Women and the “abuse excuse”: Um, judge, No, the dog didn’t eat my homework, but….

Aren’t you glad that VAWA sounds a lot like “WaWaaaaa!? Poor Babay!

That’s no accident–its by design of the deep state itself, as VAWA–the acronym for a gender biased series of legislation and funding measures that finances gang stalking, aka The Violence Against Women Act– is a onomatopoeia, as is wawa, which is generally the sound of a baby crying. Onomatopoeia is words that sound like what they describe, such as “Splash!” and “Bling!” and “Whammo!”

Linguists generally believe that words/ acronyms like VAWA have no meaning in and of themselves when listened to phonetically–more specifically, phonosemantics have no meaning relative to that sound the word or its individual parts make, and has no bearing on its ultimate meaning–which is bullshit of course–anyone can see it–you can judge for yourself:

A cartoon strip baby crying :”Waaaawaaaawaaaa!”

Women’s “empowerment” and enrichment groups crying for federal and state funding to gender narratives of domestic violence :” VAAAAWAAAAVAWAAAAA!”

Do you see what I am saying there? While obviously big crybabies cry louder, the effect on the listener is the same–to patronize and supplicate the poor child.

Feminism’ism’isms so co-opted by deep state scholars! And truthfully, some women DESERVE a kick in the ass, EXACTLY as they recommend for men who act similarly bad: meet Elizabeth Holmes, a multi-billion dollar fraudster, serial liar, and soon to be convicted huckster– another white woman weaseling through some criminal charges, claiming the exact “ethnic man” anxieties that have gotten black men lynched for centuries, aka “Svengali made me do at…and …um tears!!!! ABUSE!!!”

The Svengali archetype has been used by white society to cast doubt upon men of other than white heritage for thousands of years. In the notorious film, Svengali is obsessed with controlling a white females brain.

When men commit crimes, we call them “criminals,” And, even when men do NOT commit crimes, we call them “criminals.” Have a read through the 25 Best Feminist Quotes of All Time for a glimpse into the sordid world of phallus obsession, and reaction formation that feminism IS.

Don’t get me wrong at all: I love lesbians because they know why, when, and how they get into the situations they get into–and they know when to get the f@ck out of my bed, too (most of them.)

It’s only those headcases and psycho bi-sexual fraudsters who are still clinging to their fairly average, low-skilled, but “potentially profitable” baby basket and its Titanic fantasies of “empowerment” via hetero-normative marriage that are a problem. Likely clinging to several Big Pharma prescriptions too….

That said, yeah–Elizabeth Holes Holmes has pulled every trick a white girl can pull to influence the judge in her case before the trial, Look! I speak in strange voices! Look, I am PREGNANT!--and now, pulls out the Sacred Sword of Hell No Lady It’s Never Her Fault! and waves it around in said courtroom like a big (olive skin-toned) rubber dick; and that to combat her co-defendant Ramesh Bal-Swami Balwani.

Listen, if you haven’t seen it, you really MUST SEE the Exorcist, a story about perpetually-nine-years-old, emotionally stunted narcissistic white girls and all of their fun tricks. Linda Blair nailed it–she was doing Elizabeth Holmes BEFORE Elizabeth Holmes!

Deep voices!! Two faces!! Nocturnal submissions!! And all of that bed shaking–add your own caption.

I am thinking of starting a new series called “Dear Asian-Middle Eastern-LatinX Man, non-specific: Here’s how to train the white female dog,” or something similar….maybe call it “Ladies have gone to the dogs” or something more McCatchy….still working on that….

From the faux-left side of the Horssehoe, the faux-left Guardian UK, we glimpse Holmes’ timeless white female strategy:

Disgraced Theranos founder will blame ‘abusive’ ex-boyfriend in fraud trial: Elizabeth Holmes says she is not responsible for decisions she made as head of the company because her mind was impaired by ‘manipulation’ from Ramesh ‘Sunny’ Balwani.

Elizabeth Holmes plans to accuse Ramesh ‘Sunny’ Balwani..Blood-testing startup allegedly misled investors and patients

Really–who didn’t see this coming? See the It’s Never Her Fault! campaign for reference.

The disgraced founder of the blood-testing startup Theranos plans to blame emotional and sexual abuse by her former boyfriend, also a senior executive at the company, at her federal fraud trial beginning next week, according to legal papers published on Saturday.

This is hilarious–and history will record it as such. I can just hear the testimony:

Prosecutor: So, to get it into the record, you testified that Balwani has a huge scrotum–and that because you are white, delicate, fragile, pregnat, and female, you could barely lift it yourself, or otherwise get out from under it to warn your investors?

Holmes: That is correct. Uhhh…I wasn’t pregnat at that time.

Prosecutor: OK, that is in the record already. And so, when were you finally able to get out from under his scrotum?

Holmes: Which time!? Could you repeat the question? Oh–AND I AM PREGNANT NOW!

….and so on.

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