TELLING SIGNS? Do Gabby Petito’s eyes show signs of crying? Or, maybe, smoking pot?

Gabby Petito online sleuths spot clue that convinces them she had been crying in photo with Brian Laundrie.

From The Sun UK:

In a photo dated July 22, online sleuths anxious to know the truth of the couple’s fate, say they can already sense that something was wrong between the seemingly happy travellers.

The selfie shows Gabby with no make up and Brian with sunglasses and a cap with a scenic rocky backdrop in Bryce Canyon National Park.

”They claim that Gabby’s eyes look puffy from crying, which seems plausible considering she was found crying by police in August.”One Instragram user commented: “Her eyes look puffy here like she was crying the night before.”

Another agreed: “I noticed that on her YouTube video. If you run out ahead to five minutes it looks like her right eye is swollen, like how puffy your eyes get when you’ve been crying.”

Another added: “The 2nd picture in this group is strange. What’s he trying to cover up under those shades? And she does not look happy.

Police science is largely junk science. Everything from “bite mark” evidence,” to the various profiles and false narratives that pass as “science” these methods are nearly all total poppycock. And in this case, so too is speculation about the photo’s.

Related Story: Serial fraudster Avinoam Sapir is peddling junk science to police departments, as ROGS asks: why do we ALWAYS find ethnocentric, racist, religionists and rabid zionists peddling junk science?

And since “online sleuths” are often rabid gangs of current and former police, police investigators, and others in their orbit, such as behavioral analysts, and psychologists–they intentionally fill online forums with garbage, attempting to manipulate the public and bias any person who might one day sit on a jury. They are truly shitty people, using shitty junk science. A simple web search for “junk science police science” reveals they are nearly one and the same term.

The case at hand is clearly that: there is so much speculation in stating that Gabby Petito’s “puffy eyes” are signs of abuse–when in fact, smoking marijuana can do the EXACT same thing to the eyes.

And even if its a fact that she was crying? I am certain that it doesn’t take a lot to make a “mentally ill” person cry either, according to her last known comments on police body camera footage. THen again, how much does it take to get a white girl to cry, scream, yell, or otherwise use passive aggression to “get her way?” The science behind the phenomenon of the Karen’s and their “white fragility” is an eye opener on that topic.

And, a note to her dad: obviously you loved her very deeply–we all love our daughters, and hope they can navigate the slippery slopes of Jewish supremacy infused christian cultures. But we often fail as fathers to realize how insanely stupid we are!

Why didn’t I teach her Karate, Krav Maga, or Gong-Fu?! Even just a little bit, like that eye socket two finger punch; or the simple use of a dinner knife as a tool of massive damage??

Why didn’t I teach her Love-fu!? The simple art of mental manipulation to get her OUT of bad situations, instead of staying IN THEM?

Yup, many of us out here in the wilderness ask these questions–and come up with the same answer: we didn’t fight hard enough for “freedom” from oppressive racist, serial sexualizing maniacs like this shtremel headed guy here–and his armies of christian patriarchy enabling fascists like Mike Pompeo who think they can herd us like cattle, starting with manipulating our gender.

Try harder next time, Gabby Pettitio’s father!

The good news is that your balls still work, and the world is full of young women who have other warrior sects behind them–you can make other children!

Go forth, warrior, and breed–for Gabby’s sake! And teach those children to fight against racist, sexist, baby bombing would-be-herdsmen and other shtremel heads like these, and those that they finance to whinge on and whine about how poorly YOU and SHE were able to understand that some people view YOU and HER as merely cattle in a herd, to be discussed as such, and post-mortem, displayed around the world as a tool to reinforce their sociopathic and very old hatred!

Gabby Petito’s father–I implore you to FIGHT HATE, starting with the ADL and its domestic spying operations which have affected our HUMAN discourse–and that helped reinforce stereotypes of female fragility! These people have planted poison in our news streams–and even in your own ideas about your daughter.

My bets are on” she wasn’t “mentally ill” at all–just another young white female who has been led by the Piper of Hamlin on a bad journey–not one bit of what I have read about her indicates any form of mental illness–whatever the hell that is. In my view, she was just another young white female who sought “freedom” which does not exist in the USA by any standard.

Have a look at who is pushing these “drug” narratives in the first place: a lesbian who created the incel movement, and her pals from the Jewish crime syndicate.

And as battered boyfriend syndrome gets a new look in the media, we do see progress as some news sources note that Brian Laundrie was using sunglasses, and trying to “cover something up.”

UM….the guy was in a f@cking desert, under the hot sun, sleuthie.

And so–alongside toxic zionism, toxic feminism, and toxic psychiatric meta narratives–we see clearly that these gangs of police who confound truth, and attempt to influence juries, preemptively before trial ARE the problem.

That gangs of police, their rampant speculation online, and their offline activity is a fraud and a joke–they are spending what, $200k per day to chase down Laundrie–in a swamp where he is more likely eaten by alligators than he is alive. But these events are actually state religion–the states get paid every time a mass shooting “happens,” and the religion toned narrative of gender, and “hopes and prayers” gets free publicity across media.

What would the savings be if we just let Darwin win this one?

I wouldn’t shed a single tear if these people started popping up in headlines as targets of their own “incel movement” either. As the Fort Worth Weekly pointed out, those who are in such gangs are bastards, and needing some justice directed at them for a change.

Did you hear that Barry? CHANGE.

Change is good.

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