Anatomy in a Sting Operation, lol: “I get f—ed and I get paid for it and it was good.”

The sloppiest sting I ever watched was this white cop rolling around outside a strip bar, in a spotless, but ill fitting sky blue suit. Think Glenn Campbell, circa 1976. The guy had zero fashion sense, and he was targeting primarily black men in that bar, while flopping around on the filthy pavement.

So, picture the guy, with his blond hair, styled “police academy buzz-cut”, and his typically bad, shiny black shoes, but those shoes with tread for running–and now picture him as a puppy, with the soles of his shoes up in the air for all to see–the most inner city dankest crackhead would spot him by the suit alone, much less those ridiculous black dress shoes, with running treads. Ridiculous.

Well, neither the suit, nor the shoes was what made him stupid–no, it was in fact that he wore a bullet proof vest whose ridges and contours showed right through the suit–the suit, a linen-polyester, designed for summer wear was no match for that battle ready 8.1 gram .357 SIG-FMJ bullet proof vest with Level IIIA protection two layers beneath it.

Dude: next time go bareback already, or wear a DARK BLUE suit!–crack heads and pimps already know you are a cop because of how stupid you look rolling around as a fake drunk–really–no one does that, even rubes!

The guy looked like loaded barrel of lead, and no doubt went home hungry that night. Poor vice detective! Such is “bad policing” devoid of context, or even who the F@CK your target audience is.

Well, anyways: a lot of what is called gang stalking is actually gangs of cops, targeting other gangs of cops. In fact, it’s fairly safe to say that this is what cops are doing full time when they don’t have a call or paperwork.

You can’t sell me on the idea that cops are overloaded either, because I grew up in a family that includes police, and I have heard these stories all my life. For the most part, IMHO, cops are just a political strong arm racket, and i have seen it with my own eyes–policing is political–and so are the sex habits of cops, not least of which is the outright voyeurism inherent in the police personality.

That voyeurism has also seen new levels of toxic policing directed at activists, artists, and others who use camera’s–indeed a short trip through blogs of actual targeted individuals reveals an actual war on camera’s by cops. And perversely, cops charge activists, artists, and others with “voyeurism” for filming police activity–its a strange paraphilia, that.

So, here below is what I would call a “typical”gang stalking, as some cops target other cops in a prostitution sting, which is a whole genre in and of itself. I once studied a Craiglist “Rants and Raves” forum and noted that one jurisdictions cops were chasing another jurisdictions cops all over the freeways, and no citizen much wiser that they are spending our tax dollars that way.

I covered that type of political police stalking other police here at, and an anonymous web detective named “Duck Twacy”covered it here too. Main stream journalists dare not cover gang stalking, because they would lose all their “sources” and probably get gang stalked too, which is why this topic flies under the radar.

And you can imagine what gangs here are active: in this case female cops targeting male cops, likely (D) cops targeting (R) cops, in a tug-of-war over “who controls the sex supply” in a classic throwback to the 1980’s, but with more female police–who have their own forms of deviance, which deserves a closer look–LOOK! Valerie Cincinelli,serial single mother and a Rotary Club Superstar Cop of The year gets sentenced for trying to take a hit out on a teenaged girl!

D-Oh! Don’t be a Valerie Cincinelli, folks! Serial single mother and ex-cop who tried to hire a hitman to murder a little girl.

See the source image
She’s a beauty, that Val. Hey kids–DON’T DO STEROIDS! Image from NYPost

One NYPD cop fired, another retires, after sting operation catches them driving ‘prostitutes’ to hotels in exchange for big bucks

Two NYPD officers were caught offering a pricey taxi service for high-end hookers who wanted a police escort to their jobs, newly released police disciplinary records reveal.

The officers, Thomas Diorio and Michael Sardone, both of the 106th Precinct in Queens, were caught in a sting operation this spring – driving several undercover officers posing as prostitutes to and from hotels for thousands of dollars a trip.

The police and prostitution genre has been covered in many movies and novels, and is such a staple that former cop turned call girl, Norma Jean Almodovar writes a whole blog about it.

That blog, Policeprostitutionpolitics is a deep insight from an insider who worked both sides of the law, and the prostitution rackets, and who delightfully covers all of the shenanigans of dirty cops, and especially the rapists, pedophiles, and pimps in their ranks. And she’s not just anybody: she virtually started the drumbeat for targeting Hollywood corruption of police, and kicked off the LAPD Ramparts scandal of three decades ago

And to be clear, I am with her: legalize prostitution, and police crimes against prostitutes as crimesnot some special category such as “human trafficking” and all of the other plastic words they use to cover over the ultra-conservative bias of criminalizing sex work.

The probe began with an unrelated investigation into Sardone in February, when an undercover cop started texting Sardone, telling him she worked as an escort, according to the report.

On April 6, she called Sardone and asked if he was interested in being a driver for her and some other prostitutes since their regular driver was sick, the report said.

“We’re not street girls, you know. We’re like high-end,” the undercover cop told Sardone in the call. In a follow-up meeting, she explained, “Sex for money. So it’s… simple. It’s just picking us up, dropping us off.”

After some planning — all caught on audio and video surveillance — they settled on a $4,000 price tag and on April 9 Sardone and Diorio met three “prostitutes” in the parking lot of a Queens diner and drove them to a hotel in Manhattan.

The escorts’ “client,” also an undercover officer, gave the two cops a $100 tip and they waited for a text to pick up the women and drive them back to the Queens diner, according to the report.

On the return trip, one of the undercover officers boasted, “I get f—ed and I get paid for it and it was good.”

….follow the links! Connect the dots!

26 thoughts on “Anatomy in a Sting Operation, lol: “I get f—ed and I get paid for it and it was good.”

    1. Hi, and thanks again. A few things:
      1- I watched one of your videos–be careful that you do not make a pattern out of confronting your stalkers, b/c then they can flip the script, and call YOU the stalker, ok?

      2-I bnever, ever go onto Facebook, for ANYTHING, EVER, uness I am paid to do so, or otherwise in a friewalled/sandboxed environment.

      I like what you are doing generally–that kid in the bar who was


      1. Haha! I knew you’d get on me for those videos. I thought about it in hind sight and should have prefaced to you that those were taken over a year ago and a half to 2 years ago when the social media slander campaign first began. That was when Sam ( aka: Diaper Boy) got pissed that I wasn’t noticing all the “ covert protocols “ and I was still excelling in artistic notoriety, had an abundance of suitors, friends, and was all smiles, lollipops and unicorns.

        So he had to make me acknowledge his nefarious aspirations to the point of breaking down and sending me 3 Facebook messages under a easily traceable account telling me I was targeted. And basically demanding I acknowledge him as the conspirator. That wasn’t enough so then he sent me a text stating he was behind the strange occurrences. He and his sister hired “ reputation ruiners/revenge for hire hackers” to basically drive this message home : “YOU HAVE BEEN A TARGET OF A BIZZARE ORGANIZED CRIME SINCE AUGUST OF 2018. ITS AUGUST OF 2020, WHY HAVENT YOU NOTICED YET?”
        Anyway, the videos were before all the fake criminal charges and before I had found the terminology for this type of organized crime. I’ll never forget the day, it was February 8th of this year when I had a word for it all…” gangstalking “. I’ll never forget my absolute awe and loss of my innate belief system .


      2. Listen: if that guy put all of that in writing? You have grounds for a lawsuit. Go sue him.

        But yes, it is rattling when you do discover it. Each level has its own terrifying awakening, and the counter terrorism related is a whole new level of terror directed at targets.

        The Intercept, and Trevor Aaronson have covered a lot of that–the breakin’s, the cars trying to run targets off the road, the constant internet sabotage–our own government has become the terrorist it “fears.”


      3. Oh geeeez Ghost Boy! My final hacker mystery just got solved and it’s scary. Knew it would be because I knew I was dealing with a large Latino family involved in some kind of mayhem. “Jesus Christ Super star” left his google history clone on mine and it just confirmed the address I’ve been holding onto for months is linked to ALVARO H. SALAS who like many Latin natives also goes by Jesus /HAY ZEUS. So I promptly just called him to say “ HEY ZEUZ! IS POSEIDON HOME ?” No , I didn’t . But in hind sight that would have been a lot cooler than what I really said . Anyway, everything matched up! He’s the guy that use to be outside my doctor office and would follow me in a diesel white Chevy w the blackest tint and tricked out chrome & piping. Very Breaking Bad-esque . And yep! I’m dealing w cartel maybe? See this article about him….


      4. Hmmm….why were you at the doctor? A lot of scenarios come to mind.

        Guys like hom should be locked up–its what they live for, and this form of fed level gang stalking is routine–its where the name “gang stalking” comes from.


      5. You know, you are brave, and maybe should apply at one of the agencies. Many of these cases depend on citizen input.

        And the case you outline is one of those. The problem, however, is that agencies–ESPECIALLY DEA-use all those snitch networks to target activists, and dissidents too–and even, sometimes the single gal with a strong head and some mouth—and I am not saying you per se, but you fit the profile that might easily get targeted.

        And so in that case, use it to your advantage–and apply for a job with them. TBH, you would be excellent Latino Criminal Syndicate bait, in the vernacular a “muchachita!”

        And I say that respectfully. Have a look here at the term online.

        But honestly–stop wasting your time chasing these little syndicates aroud–go straight to the top and apply already.

        In a multi-ethnic America, a white female has a certain value, and that value increases exponentially when she applies herself to projects as you are doing.


      6. Here’s the Ky Dept of justice blurb I copied and pasted since you don’t do links…….. U.S. Attorneys » Eastern District of Kentucky » News
        Department of Justice
        U.S. Attorney’s Office
        Eastern District of Kentucky
        Friday, June 29, 2018
        Man Illegally Residing in Lexington Sentenced to Nearly 30 Years for Drug Trafficking, Firearms, and Immigration Offenses

        LEXINGTON, Ky. – Fernando Rafael Lara Salas, age 40, who had previously used the aliases of Jesus Ruiz Vega, Francisco Garcia and Cristobal Palacios Garcia, was sentenced today, to 353 months in prison, by U.S. District Judge Danny C. Reeves. In January, Lara Salas was tried and convicted of multiple offenses, including drug trafficking, firearms and immigration offenses. His drug trafficking convictions included conspiracy to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine, possession with intent to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine, and possession with intent to distribute fentanyl, methamphetamine, and tramadol. Lara Salas’ firearms convictions included possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug-trafficking crime, possession of a firearm as a convicted felon, and possession of a firearm by an alien. Lara Salas was also convicted of unlawfully re-entering the United States after previously being deported for a felony drug offense.

        Two co-defendants in the case, Jorge De Jesus Macias Pedroza and Nestor Barron, were also convicted and previously sentenced by Judge Reeves, to terms respective terms of imprisonment of 188 and 120 months. All three men will be required to serve 85% of their sentences.

        The joint investigation by federal and state law enforcement into the drug trafficking activities of Lara Salas began in August 2016 and culminated with the execution of search warrants at Lara Salas’ residence in Lexington and a cargo trailer located in a remote location in Franklin County. The search of Lara Salas’ home resulted in the seizure of 6 kilograms of cocaine, more than 50 grams of methamphetamine, a 9 mm firearm and $110,000 in U.S. currency. Evidence found in the cargo trailer revealed that Lara Salas and others utilized the trailer for the preparation of fentanyl for distribution. Agents located packaging material consistent with a kilogram quantity of a controlled substance. The packaging contained a residual amount of fentanyl, an extremely potent opioid. Also located in the trailer were five kilograms of tramadol, a Schedule IV controlled substance that is commonly used by drug traffickers as a cutting agent for fentanyl and heroin, and boxes of latex gloves. The investigation was a cooperative effort led by investigators with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA); the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE); and the Lexington Police Department.

        “Without the outstanding work of our law enforcements partners, this prosecution would not have been possible. Their efforts removed dangerous drugs from our streets, made our community safer, and saved lives. Prosecuting those who sell drugs in our community will continue to be a core priority of our Office,” said Robert M. Duncan, Jr., United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky.

        United States Attorney Duncan; Darrell Christopher Evans, Special Agent in Charge, DEA Louisville; Kristoffer Cortex, Acting Assistant Field Office Director, ICE; and Lawrence Weathers, Chief of Police, Lexington-Fayette County Division of Police, jointly announced the sentence.

        If I disappear…look for me buried in the Mojave dessert …haha…but not haha.


      7. Yeah–these kinds of federal cases are very much a necessary and good thing.

        But their worldview is a bit cracked when it comes to the outliers.

        But I don’t think they will kill you and drag you all the f*cking way to the Mojave!

        Even monsters have a sense of smell, lol


    2. Hi, and thanks.

      Well, a few things–I am a bit concerned about your methods so far
      1-is it legal to record in public/in a bar/without consent in your state? Check the laws!

      2-I admire your aggressive approach, but be careful they don’t turn it around on you and call you the stalker–which is easier to do if a GROUP of them file complainrts

      3- Your style could be aided by turning it down a few notches–while it is empowering to confront people who harass you online, it is also dangerous.

      4-GET SOME FRIENDS because you can’t just go around confronting people–its really not good for you
      5-One of your comments alluded to that you have apparently taken classes/courses/trained in a GS environment? What agency or group was that?

      7-The license plates are a good start, but you need to correlate them to events–and you need to track them over time

      I also encountered those little gang stalker groups in bars too, and a lot if them are police explorers, or otherwise hooked into the “community policing” NGO’s.Total retards, each and every one of them.

      They are usually the kids of prominent people from “outside” the city, often involved with Free Masonry and its related fraternal/sroral b.s.

      They operate “war driving” clubs that go by people’s houses and hack their connections–use “Wireshark” and “inSSIDer,” or “CommView” or similar APPs to track and hack them back
      Lastly–please slow it down a bit, and get some order to your thinking. And, if you are drinking (I saw the bar video) please separate your investigation time from your writing/drinking time–I think you will come across more clearly to your audience.

      So….while I got your attention–what is your favorite piece at my blog?

      Lately, people are loving the piece about Richard Moore suing his gag of stalkers–and how some douchebags got him arrested over “oure speech” issues in Mississippi.


      1. Well, online adds a layer of complexity to human communication–humor doesn’t always come across as that.

        There are many studies to back that up.

        And even AI would likely not be able to tell the difference.


      2. The message you are referring to-I’m guessing -is where I’m punking a shill’s GS blog.
        Where are you from , Nebraska ? Are you like 65 or similar? The message starts off with “ one time in band camp a gangstalker made me shove my flute up my….” Which is the famous line from American Pie.

        In short, Ghost Boy…I promise you I didn’t really flunk out of the Gangstalker spelling bee at Gangstalker Syndicate summer camp. Can’t believe I had to affirm this with you.


      3. Yeah–I steer clear of most movies that are popular, and while I enjoyed the line, I thought it was your original writing, lol.

        Yeah–you can go down to the Department of Homeland Security and ask for an application–they are always training gang stalkers.

        Also, try to join the FBI’s citizen spy organization, Infragard.

        And, the various threat assessment industry douchebags are also hiring.


    1. I don’t doubt that someone is messing with your computer via “electronic implants” as most of your email goes into my spam folder without a clear explanation why, though you might be wrong that he is in fact some kind of ringleader.

      I don’t play the defamation game online, calling people stalkers without solid evidence, as we see in the case of Richard Moore of Mississippi.


  1. Hmmm….why were you at the doctor? A lot of scenarios come to mind.
    Answer: adderral ( breakfast of champions)

    So you have to get it from a shrink in the state of KY so Jesus was sitting out there ( have the video) in the sex slave rodeo truck in efforts of being “ oh we see you go to a shrink. Easier to pull the gaslight mental illness card”.

    You know , the whole

    “I’m a gravely mentally ill low IQ criminal psychopath who is committing a serious organiSed federal crime and stalking you like a lion stalks a gazelle on an African Savannah , but I think everyone will overlook that I’m a drooling psychopath and not notice my participation in a federal RICO crime if only I gaslight you and say you’re mentally ill”

    Who the hell came up with this crime model? It’s so ridiculously fouled and juvenile. How is this even still a crime ? The lid should have been blown off this after the 3rd victim. Instead to my dismay, it’s been going on for like 15 years? Not domestic espionage or counter” intelligence” “ programs”, but specific gangstalking ???? Wheres Scooby Doo when you need him?


    1. Well, I am sure the Bronfman’s and the Sackler’s had something to do with it–Jewish crime is like that, and they pay everyone really well in their schemes so there is no opposition.

      Read up on the Bronfman klan in Canada–the name itself means “liquor brewer,” and they are historically close to all addictive and poisonous substances.

      Their crime syndicate hides behind philanthropy, and close ties to law enforcement. They fund the disease, they bribe others to profer the cure.

      SO, you might also notice that everywhere there are major reports of gang stalking, there are ALSO higher than average numbers of syndicate Jews.

      In the case of the Sackler’s, you might notice that the company got its start as the good Doctor Sackler experimented with impunity in a New York hospital on “schizophrenics” at the height of MKULTRA.

      That’s a fact.

      And here we are 70 years later, and Purdue Pharmacy is calling people just like you “pillbillies.”

      Listen: it’s the way it has worked for them for thousands of years. Its the Jesus story alright–tens of millions of Jesuses, and they ping pong between FBI handlers one day, and drug drops the next.

      The druggists and the FBI are besties–even James Comey went on record sucking Anti Defamation League dicks.

      It’s only a black comedy if you have some distance from the subject matter.

      Otherwise its a nightmare, and the FBI is getting away with murder as usual.

      On a side note–a relative of mine went to the murder site of Fred Hampton, the day after he was executed. That relative saw the door where the bullet holes went INTO the room, not out of it as reported by the FBI, and all of the newspapers, and TV in the Grand Unified Narrative.

      SO–that’s what we are up against, and I don’t take it lightly.


    2. It’s been going on for a lot longer than 15 years. I encountered the Freemason stalking and the FBI/DHS/ADL stalking in the early aughts and forwards–but its all the same thing, and it never stopped after the congressional investigation known as the Church Committee.

      The international bankster mafia is a real thing, and this is what they do. Crackpots like Ramola D are always pointing the finger at agencies, but in fact she is just a probe for the bankster class and their fake left wing philanthropy.

      Others, like Targeted Justice are the more right wing Jesus cocksuckers, and so on.


    3. I think that your story is interesting, and you should write it out. The drug cartel angle is correct.

      Earlier, you had mentioned an ex-bf who had set up a delivery in his daughters name–vapes or something.

      What happens in those cases is some Captain Cartel Cop profiles the transaction, and then, they profile the people involved. And they create a “gang” out of thin air, and contact chaining.

      There may be people within that chain who are indeed doing something nefarious–and the law should pursue them.

      But what’s happened since 9/11 is that these Keystone Klowns are all using “electronic weapons” like Palantir and predictive crime software and so on–junk science used to target people, and whole groups of people.

      When George Bush mentioned an “ownership society” back in the early 2000s he was talking about selling the American people to the highest bidder–Israeli billionaires (Hayam Saban, who notoriously funded Hilary) Chinese investors, and Saudi princes too.

      ANd those very invested groups pushed for these policies–which defy our laws and constitution–but they got what they wanted, because of the Freemason dickbags working secretly across the country.

      And so, as we see time and again, the dangerous “offender” is always some guy with meth mouth, rather than the cartels themselves–and when the feds DO take down a cartel, its only because they are on Hayma Saban or another billionaires/UN/Bilderberg special interestgroups target list–same with drone killings, against the Geneva conventions.

      SO–your cartel guy very likely could have been working for one arm of “the law” while another arm of “the law” targeted him–if in fact it was him.


  2. I want to say on a serious note how much I appreciate your time and consideration. I am grateful for your commentary and guidance because I’m wet behind the ears, even still, I WAS BUILT FOR THIS VOYAGE. I truly believe in myself and my gusto. As my dad says, KRISTIN YOU ARE THE GUTSIEST GIRL I’VE EVER ME”.
    Agreed! I’m the gutsiest girl I’ve ever met as well. So It’s TRULY EARNESTLY HONESTLY and FULLY a gawd dang Christmas miracle for victims near and far that I’ve been placed into the game. I sincerely and absolutely hold the characteristics required in taken the gangstalking secret society of drooling Down’s inflicted Borderline everything disordered FULL spectrum entitled elitists and fat necked Ed Hardy wearing corrupt fraternals with their state required barbed wire shoulder wrap -around tattoos with their Oakley sunglasses they are still wearing from 1993, ( I’m not done) with their “ Salt Life” tees under their uniform shirt , and their Under Armour two sizes too small boxer briefs , all reeking of AXE body spray .……


    I don’t ever lie . With my only standard exception, that is if I were to get pulled over by a police officer after having a little happy hour and he asked me if I had anything to drink tonight , I would be obligated to follow standard procedures by responding with , “ just one”. But after that, it’s Honest Abe all the way:)!!!

    Point is , a life of transparency is additionally a tactless type of living which will prove to serve as both my greatest strength and my gravest downfall. While it will prove to set me a part from all the other victims of this crime , it will screw me all the way.
    That said, a little divine intervention is much appreciated. Now that said WITH that SAID, run over to my Facebook real quick as I’d take a peek at THESE BALLS OF STEAL. Keep in mind that both the ex and his sister have filed fake charges against me. One of which, the X Sam W. Arnold IV filed , is an IPO staying with no third party contact. After me not contacting him fir 3 years gladly and freely, after he -a guy I only dated for 3 -4 months casually without consummation , before dumping him, did this vengefully after stalking my Facebook seeing that I was being a bit of a braggart regarding my acceptance to the summit of all Artist’s exhibitions, “ Art Baesel “ in Miami! You see, my show was called “ Summer of STALKER” . All about this crime using realistic depictions of all the players, including the cops and 1 corrupt collusive FBI agent, special agent Chelsea Accent Rug Muncher, in door sized paintings. So I can’t use the names of my stalkers or commissioner’s. Sam w. Arnold The FOURTH , is referred to as “Diaper Boy” because he wears adult diapers on weekends because he is an self proclaimed alcoholic that “ pees the bed when he’s drunk “ so instead of AA or maybe cutting back on alcohol, this cerebral giant solves alcohol dependency with adult pull ups. His sister , Anne Wishart Arnold-Ratliff , as she likes to be referred to in full , her alias is “Unremarkable Anne Pretentious Hyphenated 4 named” or “ Unremarkable Anne” for short. You Would shit if you saw their newest family portrait ! It’s the sickest blue blooded picture facade evaaaar!

    Back on track now…just click over to my Facebook and see how closely I walk the wire.

    Alrighty then. Cheers .

    What’s the first letter of your last name? A hint?


    1. Hi, and again–I DO NOT USE FACEBOOK EVER.

      My advice though, is to write all of this out–you are SPOT ON with the “AXE and under armor Oakley’s” thing. And its quite funny


    2. I forgot to mention–your dad sounds like a good guy, and he loves you very much.

      Go talk to him, and tell him about your situation–you will need support for what you are facing.

      Also–what books has he published?


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