Elect Eric “the Reluctant Revenuer” Pratt for sheriff!

Elect Eric Pratt of Moab, Utah Sheriff!

TRIGGER WARNING: SEXISTS, DVIC darlings, herd animals, and other scum might be offended by the analysis ahead.

He let a domestic violence situation play out as a “breeding and marriage dilemma,” and he will pay a price for it, as the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) now slanders a good lawman, who KNOWS that the DVIC is simply “herd control.”


Honestly–no diamond ring is ever worth your life, just as other smart criminals know that pick pocketing, or other crime is never worth the time, unless you can put BIG MONEY in a bank, pay for a lawyer, and keep you out of trouble, like the Sackler Family of Purdue Pharma, who started America’s opiond crisis. And honestly–battering boys to get a ring on your finger? You must ask–how worthless are you, if that is your narrative?

Well, Officer Pratt tried to save a woman from her own insanity, and even kept her out of jail despite the fact that she was a domestic batterer who should have been put in jail, according to the evidence, AND the law!–a woman with a toxic “OCD” problem, and a woman who should have known better than to batter a man–repeatedly.

I mean–who DOES that? I cannot ever imagine myself walking up to some guy who outweighs me by 1/3 my body weight and mass and just start whacking him round–but white women do it all the time, with zero consequences, until….this happens. Yeah–black, brown, yellow, and red women go missing ALL THE FUCKING TIME, but none of those women get free product placements in national news cycles. It’s a pattern, folks.


Little Red Riding Hood is quite the hoodlum–she wants every other girl to know that the banksters got a peek into her crotch, and they liked it a lot, hitting the “like” button all over the internet–which is why she is the constant and chronic victim–her and her bankster pals, in her crotch. Poor Little Red Riding Hoodlum and Her Crotch.


Gabby wore tight white girl “Daisy Duke’s!

Listen folks: the world is FULL of women and girls who are not as stupid as that one girl–who had a father who was likely as clueless due to his “brainwashing,” otherwise known as “education” in the Bernaysian brainwashing capital of the world, the good old USA.

Now, keeping in mind that I worked security for two decades and became a gang stalking target just as the “Great Disappearance” began, I have had my share of scraps with violent men AND women, many of who outweighed me, or otherwise had advantages that I did not–feel free to write and ask about those incidents.

But not a single time in my life have I ever swung on anyone who didn’t swing on me first with knives, guns, baseball bats, hatchets, and even ghetto hair picks, or long plastic fingernails aimed at my eyes; or whose associates in their little gangs had done these things first, sometimes over long periods of time, assaulting me from various angles–that’s what gang stalking IS–but not a single time have I ever raised a hand–or any one of my monkey fingers– against anyone first.

So, with that in mind, our headline is introduced by another Kate–and like that described above, she says A COP who pulled over Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie for a domestic dispute in Utah quit his job more than once and slammed his profession – admitting he often used “loopholes” to get people off“–in an attempt to enforce the social norm that white women first, and other women secondarily are at all times privileged beyond responsibility, or any sense of accountability whatsoever.

Yeah–those white females hate it when people “get off” unless it’s one of the many hers, taking a bubble bath with vanilla scented candles, and Mr. Waterproofie the Vibrating Dolphin with a fresh battery. Their are LEGIONS of her.

But the rest of humankind appreciate an even break from the law–that law that these Kate’s never have to face. Not once do we see women in jail, and that cowardly scumbag John Walsh chasing “her” for a reward or justice. Of course not! John Walsh’s own son lost his own head over these white “shoppers.”

Let’s have MSN tell us the “kind” version of John Walsh and his wifey, leaving her only son to be killed by “privileged” female security guards who have NO IDEA how bad the world really is, and her, leaving the kid out in the cold, to be devoured by sex offenders.

Honestly–Darwin scored a win on that one case–imagine if the boy grew up to be another John Walsh? Yup. My idea too, Fuck that guy, and his white privileged narrative, He’s lucky Congo Cannibals don’t eat his face off. I would laugh if they did, and hit “Save” on my Boobtube link.

Yup, well: Eric Pratt came to see policing for what it is: a sociopathic predatory and two-tiered institution, full of structural disparity that targets the poor, the marginalized.

Elect him Sheriff! He sees policing for what it is, and the man himself is much deeper than some stooge, upholding the type of white female privilege–or privilege in general– that the Kate’s and the Karen’s expect. Gabby Petito died under his watch, and Darwin is cheering!

At times, –all good police decide for themselves to keep up the charade of privilege, or to let science, and evolution take its course Good police ALWAYS side with evolution, as Mr. Pratt did. Its what good men do!

And !” or use these cases are so painful–especially for the daddies whose daughter never learned to fight(whose father never taumght her to fight), or even protect themselves from themselves when they cause violent trouble–who never learned the simple rules of human conduct, like ” Don’t whack a hornets nest” or “DONT F@CKING HIT PEOPLE FIRST

Yeah. Rules ARE i

So, let’s meet Eric Pratt, a former police chief who now works patrol for Moab Police Department, appeared in shocking bodycame footage showing a weeping Gabby Petito telling the officer Laundrie hit her–AFTER she hit him and just weeks bfore Petito was found dead*.

But what counts here is this: Pratt is a secular lawman who works for the PEOPLE, not the hidden state powers and secretive political networks that demand quota’s and revenue streams pulled from the pockets of the poor, or yanked from the mouths of children because special interests demand financial results.

Here’s more about Eric Pratt, Moab, Utah patrolman, in his own words, from the Sun:

Pratt revealed in a podcast he has quit the force twice before returning to an officer role
Eric Pratt, Moab Utah

Pratt says there were many reasons he became “disillusioned” with police work, explaining….he had to think more about legislation and how politics affected his department.

“When the curtain got lifted and I got to see how everything’s going, why things are the way they are, I started to realize nobody really has the answers, we’re all kind of clueless,” he said.

“The people who we put in place, they’re just like us. And so you start to have to do critical thinking. I think there’s a time in every man’s life when he kind of gets to know who he is and has to think critically.

“I’m a conspiracy guy too when it comes to critical thinking. Sometimes the conspiracy is the best, simplest and most logical answer.

“Long story short, at the same time I started to just kind of think ‘wow, why is this law this way’, because if I go and enforce that law, I’m going to have this impact on this person’s life, and it’s my job to do it.

Is there another way I can enforce this law that’s lesser or more appropriate to this situation? Or more severe or more appropriate for this situation?”

“Some days I felt like a glorified tax collector for the state.

You know, I grew up in a very poor family, I grew up with parents who couldn’t always register their car on time, two or three months out.

“I used to pull people over for no insurance, and I was supposed to impound their vehicle,” he said, insisting if it was because of financial reasons a $400 ticket and an impound didn’t help.

He went on: “I’d find my own loopholes, perfectly legal and I think very just loopholes.

“For example, I’d tell the person, hey, this stop is going to take me about 15 to 17 minutes, if nothing else arises.

“If you could call an insurance company and get insurance over the phone and get it right now, most people can do that for under $100, and if you can show me proof of it and I can confirm it because this stop is over, I won’t submit the citation and I won’t impound your car and you can drive away.”


Pratt blasted: “Who do I work for? I get paid by the state and the city, but who does the state and the city work for? Us.

“The people that I pull over, the people whose houses I go to. Whose team am I on? There shouldn’t be an us vs them.

*Gabby Petito, for all practical purposes is on record, and on police body camera footage admitting that she is a boyfriend batterer, with a “mental health problem,” specifically OCD. In my experience, I do not recall OCD people as violent, per se. However, it needs to be said that if the shoe was on the other foot, Brian Laundrie would have been jailed, without a doubt.

And as for her “murder” there are many scenarios I can imagine where such “mentally ill” people who are trying t leverage a guy to marry them might become manipulative, and do things like threaten to end their own life.

For example: “If you leave me again, I will jump off this cliff!”


“If you don’t marry me, I will smash my head with this rock!”

Honestly–“mentally ill” people say and do bad things sometimes–so I can’t imagine what a young male like Laundrie would do in that situation–and doubly if some dipshit actually DID kill themselves in such a way. But one thing is certain–he would know that armies of Kate’s and Karen’s would hold him accountable for HER actions.

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