Well, they found the dead white girl, but the Congo is still a sick slaughterhouse due to diamond brokers, western governments and the CIA

Well, they found that dead white girl. You know who she is, so I won’t name her out of respect for the DVIC and its armies of Kate’s and Karens, who might send me hate mail, or cyberstalk me.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world: Gang rape, cannibalism, beheadings rife in Congo slaughterhouse

Wheeeeew! Praise the Lord!

That’s a load off my headlines mind. I was afraid I would have to keep writing about it, and the, getting hate mail from horny little white girl luvin’ chaiwalla’s in India–or North Bergen New Jersey, where a certain “active shooter trainer” connected to the Zoroastrian mafia runs an interesting hacking factory..

See what happens when you stray off of the white female- tantric centric narrative?

Yeah, wheeeeew. Next come the “active shooter trainers” and their associates in Fusion Centers, swapping my dossiere around between local police department intelligence divisions, and hacking my email accounts and running through my yard at night until I go ballistic!!! That’s what they are doing these days, when you challenge the herd-strength building white hetero-normative culture, and its hidden religious narratives with heterodoxic counter-narrative.

And of course, those white hetero- narratives also balanced out by the other fringe lunacy of Saint Alana-who-shalt-not-be-named in the media, and her pals in the Big Pharma mafia, stalking their “incel movement” targets until they pick up butter knives, slash at phantoms (gang stalkers) and crash cars.

Between the LGBTQ and the hetero-normatives, its impossible to see them as anything but mutually beneficial to each others narrative, and Horseshoe Theories supposition that they are essentially one and the same is indeed validated. Yay! George Bush and Ellen are friends!

Well, anyways, now that they have found the missing white girl, maybe we can all pull together, and stop the cannibalism, and rape, and torture that has been going on in the Congo, ever since western royalty started lopping off hands, feet, penises, and so on, so the banksters could get closer to some diamonds, sugar, rubber….

That poor white girl…mental illness indeed. But where do they get all the mental illness?! It must be a by-product of diamond mining, but I will have to study the science.

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