Source: “Oh they are stirred the f@ck up now”: Madder About Facebook

I recently wrote a story about how the first amendment protects even bad speech, that piece called “Mad About Facebook” where some local yokels who are associated with a gang stalking crew from Mississippi were stalking a guy on his Facebook, and they didn’t like what he said about them there, or that he exercised his own rights to investigate the people who were associated with that gang.

Richard Moore has been documenting that gang in a peaceful, and law abiding manner for six years, and he has been identifying the people that stalk him. No different than police would investigate any other gang, Moore collects the open source data available to him, this data called “OSINT” and he uses social media analysis–SOCMINT–to identify links between people who are literally “following him” on Facebook, and sometimes, showing up in his driveway, dropping sins like these.

Yeah–the quaint notion of ” free speech” is getting tested in these white supremacist counties and jurisdictions now, weighed against Jewish supremacy. Indeed -the citizens of the USA are forced to chose between Jewish racial narratives of ” supremacy,” and “white” non Jewish conquerors narrative–your own father and mother included, as the US FVEYs alliance ships all of your data off to the apartheid state of Israel, unfiltered. Absolutely absurd–and also why I am NOT on Facebook, or any other social media unless I have a fake account, for an investigative purpose.

This means that the only rogue nuclear state in the entire world has access to EVERY American’s data, and that they can and are doing EXACTLY what Mr. Moore is doing–contact chaining your webs of relationships.Even Iran is fully compliant with the UN nuclear treaties and mandates–and so we examine lawlessness from a new ideological angle–the fact that our “ally” is spying on our own citizens should be pause for thought.ANd they are doing that because of a “delusional belief system” of racial supremacy.

Jews do NOT care about you–its right their in those delusional old religious” texts! And, they will sell you cheaply, to any foreign government that seeks access to your Facebook friends list. They do NOT care about you UNLESS you are JEWISH. This is what ” gang stalking ” IS Jew, not Jew. See this link for an entire website devoted to that very ideology, and yes, gang stalking is also VERY JEWISH–in fact, it’s the entire biblical narrative of Super-Jesus, being stalked around by word police. My blog here has exactly three so far that I can name with certainty–and about five others who are “probably” part of their speech policing cell too.

Related: Have a read through the hateful ideology of one of my “followers”–its a real eye opener about white, Jewish supremacy

Well, for some, gang stalking presents an existentialist crisis–so why shouldn’t Mr. Moore do the same as those pathological criminal$ above? Indeed, he has linked his web of stalkers directly to radical zionists too.

Its also the identical type of investigation that journalists, insurance investigators, bounty hunters, and police agencies use to identify links from one member of that gang to another, or from one family member to another. This is called “contact chaining,” the very same method that police, CIA, FBI, and NSA use to identify terrorists and activists–the same method used by police departments and Fusion Centers today to track and trace and associate US citizens with each other too–all of that outside of the view of any court system anywhere ever.

Well, predictably, that post pissed off the Ku Klux Klan, and others in the Dirty South who are well known gang stalkers, and they are zipping it around online, and clicking in here too.

So, that post was what is called “demonstrative speech,” and also “satire,” both of which are protected under the first amendment. And I touched on issues like libel, defamation, and many other things that walk the line between first amendment protected speech, and other speech.

As I said, I don’t know if in fact Mississippi National Guard member John Carlwood is or is not a “big fat faggot criminal,” or whether or not his wife is a “big fat criminal whore who is banging dogs,”–I have no way of knowing any of that, because he is just another person who is associated with people who are harassing Richard Moore.

Hell, the FVEYs alliance bombs entire wedding parties in the name of “national security” based upon a single association between persons–and so, I would think that a National Guardsmen would respect the time honored tactic too! It’s what the guy signed up for, these military grade operations that include contact chaining gangs of stalkers.

In that case, Carlwood’s claim in the initial criminal complaint was that “someone added him to Mr. Moore’s Facebook friends circle,” which is in and of itself weak sauce when tracking gang activity, because as we know, police departments across the nation even add toddler’s–less than one year old infants into gang databases, and that at the direct request of these scurillous and secretive Fusion Center’s aka “regional information sharing” spy centers around the country.

And citizen journalists like Mr. Moore have the right to investigate links too--I think y’all better get ready, because soon, I will have y’all in the national news too, for doing what you are doing down there, at Mr. Moore’s house, in his driveway, and across the street too at that little KKK outpost called “The Alpine Valley Volunteer Fire Department.” I have seen the video’s and others have too.

So, here’s a bit about that Facebook as public square argument, The Terms and Conditions of Free Speech in the Modern-Day Public Square, from Juris Magazine of Duquesne University:

The Supreme Court of the United States has even opined on the importance of social media in today’s society. In a 2013 opinion, Justice Kennedy recognized that, “While in the past there may have been difficulty in identifying the most important places (in a spatial sense) for the exchange of views, today the answer is clear. It is cyberspace—the ‘vast democratic forums of the Internet’ in general, and social media in particular.”[6]

Despite the Court’s emphasis on the special role social media plays in an American’s right to free speech, social media companies are not constrained by the First Amendment. “[T]he First Amendment governs only governmental restrictions on speech.”[7] As private entities, social media companies are free to restrict speech and users on their websites. In fact, the companies have their own First Amendment rights.[8] They are also protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996, which shields social media companies from liability for filtering decisions and content posted by third-party users.[9]

Section 230 is a joke, and a farce upon the people–little more than a blanket free pass for corporations to not be held liable for ANYTHING, much less the actual, demonstrable harms that social media like Facebook is responsible for in our societies. And, because so many people use it–more people, in fact than any public square could possibly hold–it has not only replaced “the public square,” but indeed has consumed it.

So, it is individuals who pay the price for corporate malfeasance, exactly as we see with the Sackler family of Purdue Pharma and other similar pill pushers mocking southerners as “Pillbillies” while causing the opioid crisis of the last decades; and similarly, how the various medical mafia’s across the USA and the world exploit children for easy cash, exactly as we saw in the horrific case of Christopher Bowen, who was force by his mother into undergoing 13 medically unnecessary surgeries–not a single shred of illness, and the boy spent his first eight years in the hospital being sliced and diced–and no one noticed he was not even ill! Such is the state of medical criminality in the US.

UNfortunately for all of us, Facebook is just another corporate scheme designed to masquerade as a corporate interest, while usurping valuable public resources–like free speech–and forcing the average user into petty lawsuits and quibbling over free speech in lawsuits, as we see here in the case of Richard Moore, being harassed by an incestuous gang of actual pedophiles, and county sheriffs who employ them. But it is such case law where we will see the public square argument live or die

In fact, the south has also had a disproportionate number of mass homicides too, many of those related directly to mobs of bullies who stalk and harass people on Facebook too. The practice is so covert, with state agents and their armies of informants harassing people online, that the government has Facebook “web scrub” the pages of people who eventually go on shooting rampages.

And why do they scrub the evidence? Because otherwise, you would find many, many state employees, and military types, and even FBI agents and their informants “radicalizing” these shooters–and the evidence could be investigated as such. But that would then cause state AND corporate liability in these crimes–and that would reveal a whole new level of crime.

As we saw in the Robert Bowers Tree of Life mass shooting, the state DOES NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING online to “radicalize” these shooters, going so far as to deny Bower’s attorney access to the Facebook and other social media pages of his “radicalizers,” and even Bowers own social media presence at trial.

If you have nothing to hide….right? But they have A LOT to hide. Just as we see in public protests like the Michigan militia allegedly trying to kidnap a governor–it is ALWAYS because the FBI has planned and executed these farcical events, and ALWAYS because they are deploying military grade psychological operations on “targeted individuals.”

The beauty of the first amendment lies in the fact that it very broadly permits all kinds of speech that might be offensive to old Handkerchief clutching southern Baptists who are KKK related, or to dick-chopping ultra-conservative rabbi’s in Israel who all have dual citizenship–but it also allows THEM to speak as well, and spew whatever toxic racial ideology that they want to. The problem though, is that these “radicalizations” are taking place in the darkness of “the internet” where we, the people, cannot spot the spooks in their RayBan tactical sunglasses, and perverts trench coats.

And that itself is a threat to free speech everywhere. Democracy dies in darkness. as they say.

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