Black people with guns: a necessary step forwards for American’s, and human kind: prosecutors targeting black “NFAC”legal gun owners in the USA

Black people who form legitimate gun owners groups in the US are being targeted as if they are gang members, because prosecutors are calling them “identity extremists.”

If ever a group or class or racial category of people had good reasons to arm themselves, and take up defensive postures against institutions and organizations–including police– that have targeted them with brutal ferocity throughout CENTURIES of time, black American’s would be that exact group who should do that.

But instead of them collectively being granted the right to self defense–and that right because the system itself has not only failed to protect them, but has indeed exploited them right down to the very bone marrow, as we see in this case of a little boy who was tortured by a ring of pedophiles, and used like a cash swipe-card by doctors from several jurisdictions, as law enforcement looked the other way, likely because he is a black child.

This is the norm, not the exception in the US. So, too is the framing of peaceful black activism as “violent protest,” and the case of the Not Fucking ARound Coalition, aka NFAC, and its leader, who is currently charged with a violent crime–when in fact, what he did is very, very far from violent, or crime.

And the case presents institutional racism in full police garb instead of white sheets, as a man who was literally monitored, stalked, and otherwise targeted for years id charged with “raisin a weapon” at law enforcement agents–including hidden snipers, who were sighting him in that moment.

What is structural racism? Take a look at this:

Black people formed one of the largest militias in the US. Now its leader is in prosecutors’ crosshairs.

Will Carless and Alain StephensFri, October 8, 2021, 6:46 PM·18 min read

“In late July 2020, as Louisville, Kentucky, fumed in the wake of Breonna Taylor’s killing in a botched police raid, a militia group descended on the city.

A phalanx of hundreds of Black men and women, all clad in black, marched through downtown. Some wore body armor, others had gas masks. They wore pistols on their belts and carried shotguns and AR-15-style rifles.

[Fair Disclosure:For this project, USA TODAY partnered with The Trace, an anti-gun lobbyist group]

It was the latest rally of the Not F—ing Around Coalition, an armed group that says it’s dedicated to protecting Black lives from police brutality. And it got the attention of experts who track extremist movements.

It was the biggest public display by an armed militia I have ever seen,” said J.J. MacNab, a fellow at George Washington University’s Program on Extremism who has studied the militia movement for 25 years. “Nobody was expecting that.”

A year later, NFAC, as the group is known, was back in Louisville. Its leader, Grandmaster Jay, whose real name is John Fitzgerald Johnson, retained the cocky, steel-eyed confidence that has made him a messiah to tens of thousands of Black Americans. He wore his trademark body armor and sunglasses in the summer heat and spoke grandly of self-defense, Black empowerment and the creation of a Black nation.

This time there was no march before a cheering crowd. The guns were nowhere to be seen. Grandmaster Jay’s troops had shrunk to a small crew of loyalists.”

ROGS asks: “and why had the crowds shrunk?” Because the Jewish-christian confabulation feared a “messiah,” as they have done for millennia, and in their racist and tribalist zeal, arrested Jay on trumped up charges–and THIS more than anything i why the west has zero claims to being an actual democracy in any sense, led by these religious zealots, who crush dissent exactly this way, since Roman Times.

So, whose racism, whose hate is it anyways?

“In court documents and interviews, Grandmaster Jay said his occasional angry outbursts shouldn’t outweigh the hundreds of times he has argued for self-defense, peaceful protest and resorting to violence only as a last resort.

“America’s racism is on full display at this point,” he said. “We are law-abiding citizens, legally assembled. We don’t have an anti-police theology like the groups from the ’60s. We don’t call police ‘pigs.’ We’re not out to get anyone. We’re defensive and we always have been.””

Whatever the US is? It isn’t a democracy by any standard, as long as the One Percent rule it, by secretly assasinating and falsely imprisoning those they fear as “messiah’s.” And, as long as law enforcemt=nt acts as little more than a secret police force.

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