Where were you during the Great Disappearance of the Post-911 world: I was there, and my friends and I were stalked, harassed, deported, jailed and tortured variously

One of my associates from the era of 911 was deported. He was one of dozens of people I knew who were stalked, jailed, harassed, deported, or tortured. I myself endured all of that too.

But unlike the ultra-conservatives who have stolen the dialectic spaces, those of us who believe in freedom FROM religion were gradually marginalized outside of the mainstream. This is a story about that–and the stolen podium where religion is inserted into every headline, news story, film, and othr media–hiw ultra-conservatives have stolen freedom itself.

There were people who were just disappearing from our communities

He ran a tobacco shop like many Palestinians do. And he wasn’t a down on the floor pray five times a day type of Muslim either. He enjoyed a good party, he enjoyed some other things too; and most of all, he enjoyed his first amendment right to criticize Israeli apartheid, and the co-option of the term “semite,” as semites like him are not entitled even to this day to use that foul and falsely intended term “anti-semite” when he and others like him are literally stalked, hunted, and attacked by racist Jews like this guy here; and he spoke out against other issues related to the illegal war in Iraq, the merciless killing of children, and the theft of oil–and hypocrisy.

And, he–like many I knew– was deported, because he believed in America’s promises of freedom–freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of association–all of that now a proven lie, as ultra-conservatives from all corners of the Jewish-christian confabulation have destroyed every bit of it. The good old boys and girls networks of the Abrahamic Religion Trifecta have taken holocaust sized shits all over freedom, everywhere you look.

I am not a Muslim. I am a non-theist who has been battered from all sides by theists of all kinds. And I know with certainty that religion is toxic, BECAUSE of the actions of religionists.

Like many, I was caught in a domestic war, as a citizen of my country, was constantly battered by hidden armies of DHS/FBI Infragard agents, domestic CIA operators (these guys are staging operations everywhere across the US in Fusion Centers, and Active Shooter tariners and so on); and the many, many community policing cowards, and the even foreign intelligence agents that operate with impunity on US soil.

I watched good people who believed in freedom turn into rats before my eyes, becoming informants, or otherwise fingering associates and even relatives as “possibly having terrorist sympathies,” and so on. These were nearly ALWAYS the religious ones, and seldom the non-theists, or the easy going ones who accept people as people, regardless of race and creed.

Far worse?

I watched those who refused to become capo’s or snitches get deported, or otherwise harassed until they left the country. It seems that if anything, American “freedom” hinges upon “unconstitutional collaboration with the clandestine services.”

And that’s not freedom in any sense of the word that I have ever seen, heard, or read about in a law book. America DEPORTS freedom. America TORTURES freedom. America STALKS freedom. America IMPRISONS freedom at every point.

There is no other way to say it.

SO, I developed ROGS Analyses to help others to debunk the many bizarre claims online, and identify these hidden attackers, and bring lawsuits before the statutes of limitations on gang stalking crimes run out. And, to out the rats who are feeding at the rice bag too. Rats like these here. And these here. And these here too, all of them cowards, and fascists of various stripes, who DO NOT believe in freedom at all.

In that light, another 20 year anniversary is taking place for those of us who were there during the Great Disappearance of the Post-911 World:

Muslims recall questionable detentions that followed 9/11

Twenty years since the Sept. 11 attacks brings a different kind of anniversary for hundreds of Muslim men and their families.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Around New York City in the weeks after the Sept. 11 attacks, as an eerie quiet settled over ground zero, South Asian and Arab men started vanishing.

Soon, more than 1,000 were arrested in sweeps across the metropolitan area and nationwide.

Most were charged only with overstaying visas and deported back to their home countries. But before that happened, many were held in detention for months, with little outside contact, especially with their families. Others would live with a different anxiety, forced to sign what was effectively a Muslim registry with no idea what might follow.

While the remembrances and memorials of 9/11’s 20th anniversary slip into the past, hundreds of Muslim men and their families face difficult 20-year anniversaries of their own…In the attacks’ aftermath, the immigrant advocacy group Desis Rising Up and Moving, or DRUM, anticipated a rise in hate crimes and harassment. So it set up a hotline and placed flyers primarily in South Asian neighborhoods.

“We started getting calls from women saying, ‘Last night, law enforcement busted into our apartment and took my husband and my brother.’ Children calling us and saying, ‘My father left for work four days ago and he hasn’t come home, and we haven’t heard anything,’” executive director Fahd Ahmed recalls.

“There were people who were just disappearing from our communities,” he says, “and nobody knew what was happening to them or where they were going.”

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