The scent of a crucifixion, as deep state cultists seed media with occult symbolism –and a surprisingly good cop bows out of the limelight–for now.

Officer Eric Pratt was seen chatting with Laundrie in the footage, who he branded the victim
That one good cop, Eric Pratt, pictured, a man with a conscience, and a social justice sensibility–a man who would lock women in jail for domestic violence! An egalitarian! And a patrol officer who let poor people skate on traffic tickets– is about to be crucified by the Kate’s, the Karen’s and other gender biased christian-globalist narrators. Let’s hang ’em!

Here below’s the headline, and notice that the story is narrated by yet another “Kate” as she tries to spin the actions of a good cop into a false narrative of responsibility for the death of Gabby Petito, who, for all practical legal purposes, should have been hauled off to jail:and held accountable. But the Kates and the Karen’s and their co-madre’s in the Women’s KKK DO NOT WANT female accountability, oh, no!

Let’s peek in to their underground bunkers and “mystery caves” right their under Rome, Tel Aviv, and the Utah Data Center….and anywhere else female bankster’s do their dirt.

The story, from the Sun UK:

COP OUT: Brian Laundrie cop who pulled him and Gabby Petito over in Utah ‘used loopholes to get people off’ & SLAMMED his own job by Katy Forrester, christian cultist

The Kate’s and the Karen’s are a real scourge upon journalism.As their names indicate, they are the byproduct of the Jewish-christian narrative, as the Kate’s are Catholic name and Karen is a Jewish one–they pop up In nearly every narrative of the Gabby Petito Brian Laundrie story, and that’s not an accident–it’s by design.

These Kate’s pop up pimping gender biased narratives, and arm-chair quarterbacking policing, urging “good men” who are cops to kick in more doors, and shoot more men in the back, lock up men and to never hold women accountable for anything–and especially, to just throw the constitution away, in favor of the DVIC and it-s anti-constitutional basis.

I have covered that phenomenon in many other places around the internet too, so much so that I am waging a PR campaign called “Hell No. Lady, It’s NEVER YOUR FAULT!” to vindicate women of each and every crime they commit, no matter how heinous, or evil their crimes are. Here is one example where a woman decapitated her children, and I am sure if we look deep into that one case, we can find a reason to blame a man for her crimes.


That said, I am amused, reading through the various narratives of the Laundrie-Petito media fiasco, and noting the deep state occultists slipping their deep state religion, coded into the news, a well as sheitloads of junk science accompanying their narration.

It seems that every time a dead white girl pops up in the news, hundreds of millions of dollars get spent to chase down her fiance’, or traipse around in swamps to the tune of 200, 000 per day–PER DAY! Or even wage multi-million dollar media campaigns that stretch through decades as we see in the case of Maddie McCann.

Related Story: Madeleine McCann’s parents break silence on despicable and likely murderer and pedophile who was part of the ring that kidnapped the girl. PART of that ring….as a new study documents how children are still recovering from the depleted uranium that the FVEYs Jewish-christian nations dumped on Iraqi oil fields, schools, and playgrounds.

Sorry I am not a pretty, fertile young white female, folks! Move along now–nothing to see here with depleted uranium, folks!

See the source image
Meh. Who needs a brain, anyways? We have Artificial Intelligence now! Surely Mark Zuckerberg and heroic state actor Facebook has a plan to get my brain back inside my head, once he is done running algorithms through it!

All of the worlds problems could be solved if we simply let Darwin’s Law run it’s course with these white girls, seriously, but in the case of the forever crying, forever victimized, forever-never-accountable white female, money is no object for their pimps and panderers. But who is tossing that money at her feet? Yup–international banksters have used her as a selling point since around 33 AD, for “whatever reason.” NUmbers like “33” are a big deal with those people. Think “Franklin Delano Rosevelt,” and the Great Leap Forwards of 1933, and the Tennessee Valley Authority, and so on.

Meh. Bored now.

But read up on that one good cop–a true hero, who tried to give Gabby Petito a way out from her psychotic OCD, and her white female narrative of pseudo-empowerment. Its quite telling, how those kinds of women destroy democracies for the sake of occulted religion, and “The Virgin Mary,” who can do no wrong, dspite her internecine cave hideouts, and her endless cries for help from the trouble she causes for us all.

Give that girl some AK-47 training, and a few good Krav Maga chops, and these types of problems are easily solved. But for whatever reason, her parents didn’t do that, and it turned out poorly.

Meanwhile–elect this one good cop sheriff! He deserves a real job! In a podcast, Pratt said:

“Some days I felt like a glorified tax collector for the state.

“You know, I grew up in a very poor family, I grew up with parents who couldn’t always register their car on time, two or three months out.

“I used to pull people over for no insurance, and I was supposed to impound their vehicle,” he said, insisting if it was because of financial reasons a $400 ticket and an impound didn’t help.

He went on: “I’d find my own loopholes, perfectly legal and I think very just loopholes.

“For example, I’d tell the person, hey, this stop is going to take me about 15 to 17 minutes, if nothing else arises.

“If you could call an insurance company and get insurance over the phone and get it right now, most people can do that for under $100, and if you can show me proof of it and I can confirm it because this stop is over, I won’t submit the citation and I won’t impound your car and you can drive away.”


Pratt blasted: “Who do I work for? I get paid by the state and the city, but who does the state and the city work for? Us.

“The people that I pull over, the people whose houses I go to. Whose team am I on? There shouldn’t be an us vs them.

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