Who EXACTLY is “Dreamworks Media” out of Piscataway, and North Bergen, New Jersey? They are attacking my websites as I write this.

SO: one of my websites is under attack from North Bergen New Jersey, and Piscataway New Jersey, by known bad actors.Some web security sites rate them as having a 27% bad rating, meaning that this company and others are allowing hackers (most likely from Israel, and the FVEYs) to run “bots” at speech they do not like, and waging a “pre-emptive war” on ideas.

As Edward Snowden said: “ThisFVEYs nightmare is not about security, this is about cyber-theft of ideas, and innovation.”

And he was right, as we see time and time again. I myself have “Israeli worms” attempting to invade my own thoughtstream, every tim I publish. Look! A newspaper won a Pulitzer Prize! For saying what I said two decades ago–indeed these people are Horseshoe Theory and Horseshoe backed Horseshoe WORMS.

But what is significant, is that one of my simple “open source intelligence” related research projects kicked out this name: Dreamworks Media, in Piscataway, New Jersey.

Here is their Facebook.

Here is their Dunn and Bradstreet business profile.

And guess what? Yup–their focus area–of all the stupid focus areas that a Dunn and Bradstreet profile should harbor? Yup. They are big backers of Active Shooter training, and the completely false narrative of “saving lives.”In fact, I here and now implicate them AS gang stalkers, and have their IP addresses from North Bergen, and Piscataway New Jersey to PROVE ROGS Thesis, which is: “what is gang stalking.”

In this case, I have linked an online botnet to a named company, and a named Hollywood affiliated multi-billion dollar mafia. Go over to http://www.gangstalkingresearch.com for more about that (the comments section had some trouble awhile ago, but now just solve the Captcha at the bottom “one +5=[ ]

Here is one way they communicate, via this link: https://activevictim.com/a-message-from-our-ceo/

My more right wing “followers” might find that interesting.

And, they ALSO have a presence in animation studios in India–are you seeing patterns yet? Have a look at my cowardly Indian stalker in the comments section here.

SO–many ask the question ” but who are the gang stalkers?” ANd, as usual, I provide those answers–feel free to contact me for the paid version.

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