Gang Stalking Statistics

Is gang stalking “real?” Or, is it a “delusion” as these types of state funded psychologists like Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, David V. James, and Christine Sarteschi indicate?

According to the statistics, the majority of my readers are religious, ultra-conservatives, of the type that stormed the capitol, and their blogs all ramble on endlessly about aliens, the flat earth, chem trails and so on. Many of them use coded cult society terminology such as “Gnostic Knights, ” and “ANDAZI ESSENES,” and other police/military/religious cult symbolism and so on.

You can have a look at me “followers” for proof of that. One is a very hateful, racist Jewish guy from Midlands Texas, and Israel. Another is a “witch” and yet another is a “Muslim Dua.” These are all fanatical, crazy identities to me–and I suspect some f them are agency trolls and terror manufacturers in the FBI mold–I ask myself why such people “follow” me, but then, the answer is in the question isn’t it? I am a non-theist humanist, BTW

But of those who are not that type of “nutter” I have three actual targeted individuals who are following my blog, and I would like to highlight the brave Richard Moore of Union County Mississippi as the kind of follower who I appreciate.

Then, we see the following statistics about gang stalking–and use my search feature to correlate whatever else you wish to correlate:

People from 71 countries around the world have read this blog that you are reading, with the vast majority of readers coming from the USA, which has evolved into a police state by the very definition of that term since 911 and it’s “New World Order” was put in place by the world’s elite.

So: as of September of 2021, 8688 people from the USA, 350 from the UK, 345 from Canada, 251 from Australia, and 61 from Germany read my blog. With little surprise, these nations are also part of the FVEYs Alliance of world wide electronic wiretapping.

Related: What are the FVEYs, Nine eyes, and Fourteen eyes nations?

My most popular posts by fararethe posst about Ramajana Hidic Demirovic, a darling of the Diaspora and Holocaust scholarship communities with intelligence agency ties. She was indicted by the US Department of Justice for stalking teenaged boys over a period of several years, and doing EVERYTHING that gang stalkers do, including causing them to “move away.” The linked post has so far been read 1312 times, from nations across the world, and many other posts about that case gets readers every day. Ms. Demirovic’s has made movies about genocide, and is tied very deeply to what some call the “Holocausrt Industrial Complex.” These are known groups with know stalkers, spies, and actual murderers amongst them, similar to how the Ku Klux lan once operated with impunity across America. Search term “Ramajana.” Search term “ADL”

Then, the second most popular post with 812 readers so far is also about Mrs. Demirovic, too.

The third most popular post with 667 readers is “What happens to targeted individuals,” where I break down the different types of stalking ranging from local police gangs like we see in the Pasco County lawsuits where the sheriff targets children with “24-7” harassment all the way up to the fraudulent manufactured terrorism cases, like we saw in New Zealand recently, as a man who was under “24-7 surveillance” by thirty cops over a 53 day period finally went nuts and slashed a few people. This is what manufactured terrorism IS.

The fourth most popular is the story of Everton Brown, a former garbage man who was gang stalked in Massachussets, with 224 readers. His case fits the profile of a “real estate related” gang stalking, and not coincidentally, he had a very loud neighbor who played karaoke EVERY SATURDAY, and banged a lot on their shared townhome wall; and a tech-savvy political operative “move in next door” to him just before he went on a shooting and burning rampage–and he had a highly placed state prison employee on his block too, similar to how Gabriel Wortman had prison guards, nurses, and others in state service and so on targeting him. I also got hate mail for writing those pieces about his case. I also suspect that he was an inter-generational target as many vocal old school black men are (the Boston papers actually wrote a story tiled “Crazy or Target?” many years before he was killed; and possibly, he was stalked as a “Sovereign Citizen” too, though I don’t have evidence of that yet. Search term “Everton Brown.”

So, that is what my “gang” of readers likes to read, for whatever reason.

Search Engines:

Now, my readers are tech savvy, and suspicious, distrustful, or simply aware that they are being tracked when they are online, and so, well over 60% of readers mask their real IP, and 3041 hits to my blog came via the search engine Duckduckgo. I hate to inform my readers of this, but that search engine actually reveals the searchers IP address to paid WordPress installations and other easy to install plug-ins that monitor site visits.

The list then goes like this:

1246 used Bing, 469 used Yahoo, 230 used Facebook, 63 used Google to get here. These results indicate that my readers DO NOT TRUST GOOGLE, which is very wise–not crazy at all to despise the biggest spy tool ever invented. And, the fact that other anonymous search engines exist, yet DDG is widely used is a cause for further investigation too.

Outbound Clicks:

The number one link that people click to go outside my blog is a link to one of the most trusted, game-changing, unbiased, incredibly well written blogs about gang stalking online:, written by a military and security industry veteran who was themself gang stalked. No aliens, no flat earth, no lizard people–and LOTS of factual information about corruption in the intelligence, security industry and policing. Click that link, and especially–read their insightful, and dry-humor article about the “Fentanyl Fliers Hoax,” where a gang of police tried to wage a hoax about getting sick from “fentanyl laced flyers”that were placed on police squad car windshield in broad daylight. No kidding– Darwin has the last laugh with these types too, always tripping all over themselves with fraud lies and hoaxes to get more cash for their shitty little gang stalking police departments.

The second most popular outbound link is to my paid blog, which is the remnants of my former wordpress blog that was deplatfrmed shortly after I revealed the names and addresses of an actual gang of police and intelligence agents including Mossad, FBI, local police and security industry “bad actors,” their community activists and recruits, and others, some of whom who all at one point lived in the same house in Temple City CA. The main perpetrators worked together at the Los Angeles County Coroners office for quite some time, and indeed their very job was to trace “gangs,” forgetting that they too are also “gangs”–and I watched this gang for a period of about half a decade, as one was groomed to become an agent, and the other took over one of the better known police fraternal organizations–and another is a psychologist and profiler in Pasadena CA too. Who are the gang stalkers indeed. I have named many more over the years, including photos of them, and their rental applications, phone numbers, and various profiles that they fit.

The third most popular link by far is to the excellent resource, the Institute for the Study of Globalization and Politics, which is a deep dive into the deep state players who finance gang stalking. It is written by another security industry author, and tracks the nefarious Non Governmental Organizations, and their secret deeds done in societies. These bad actors are on both the left and the right of the political horseshoe. Good reads over there include the Cult of National Security Trolls, and Four Dozen Cases of CIA Drug Trafficking, and The Supranational Superclass Index of Lifetime NGO Involvement. WHo are the gang stalkers? That one index will give you a heads up about the hidden donor’s to these police departments that use these “targeted individual programs” around the US and the world.

The fourth place most clicked outbound link is to, the site that leaked the video of US helicopter gunships gunning down journalists, families, and children.I talk a little bit about that here too, as we see deep state occultist Mike Pompeo urging that journalists be targeted even MORE than we are already..


A total of 5109 visitors, who read two posts on average, with total views 10690.

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  2. gang stalking and journalists

Previous to me writing on this topic, there were no Pulitzer Prize winners who wrote about organized gang stalking of targeted individuals, but this year saw it’s first Pulitzer in that area–the Tampa Bay Times series “Targeted.” And another couple of interesting takes on gags of stalkers by Teri Webster, of the Fort Worth Weekly. SEarch term Teri Webster, and “gangs of police.”

Lastly–a soon to be runner up for the most read piece ever is the story about a gang of police, firefighters, and other miscreants who are targeting a registered sex offender, who is suing them in federal court. Search term: “Richard Moore.” Or, just start here. I have read his entire trial transcript, including his own testimony, and his appeal, and several other case matters, and I have come to the conclusion that he was framed by white supremacists in Mississippi–a true inter-generational gang stalking target. He also is available to other journalists who might like to see the inner workings of both gang stalking and “frame jobs,”, but also of how inter-twined it is with civil rights struggles.

So there you have it–gang stalking statistics, 2021. More to come!

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