‘How can we not track that shit in 2021?’Brian Laundrie’s playlist hacked?Yup–from INSIDE Silicon Valley

The latest news about Brian Laundrie’s whereabouts is all over the internet–but lesser discussed is how the playlist I have cited here and here have disappeared from “his” account–and that he MAY or MAY NOT Be the person altering content.

Related Story: Elisa Lam’s internet accounts kept posting updates, long after she drowned in a water tank above a notorious Los Angeles hotel, and after documenting that she was being stalked. The internet had a field day trying to claim that she was just another “Asian person” playing the “Asian person” Elevator Game, and the major media used her story for clickbait, and made documentaries, movies and more. The mental health industry used her as a poster child for “have you taken your meds today?”But the facts and evidence indicate she was likely being targeted by gang stalkers.

Brian Laundrie MAY or MAY NOT be doing anything on his alleged playlist, because Silicon Valley’s “deep state” players could equally be altering the data–its what they do in high profile cases.But here’s whre the official narrative is right now:

The FBI continues its search for Brian Laundrie and appears to have made little headway. Meanwhile, internet sleuths think they’ve made a breakthrough of sorts. On September 21, two Twitter users claimed that Laundrie is still using his Spotify account, and have seen recent activity to confirm that he’s very much online. The stunning breakthrough comes just a day after it was reported Laundrie was in Mobile, Alabama, a tip that is yet to pan out.

On September 17, the Laundrie family lawyer confirmed Gabby Petito’s boyfriend had gone missing, and that his whereabouts are “currently unknown”.


It’s all mere speculation at this point, guesswork. But what is in no doubt is that the datastream is being affected from within a Silicon Valley corporation. This is significant for many reasons, not least of which is that “deep state narrators” hide behind the scenes in Silicon Valley, manipulating data after a case comes to media attention.And my bets are on “Laundrie didn’t change his playlist.”

Take a look at the online nym of one of the people “following” his case:


ON NOMADIC STATIC @Spotify – he just removed a second playlist title in two days. #BrianLaundrie pic.twitter.com/L9vVqI4j0J — Stalker Sarah (@SarahMOnline) September 22, 2021

Yup. “Stalker Sarah” kind of goes along way as a nym when researching gang stalking, dontchathink?

And some this manipulation of the data MAY or MAY NOT actually be Laundrie doing it. SIlicon Valley routinely manipulates, deletes, or alters the evidence trail of high profile cases that involve social media–and notably, in mass shooter cases, to hide the evidence of WHO was targeting the eventual shooters online, and HOW they did that to these individuals–deleting profiles that demonstrate HOW and WHY that individual was “radicalized.”

ON Twitter for example, one of these deep state gang stalking crews call themselves “The Birds” and they work AT Twitter doing nefarious stuff, One of them that I documented many years ago, is a code developer–as so many online stalkers are–who goes by the name of XXXXXXX * on Twitter. Not just any coder, mind you, but one of the guys who put Ruby on Rails, and no, it wasn’t Yukihiro Matsumoto.

And, the pattern repeats, as some of these coders are MAJOR radicalizers online, and part of the FBI Infragard program.

More evidence of that?

Have a look at a few address blocks connected to a company that makes money from “active shooter training,”one of many post-911 industries that is rife with fraud, and political sectarian rif raff. The address blocks and shady internet companies connected to this guy are attempting to hack my blogs lately–and coders and terror manufacturers are empirically linked in the gang stalking narrative online and off. Its how the FVEYs-Israeli nightmare works, and it is speech control at every junction–but also, they are refining the tracking of human beings in real time.

One of the constant attackers is using Vultr cloud computing, while the other is its parent company and creator, The Constant Company, out of Hawaii. No surprise there, because I have been tracking their activity, and their players for quite awhile. See this post and this one too for evidence of that.

And so, that coder guy who did Ruby on Rails is also affiliated with several sheriffs departments to whom he submits data, and grants back door access to targeted individuals accounts, also acts as a gatekeeper to peoples speech expressed online. We frequently hear them in the comments sections of first amendment blogs saying “yeah, but section 230! And no one has the right to free speech on any (corporate) platform!”

Yup, that’s true–the governments have granted corporations great leeway to avoid lawsuits for slander, libel and defamation, while holding individuals accountable. THis IS the two tiered state in practice.

And the same goes for terrorist speech too: corporations, working with military programs, and private contractors employ people who “radicalize” others online using inflammatory speech–that d=speech long held to be “fighting words” is now targeted at individuals online.

SO for example I make a comment that “The FVEY’s targeted Juian Assange because he published a video about the US Army deliberately gunning down journalists and babies.”

Then, right behind me comes a military troll/private contractor, or Israeli hasbara dirtbag who is monitoring that forum, who says “Right! Those bastards!–we ought to kill a few of their babies! I would if I had a rifle…. Do you know where I can get one!?”

And so on–these conversations escalate with those who are unaware that this is what the internet is. The targeted speaker [me] then gets extra levels of surveillance from Silicon Valley, and some Moonshot CVE targeted at my search queries online, and worse. Then offline surveillance, depending upon whether I hold my “beliefs” or whether they can bully me into “ceasing to comment” online.

This is what they do, and they refined this tactic during the many Middle Eastern total surveillance experiments. THi is exactly how they radicalized jihadi’s and others–many others who simply held an opinion.

SO, while its true that no one has a “right” to free speech on the internet, we see with “paid speech” which is what my other blogs are (I won’t reveal them all here)–we see that those attacking my blogs from North Bergen and Piscataway, New Jersey then attack you with various software, login exploits, and DDOS attacks. They might even send a chaiwalla at you, so look out(read the comments section for a laugh)!

What these useful idiots are doing though, is making the USA and the west in general a “safe space” for their religions–and the bizarre, sometimes delusional, and always ultra-conservative “belief systems” they hold. They are in fact just part of a much larger mechanism, grinding at individuals who seek a forum, but cannot afford one. And they are the voice of the One Percent.

These are “inside jobs” in every way, and its a huge hide the ball scheme, and an actual “influence operation”–its actual mind control in those cases; and Laundrie MAY or MAY NOT be the guy altering the data.

My money is on Indian Intelligence agents as an Israeli or Jesuit proxy, but I will wait for that data to emerge–and will even eat crow served rogan josh if I am not correct about that linkage (I hate all forms of dishes served rogan josh, but would likely enjoy cooked crow served al tandoor).

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