Fight gang stalking–with automatic, light activated sprinklers!: targeted individuals and humor

Many actual gang stalkers online who I have ferreted out over the years like to mock targeted individuals, and I have even read a few comments that “TI’s don’t have a sense of humor!”

Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth.Though gang stalkers are such petty bullies that they even want to deny targeted individuals a moment of fun, targeted individuals can make life hard for stalkers too, and have a few laughs doing it.

So, I teach TI’s to fight back, in legal ways. Use my search feature and search posts about “how to fight gang stalking,” and “help for targeted individuals,” and “free tools” to fight gang stalkers.

But in my years of being stalked, and writing about the cases like where a crooked cop in Iowa targets a single woman by poisoning her property–and her, with weed killer, or where Ahmaud Arbery gets murdered after many years of being stalked by crooked cops, prosecutors illegally and constantly keeping people under surveillance, and their “community policing assets” the method described below, of targeting gang stalkers back, never occurred to me.

In that era those dumb bastards would shine lasers into my windows, and flashlights into my security camera’s as they attempted to break in to my house, or destroy the cameras themselves, but especially how they frequently ran through my yards, despite having No Trespassing signs posted prominently and in multiple, visible locations–gang stalkers simply do not respect the law, because these gangs are in fact, headed by current and former police, .military, and intelligence agents.

There are many ways to track gang stalkers who traipse through your yard beyond footprint evidence.

I even remember this one fat recruit damaging a fence with his lardy ass, and lumbering away like a fat-assed crippled hippo after he smashed his balls (that was a riot to watch), which I documented on film–along with a few other of my more internet famous “proof of gang stalking” photo’s, yet this one below never occurred to me, and it’s brilliant:

The story begins thus…..A man wanted payback when his neighbors kept cutting across his lawn. Lawn wins…..

In The Know by Yahoo

Homeowner gets ‘petty’ revenge on neighbors over yard: ‘It’s your lawn!’

Emerald Pellot, October 6, 2021

A man wanted payback when his neighbors kept cutting across his lawn. 

Anyone who maintains a lawn knows it’s hard work. Trimming grass is taxing enough, but making sure it stays healthy is another story. Repeatedly walking on grass can cause soil to be compacted, and can damage roots and sometimes destroy the grass itself.  …TikToker Thomas Lyons‘ friend noticed people constantly walking through his lawn because it was faster than walking around the perimeter. When he got fed up, the homeowner decided to take matters into his own hands. Lyons shared the homeowner’s security footage on TikTok

To get a better idea of the hilarity, picture a guy who was probably a second-string guard on his high school JV team, with a nickname like “Whaley” because his name is like “Wheeler” or “Wally” or something similar–like Wally Wheeler, for example,, but because he is such a lardass, his butties all call him “Whaley” as in “whale.

Related: You can download free whale noises here at Free Sounds Library!

So just to give you an idea what these types do, Whaley is likely auditioning for a job in a police department, and going through the required “gang stalker training,” or auditioning for some some private contractor as a “surveillance role player,” and as I spot him peeking in my bathroom window (true story), he panics and runs for cover or escape, where he is forced to run past my security camera, where he meets this automatic ball sack re-shaper, known in the fencing industry as “the terminal post and the TOP rail”:

Image Source: Forty Ingenious Diagrams for Your Home and Garden

Anatomy lesson indeed. I am still laughing at that fat Whaley bastard, as he hits the terminal post top, and oozes like a soggy diaper down onto the top rail, where he finds the necessary “bounce back” to “bounce back” like his future progeny depend on it, even though these types will likely never breed, for obvious reasons–like what female wants a baby named after Walter “Whaley” Wheeler?

Well, anyways, use your imagination, and learn how to fight back against community gang stalkers who have zero respect for due process of law, civil liberty, or anything resembling morality. And get them where it hurts--their pocketbooks.

But that sprinkler is one more weapon in the arsenal of those who are unfortunate enough to encounter the form of police corruption and brutality known as gang stalking. My advice is to hook it up to the hot water spigot, but check the trespassing laws in your state before you do. It might not be legal to scald trespassers with a free hot shower in some states.

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