Billionaire Bill Gross found guilty of “contempt” via “noise harassment”: what is noise harassment in the gang stalking dialectic?

The “Gilligan’s Island” billionaire Bill Gross and his wife have been found guilty of “noise harassment.

SO, “Let’s sit right back and we’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip….

Billionaire Bond King Bill Gross And Wife Found In Contempt Of Court Over Dispute With Laguna Beach Neighbors

It was déjà vu in Orange County court on Friday, as the billionaire Bill Gross awaited possible punishment for allegedly harassing his Laguna Beach neighbor with loud music (again.) As she took the bench, Judge Kimberly Knill admonished Gross for violating an existing restraining order, calling him “contemptuous,” then handed down her ruling: no more outdoor music, a $1,000 fine, and five days in jail. Gross’ wife, Amy, received an identical sentence.

The Grosses may not actually serve any of that time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The judge is allowing them to perform community service for two of the days, while the other three are being stayed for a year. Barring further infractions, they won’t have to serve them.

Attorneys for the Grosses’ neighbors, Mark Towfiq and Carol Nakahara, had lobbied for jail time.

In a statement on Friday evening, Gross called the decision “a travesty of justice and a black mark on the Orange County judicial system.” He added that the judge had an “obvious bias” and claimed she was “using the case to advance her promotion to a higher court.” He plans to appeal her ruling.

The feud between Towfiq and Gross began last year, after Gross installed white netting above an outdoor sculpture in his backyard. When Towfiq complained to local authorities, Gross allegedly retaliated by blaring music at all hours, including the Gilligan’s Island theme song on repeat.


What is gang stalking? It is for the most part NOT what the case of billionaire bond broker Bill Gross wasfound guilty of, but it does reference a quite famous gang stalking trick used by gangs of stalkers who work in in real estate, and other sectors of the economy: noise harassment.

Fair disclosure–I generally agree with Mr. Grosses interpretation of law, especially that the Federal Reserve–an actual international cabal, with its own private army called “The FBI” and the “IRS” and the “SEC” and so on–they are an international criminal syndicate by the very definition of that term.

And I have maintained elsewhere that such a syndicate is beyond punishment, or even scrutiny and oversight, as they are what “gang stalkers” are. They literally control the affairs of local economies, using quasi-constitutional methods, and their wealth is staggering–these people wage illegal international wars, and never get called to the Hague for war crimes, even if they blow the legs off of grandmothers, or mutilate children across the globe

I mean, if there was a “devil” for example, what and who would that devil be?

Riiiiiight. Its a sticking point in the gang stalking dialectic too.

One thought on “Billionaire Bill Gross found guilty of “contempt” via “noise harassment”: what is noise harassment in the gang stalking dialectic?

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