the FBIO and other agencies–an unlimited budget to fund the psychopathic deviance of the 1%

        Yes–everything you write and everyone I talk to is public now–I am big on leaving paper trails, and other cyber litter all over the place now, because this program is truly designed to kill people, while hiding their pointy hooftracks.

        As I said–I am not willing to even set up another fake email until you float a number.

        And Guerilla mail is still


    2. Also: I think it is important that you protect yourself FIRST by enlisting friends to watch your back.

      Then, go ahead an blow the whistle.

      If there is a group that you can name, the feds will indeed take a look at that case–not all prosecutors are ïn on it.


      1. Right. I will tell you, that I do perceive you as an isolated person.

        AND, I advise you to go visit old friends@ Get back in touch with family–find something to ground yourself.


  2. Going back to Facebook right after this…haha

    (My reply from my profile)-

    R/try to catch the deluge :

    You were ? Did they give you the GS autocorrect implant that makez you replaSe your “z’s with “s’s”? One time in band camp…a gangstalker made me shove my flute ….nevermind, I mean one time when I was at The Syndicate camp where they train GS’rs about the various COVERT PROTOCOLS, we were working on noun replacement protocols and I flunked out because of the gangstalker Spelling Bee prerequisite. I was eventually demoted to a Surveillance Role Player. I hope to make Handler after the new year. I prefer a desk job.


  3. I’m just gonna say this flat out ghost boy…. Your comments like the goose chase one bother me . Makes me second guess your involvement. Please explain what you meant before I come up with another truth because this is the 3rd time you’ve mentioned something in a coy arrangement that either I get or I’m getting . That doesn’t make any sense . I’ll cut to it-it seems like you are Covertly telling me that you are involved in my “ narrative as you say”.

    What exactly do you mean K10?

    Well I mean, your opening salutation to me was oddly personalized . It was about the wine glass stabbing you in the eye, but that’s not the point. The point was after that -the predictable element you mentioned . The second time it was “ how cops in my neck of the woods create set ups or something to that effect which was personally personal but never elaborated. Third is the goose chase . I just went on one and it’s as if you knew that . As if you knew that because you are one of them in the scenario of my gangstalking odyssey . I’m so sick of this shit. All the mystery and suggestives. I’m wondering if your one of my gangstalkers and there’s like only me and them. Like everything I read on the internet is a feed from my syndicate of GSers. For example, Lexi graybill which is her witness protection name -a play of a gray hatted hacker-was my first handler who made sure when I googled gangstalking info , only her blogs would circulate from Medium. Make sense? Guess if that were the case you wouldn’t all the sudden be struck w honesty .


    1. Ümmm.

      That’s a quite paranoid assessment. Knock it off.

      AS fr the rest, don’t let the paranoid over rule what you know already–its bad for science, and its bad for you.

      But going with hunches based on evidence? Priceless.

      Now let me guess–you were online shopping when you came across the word “priceless,”right



  4. GHOST BOY-DAYYM YOU! Another obscure story leading into the abyss of second guessing. Another addition to the unstable and unsubstantiated reality I have been forced to live. Are you saying you are an agent provocateur?
    Cut the shit…are you a real victim of gangstalking or not?


    1. Right! This is what I am saying–don’t read between the lines, its dangerous for you.

      As I said–I wrote the nationd first manufactured terrorism story in 2003, where the FBI was framing an informant as a terrorist, and have been gang stalked ever since.
      And, as I said, if you have a paying project, contact me privately with an offer.


      1. I do…and how would I contact you privately, Casper? Should I just go to your Snapchat or do you still use your old email address I’m guessing you are in Bali for some reason but Singapore also flashes before my frontal lobe as well. My escape plan is Bali or Portugal , I can’t decide. Maybe Ohio, everyone hates Ohio so less likely to have a parade of stalkers . Kidding. Screw Ohio. I’ve lived in Florence, Italy . Paris & Biarritz France once upon a time. Biarritz is a cool little surfer town, thought about that but French men tick me off with their summer neck scarfing, effeminate designer brand whoring, and body odor . YES I HAVE A PROPOSAL AND MONEY…can we end the priming and expedite onto the co-oping of my artistic whistle blowing script . The Erin Brockovich of gangstalking? I still can come to you? Unless your in Ohio that is.


      2. Yeah, agreed. Ohio is a shithole. Tell me more about your budget.

        Then, maybe if the terms are right, funneled to an account I specify, I can come out of my autumn leaf colored wormhole and do some serious shit.

        Like–set up a throw away email account. Apparently you cannot reply via Guerillamail, or Anonymouse?

        But i could set up a sandboxed account, and an email if the money is good, and the project interesting.

        But like I said before–these aren’t worth the time unless millions are involved, exactly as we saw in the case you presented–the Latino and his sex slave rodeo truck.

        That kind of case needs LAYERS of protection, that a few hundred dollar bills CANNOT COVER.

        Fucking WordPress….so, if you want to seriously correspond, it will take some effort, and some Darknet, and some Dropbox, and some Signal, etc.—and some cash.

        FUCK….I am already tired, just THINKING about it. And that’s whay I trun down most offers–no one wants to pay for the very real BS and drudgery of setting up internecine online spoof accounts. Fuckall–its a lot of time and effort, and the results better be BIG or what?

        Time wastig goose chases, and auto-felatio–or self-as-dog-cunnilingus, whichever is your preference.


      3. And…summer neck-scarfing…hilarious.

        But give those boys a break–there is a huge tradition of momma’s boys in France–and I suspect that has kept that culture alive.


    1. Sure I would. But as I said, it won’t be cheap, and I would maintain creative control–Clooney’s projects are prone to some fact bending by the bizarro world editing if Hollywood.

      A lot of if’s there in such a project.


  5. That’s why I CAN COME TO YOU DARKNET SANDBOX DROP SIGNSL WORK FUCK BLUH BLUH BLUH…that’s all the dumbass tools of lamestalkers. That’s their sand box. My sandbox is hunter s Thompson style type writer and mont blanc pen.
    You said , autumn leaf covered worm hole. Not Bali. ENGLAND? IRELAND? China…I’m bot going to China. Animal rights issues.


    1. LOL. Yeah, it doesn’t matter-I am at peace, which is ALL that matters, right?

      Zero gang stalking bullshit since I left the USA. Zilch-cero-nada.

      And so, this is why I have made a difference with reporters and writers and so on.Game changer, that peace.


  6. “Fuckall–its a lot of time and effort, and the results better be BIG or what?” Fuck all he says . BIG he says.

    Honey, I don’t build ships to wreck. I build them to SELL, and to sail. This would be the most lucrative and philanthropic endeavor of your lifetime , Ghost.


    1. Well, to give you an idea of why it’s not so lucrative–until we have a number, for example–Hemingway spent his last years in a paranoid fugue state–drunk, and claiming that he was being “gang stalked” though those aren’t the words he used.

      NO–Hemingway said ” I am being followed around by the FBI,” and harassed variously.

      And of course the papers all had a field day speculating that he was going “crazy”–and of course, after he died, we see that in fact–they had a 110 age file on him.

      So, yeah–at what cost is the question, you see? What’s a peaceful life worth?

      And that’s why they call it a syndicate–you really do need syndicate level protection after you write such things.

      Look at that story about Asiel Norton–I think he was targeted by some fundies, and he didn’t have the “goons” that he needed to protect his story–or himself.


  7. RE: just a small excerpt from the syndicate piece I was referencing

    “I was eventually offered a place in the syndicate. The syndicate was presented to me as a kind of fraternity, a masonic-like mutual profit organization with strong police-like overtones. I was told that I was helping to build a better society. However, I have never been given any of the advancement opportunities I was promised. The “advancement system” of the syndicate is a slippery slope. They make you give up your security privileges, so eventually all of your communications are watched (which is why I composed this email offline where they can’t see me, and sent it via an internet cafe) and you have to attend meeting after meeting of mind-numbing pledges and chants. The premise is that if you sign contracts giving up personal liberties for the group, and you are genuinely innocent, then you will be promoted. I have only been promoted once, to the rank of manager, and I don’t feel as if it is a rewarding experience……”


    1. Well, like all limited hangouts, that one has the ring of truth–but without the clacking thing inside the bell, right? Like–maybe NAME THE GROUP, NAME PEOPLE IN THE GROUP, asshole.

      Otherwise, it sounds like a disgruntled AA attendee, right? Or a church cult, or a,,,,could be anything right?

      But yeah–that’s the guy. And the right wig “DEW’s and brain zappers–microwaves!!!” crowd loves him–almost as much as they love Jesus. Hopes-n-prayers, y’all!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Keep in mind that what the guy is saying isn’t garbage–these organizations exist. Some are Masonic, others are Rotary Clubs, Lions, etc.

      And as I said, Boys and Girl’s Clubs, Big Brother Big Sister programs–all have clauses an “inner sanctuary” space where they indoctrinate people.

      A great case to read is about “a divorce lawyer from Pinella’s county” who got gang stalked by the sheriff because he dated the sheriffs wife during a divorce–I won’t say his name online because he is a paranoid narcissist, and monitors his name online too–and I want nothing to do with the guy.

      But his STORY is correct in its minutae: he was a Big Brother, and part of his agreement was to allow them to monitor his interent, where lo and behold! He was apparently watching Thai ladyboys or something.

      All that while dating the sheriffs soon to be ex wife.

      The guys a real POS, but his story is genuine, and adds a layer to what your linked text describes.

      Indeed–there are many configurations of secret societies, but they all seem to lead to law enforcement agents waging a hidden morality campaign, don’t they?

      I have met those retired cops, running their crackpot churches too, sucking in people like sex offenders, drug addicts, and so on, with promises of the afterlife, as they steal these peoples lives with this neverending goosechase.

      Its what western/US culture IS, and sadly, theLEAs/LEO’s are the major hurdle to democracy.

      And that’s what these groups are.

      Liked by 1 person

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