I get letters: the gentle man, the paranoid lady–what is “scapegoating” for the WIN!

One of my readers thinks that I am possibly spying on her from several continents away, and she reads words into my own words that are not there. I say wine glass, she hears “when the original vessel shattered into a million pieces, there are some that wished the wine stem fell into my own eye.”

PotAYto, PoTAHto.

Another reader-a true gentle man who follows a religion I despise– cautions me to be careful with my words–to not piss off the Jews!–because the average citizen is too stupid to tell the difference between a racist like this guy, from Israel, who wants to bring on the Koming of The Kohanim Kingdom to defeat the “european barbarians,”and restore Jews to their proper hegemonic social order, herding goyim like cattle.

Listen, folks: have you ever read the Talmud? Or even your own Bible? Or even watched Bruno, a brilliant film about a guy in a funny hat who was nearly murdered in Jerusalem by Hassidic Jews?

Because if you DID you would see that ALL words piss off “the Jews,” if they don’t come from Hashem or his chosen ones–especially doubling down when we see riots in Israel by the Ashkenazim and their Kohanim sheep herders. Any words that aren’t about some ancient reb or some overly sensitive, bizarre and self-adulating cultural navel gaze is blasphemy!

They are no different than Baptists, Mormons (hereintofore to be rebranded for market consumption by the exceptionally long and manipulatively designed name of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints…..meh, fuckall that’s a lot of auto-fellatio and wasted words–I will stick with Mormons) and others of a similar tight-holed mindset, heads exploding like defecating assholes every time a bad word slips by their gates.

Never mind that just one of my associates is none other that Stanley Cohen, a Kohanim himself, and a man who has been repeatedly attacked for trying to bring peace to the middle east. A man who has been the target of actual hate crimes himself.

No, no no! Not this “key moral panic” theorist and actual Svengali Stanley Cohen, who gave us some words with which to discuss “moral panics!

No, not THAT one–this other guy, over here with the huge ballsack, who writes for Counterpunch Magazine. A real Jewish hero, peacemaker, and actual targeted individual, Stanley Cohen. He and I BOTH love classic 1960’s station wagons, like this hot number from the Allee Willis Museum of Kitsch:

Related: Sasha Baron-Cohen reformed? Cites his “orthodox beliefs” in pot billboard lawsuit. What next, an over-compensating shtreimel like this hot number from the Fedora Lounge?

Well….that other Cohen, the Svengali?

He gave the world the following, just before the hard right created both the Drug War under Nixon, and later, the Satanic Panic.

The key moral panic theorist is Stanley Cohen. Cohen suggested in his 1972 book ‘Folk Devils and Moral Panics’ that a moral panic occurs when “condition, episode, person or group of people emerges to become defined as a threat to societal values and interests”

Stanley Cohen believes the media play an important role in enforcing moral panic, even by just reporting the news.

Yeah–I’m pretty cow tit balming sure me and that guy aren’t gonna be pals anytime soon. He also enabled FBI profilers to wage nefarious public relations campaigns about mass shooters who are radicalized by FBI COINTELPRO 2,0, where they advise the media to Not Name Them!!!! every time they radicalize some stooge who goes ballistic, or grabs a butter knife and wags it around at people who are ACTUALLY STALKING HIM, as we saw in the New Zealand “mass stabbing hoax.” and many, many others.

Yup–actual mind control, just like that mob scene in Bruno, enabled by vicious FVEYs agency trolls online, utilizing a double standard of speech–they say “shoot up the school for fuck’s sake= zero penalty.

When the Target says “shoot up the school, for fuck’s sake,” FBI et al show up at the guys door with AR-15’s to sell, as an army of military PSYOP trained harassers all over the guys email, social media, and elsewhere, waging an endless terror campaign against that individual, manipulating his or her choices, stopping social opportunities, and guiding the target like a sheep into the shearers grasp.

Well, anyways, as it turns out, I am an “empath,” and I know these things already; but not exactly the kind of empath described here–I know my audience before they arrive. Its my own bit of woo, that I pitch here and there. Like Taki’s Magazine online, I can predict the future too.

So, for example, I knew my avid best fan would find special meaning in my use of the phrase “wine stem reaming itself like a diamond boring bit searching for skull piles in the Congo, and exiting through the asshole of my optic nerve, which happens to be the back of my skull–like Kennedy’s skull, and Gary Webb’s skull, and so many other skulls!” would hit a chord.

Yeah–some of my relatives also COLLECT Skulls, I might add, just to keep you confused….

And I also suspected that Richard Moore, the cousin of one of the civil rights era’s most famous photographers, Charles Lee Moore, would be offended by how I write about Jews too. He even wrote me a letter about that, and I concur: many [stupid] people will use my views on Jews to tar him with guilt by association (andby stupid, Richard, I am not taking a dig at YOU. I am talking about those who have never studied that issue, or been sensitized to it, much less ever had to say it out loud. A lot of kabbalistic “magick”is about forcing targets to say things out loud, which can be “blasphemy.”

And that’s OK in my book–because I know them front to back too.

Related: The Jewish Standard chronicles a Jewish Mentalist coming to Teaneck, to “help” mentally challenged children. Yup. AN by sheer coincidence, many mass shooters were also “challenged children.” This ain’t my first rodeo, folks.
I am me. And I approve of this message. I AM the Svengali now. Don’t hate the Svengali–BECOME the Svengali!

So, on the anti-semite canard, I can tell you a Tischler from a Sackler from a Schneerson–a junk science peddling liar and police science fraud Svengali like Avinoam Sapir from a Lenny Bruce (one of my “free speech heroes who preceded muself as a targeted individual because he used the “F” word as “F”BI stalked him from nightclub to nighclub where he told his jokes)–Jews are not some mystery–they are just people, like everybody else, except….see my notes above about that Koming Kohanim Kingdom guy–and I am even willing to dialogue with, or tolerate his malingering presence here at my blog too! I truly do believe there is a purpose for everyone–EVEN HIM.

And there is a couple of Stormfront types with scary cult names lurking in–caped crusaders of the Templar variety and so on–and a few racist Spaniards who cannot tell chilaquiles from paella or when, like that time I called your sister a “torta,” and she got hungry instead of mad–but that’s ok-I too have been culturally clueless a time or two, just like you (I am still laughing about the “hot cheetoh’s for breakfast with mango Arizona Iced Tea“….mui torta).

But mostly, for the sake of my readers, I want to once again highlight the plight of one of my readers who is an actual targeted individual–Richard Moore, of Bangadoggee Mississippi, the lynching capital of the world–and to let my readers know only ONE THING: while he suffers as an actual scapegoat of deep state’s deep religious-Masonic narrative, he is innocent of any crime that I can find–I have read his trial transcripts, his appeal, and more–the guy was framed.

And he wants the world to know this:

“Please knock it off about the Jew thing! Not all people know how nuanced such discussions are, and I don’t want anyone to think I am anti-semitic! I would be very glad to help any Jew who needs help in this area! But I have been painted as a white supremacist, BY white supremacists. And the average public is none the wiser, because they only understand scapegoating!”*

Painted indeed–Mr. Moore is the exact picture of a scapegoated individual, and all of the dark religious practices that go along with it having tagged him with the graffiti of social inequity. NO drug or alcohol habits, no perversions that I can find-and a HUGE DESIRE to serve justice to those who have targeted him. And those types of evil, rotten, racist scumbags who do these things are certainly trying to make all kinds of cases of “blasphemy!!!” with contact chaining, and “guilt by association” these days too.

I for one, want to go on record as saying this: if ever anyone, Jew or “other” had a few extra dollars with which to investigate, challenge, and counter-stalk or fight gangs of stupid Klan stalkers in Mississippi, Mr. Moore might be just the individual who could spend your money wisely, targeting a few actual gang stalkers who DESERVE targeting. Hell, these morons still play dress up in ConfedeRAT uniforms! I have seen their pictures!

Get over it already folks! The South will NEVER RISE AGAIN above the level of insane racist oppression that is hidden in every police department and every courthouse, cloaked in the far right religion and Freemasonry that it has been known for since the horrible, racist, slaver and torturer General Robert E. Lee genuflected before his victors.

The South Will Never Rise Again!

Or…will it…?

And if I had some spare change (which I don’t because I am just another free-Wordpress blog using moron writer with extra time on my hands) Mr. Moore would be an IDEAL investigator in that area. I myself would hire him–he does GOOD WORK.

ON that note–and to you, Richard, is this a good enough to help you out there? I know that you are NOT AN ANTI-SEMITE at all, and I know that your tormentors are all ConfedeRATS.

And now, my readers do to.

*These are a paraphrase of Mr. Moore’s own words, but I used it as a quote, cuz–yeah, journalists can do that.

Seeing patterns in data is “delusional” according to these psychologists here. Get over it, they say. Go Global, injun’!

69 thoughts on “I get letters: the gentle man, the paranoid lady–what is “scapegoating” for the WIN!

    1. America i a shithole country right now. Police corruption at unheard of levels–third world countries are safer, less crime, and less Freemasonry in every day life.

      Love it or leave it? With the FBI’s COINTELPRO 2.0, and the other end of the horseshoe, which is rampant ADL-Israeli spying? The choice was easy.

      I love an America that doesn’t exist.


      1. Well I’ve been trying to upload for 4 hours. Seems that the Corrupt Law enforcement do not want me to share this video. It’s a out the child molesting and child rapists gang stalkers in Okolona Mississippi. My stalker Tanner Vaughan- continues bro stream explicit images of me and others recorded by soy cams furnished by Union County Sheriff office. They blocked my last video from being shared simply saying I share to much! Another Court Case is loo.ing for Facebook because I absolutely have the goods on their asses. Attached is the lastest from Stephanie Owens Jamison’ s Sin and Stalker Tan er Vaughan. I made several complaints about what he and others were doing for the world to see in Facebook. Nothing has changed. But I get blocked for reporting the facts. This is a good story idea , they are hot here in Both Mississippi it’s high time the GAS GETS POURED ON!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well,study what is called the “rules of evidence” and then, if you can simply download those videos according to rules of evidence (custody/control/evidence chain) and then, use “screen capture” software which is free online,
        you have a de facto case for a lawsuit.

        Bit don’t kid yourself with Facebook–their lawyers will cream you, because their terms and conditions give them every ou

        Stick with the cases you have and build towards the next. And keep WRITING–no one wants to watch hour long videos–it would all be better if you wrrote it!


      3. Lets talk about that privately–don’t give away your strategy.

        But I am telling you–if it were easy to sue Facebook for all of the shit they are doing–including actual “influence operations” that target children, well–I am sure a few billionaires would have sued it already–but no one has.

        In your case, you contact their legal department to compel evidence–and to put them on notice that a lawsut is pending–but you have to have the lawsuit filed:



    1. Richard…your a star, man! I swear we could be rich if I strapped a go pro to your head and just sent you on your way. A week later, collect the footage.




      Add music.

      Add one of Wes Anderson’s Color schemes .

      And BAM!

      Netflix. Vice.

      Every progressive network and producer would be bidding to buy out all our creative footage. You might not know it Mr. Moore, but you are hilarious! You splutter out cussing superlative like our Ghost Journalist’s friend “ SEBATIAN “ of ROGS does about lesbians, white woman privilege, and Jewish -this and -that! REAL FREAKING PEOPLE WITH REAL FREAKING OPINIONS WHO ARENT CONCERNED WITH THE DAYS OF PUBLIC CORRECTIVETY, Uber inclusivity, and APPROPRIATIONS! Yessss!!!!

      The” I don’t give a fuckery “ journalism that keeps me going! Thank you!


      1. Exactly.

        My bridges were all burned a long time ago, so Iearned to swim. It made me stronger.

        Sometimes just float like a bottle until I clunk into the Sargasso and rest awhile.

        Waiting for the next word-burning though, when the WordPress word police decide to Axe me, lol.


      2. I did study Hunter Thompson, and guess what? He was a brain zapped true Merry Prankster.

        Lost my interest after that, and got into Edward Abbey and some of those types.

        Now I don’t read anymore, I write. EVERY DAY


      3. What a “true merry prankster”? He’s from the Ville. Louisville, kaayyy -why that is. I got to a concert festival where they celebrate Thompson and they let me type on his original type writer. It’s a piece of shit and so is he. He lacks humility. And I don’t get the more slothful an artist , writer, or recognized figure is , the more they are celebrated. People should be judged more by their Soul or lack their of rather than their role. Soul over role. I would have loved to have gone on that fear and loathing trip with him , no doubt. So don’t get me wrong. But he’s so arrogant , wet, and lush.

        Im a Hemingway fan . I know. He’s was a lush too. I went to the Luxembourg college in Paris France for a semester and minored in HIM. Killer professor! Our homework was only to be done at one of his haunts drinking one of his loved libations. Uck-wood worm. Absinth is such a joke. Pretty presentation though. Anyway, I love Cameron crow. HUGE FAN OF PULP. Live Quentin . Think he’s a genius. Hung with him once. And I’m an obsessive Wes Anderson fan. He writes ridiculous fiction. He’s a multifaceted artist. He has his own color theory which I study and implement with my paintings. Other than that, I’m a non-fiction girl. Docuseries and informative stuff. “The night of the gun” by former New York Times editor-forgot his name- type of stuff. SOOOO….THERE’s this book about manufactured terrorist, FBI informants, and such ….I’ve been meaning to order a copy of it BUT I JUST CAN NOT THINK OF THE NAME OF THIS BOOK??? It was published around 2003 I think???

        Can you think of the title?


      4. Trevor Aaronson’s book The Terror Factory is one of the best.

        But I was too busy “being terrorized” in that era to read books, so I just turned the data over to others who were able to write better books because of it.


      5. Merry Prankster’s are Freemasons, usually affiliated with intel agencies. Thompson was all hooked up to that crowd.

        The blog “PostFavania” documents those sirts of things–and wow! Take a look at their piece about One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

        A real eye opener about another acid pushing Freemason, Ken Kesey.

        The game is the same, the players are different today, because “Free Mason pranksters are For the Children!”


      6. missgangstallkedamerica, I did indeed ask you to help fund Mr. Moore’s efforts. Buy him a GoPro, and lets see what happens.

        Hell, you have your own PI, right? Your own lawyers and so on–lets crack this can open, see what happens?

        I have seen some of his evidence, and guess what? about 25% of it is courtroom worthy. The rest is, well….how do I say it?

        Its like what you would expect out of a guy in his situation, with little or no training in investigation, or what constitutes facts and evidence.

        In the case of the two of you, your evidence is generally better (love that problem “you” are having with the Z and the S, for example….)

        But his case has merit–put your money where your mouth is! Right now its a lot of mouth, and no money. We need to flip that script, and start the REAL story.

        And Richard? She has a LOT of friends and associates in Mississippi too.


      7. I forgive you ghost . Haha. Isn’t it lovely how I just harvested a synthesized apology that never was??

        3 things…

        The first is, ultimatums are brutish ploys. Very unattractive. I had this idea of you as a gentleman which is the summit in my eyes , and you fell short of my expectations . Granted, you never signed for these expectations. Basically, not to get all emo, but to cliff note what you said would be to say that you said “ I need you to put up money on the internet to my friend or I won’t talk to you anymore”. MONEY OR I WON’T be corresponding with you anymore. YOU ARE INDEBTED. YOU’VE ASKED SO MUCH FROM YOUR HOST. SUCKED AND SUCKLED FOR ALL MY INFORMATION. MADE TO HELP. YOU NOW OWE ME. SO YOU get all Bi-polar on me ( due respect ) and follow with several messages of chatterings about how I’m asking for “too much time from my host”. So in short, I’m not needy/slash/I’m needy type stuff.And I didn’t read the rest because it was making me very sad. Then you send me a message about how I’m ghosting you…

        Mr. gangstalked of South America, everyone knows you can’t ghost a ghost . I mean, unless you’ve read “ ghosting a ghost for dummies “ in it’s entirely…which I’m nearly positive you have not. Insert Ghost emoji 👻.

        Second- I am freaking trying to build my new community of like minded and similar seeking folks ( RICO victims ) so I can step on your heads. Haha. Kidding.
        Seriously though, I need advocacy. But I’m definitely don’t want to be a beast of burden. I’m seeking out real People, that are the real creatives, that are real educated, real smart, especially with regards to “ gangstalking “. Total bonus if they just so happen to be “a shoulder”. And total score if this package comes with a solid moral compass! I’m building my symbiotic syndicate, okay? My scout club. My own secret society. So the least you could do is to feel complimented and even flattered that I wish to induct you . Or don’t, and I’ll go to Barnes and Nobles and buy a copy of that book for dummies.

        Good golly, I hope you are picking up what I’m laying down -so to speak😳.

        Third-I forgot what three was. Ha.


      8. Hmmmmm. I am rescinding your rights to a synthesized apology. You are temporarily suspended from forgiveness.

        That’s a lot of symbiosis and abiogenetic big banging to get around to.

        And it all takes money!

        Listen: I told you, I am down with all that, but you didn’t deliver–or medication+a tasty heffeweissen got in the way of clarity or something.

        And: “ultimatums are brutish ploys”

        Sure, they are, misses. But so too is filling someones comments section with, like, a million comments, and then asking the blog “host” to delete them ALLLLLLLLLLLL.

        Fuckall, I checked, and it would take me about two days to do that. And so, Im not gonna do that.

        As for my brutish request that you assist an actual targeted individual? Well, it kind of put’s you in the gang stalker VIP seats if you wont do that.

        NO different than if I asked you to buy Dr. Stuart Bramhall’s book, or read a Stanley Cohen article.

        TI’s do NOT have a specific racial, ethnic, or criminal profile–the share the feature that they are all real victims. But the so-called sex offender is the most targeted–because that scapegoating narrative underpins the entire western world.

        And, for my money, the guy is innocent–I have read his case file. He was indeed framed, unlike many others–framed like Ted White in Missouri, framed.

        SO, not a friend per se–just an actual TI. I have many that I have pushed forwards into lawsuits, and many of them are “WINNING!” now.


    2. I forgot to tell you that I laughed quite frequently over your blunt assessment of these idiots. Maybe reconsider your current thinking on this issue. There’s room in the world for you too.



    Did someone say SUE FACEBOOK?

    Shit fire! Serendipity and symbiosis!!!

    I’m in the right company:) RICHARD & GHOST BOY, it just so happens that I had a sit down and established repore with the only lawyer to successfully sue Facebook. I solicited him to represent me to do the same. His LAWFIRM IS A POWERHOUSE! Also, he’s a real cool down to earth dude who’d be MORE THAN HAPPY TO TAKE ON A PRO BONO CLASS ACTION T I SUIT AGAINST FACEBOOK! NOW IM NOT A LAWSUIT KINDA GAL AND I AM THE ANTONYM OF AN ENTITLE-ist , however, Facebook Is the first non-responsive outfit responsible for the first and most severe round of domestic espionage served over easy AND SUNNY SIDE UP from the lamestalkers . They need to lesson on humility for sure!

    Richard Moore-on a side note, my whole family is from Greenville , Mississippi. Both parents were undergrad at Millsape’s College. My grandparents owned the first and at one time -the only car dealership in the Delta -ENGLAND motor company. My grandfather was a spy and fighter pilot that called in the Bay of Pigs. I was a Delta Debutant. I know, I know, haha.
    My other grandfather owned the only
    office supply company in Miss. at that time. It was Kimbrell office supply-the Office Depot of the south:)

    I just stayed in Hattiesburg a few weeks ago on my drive back from my trip to solo road trip to personally deliver my RICO crime evidence files to Mr. Bryan Vorndrayn -head of the Cyber Crime division of the FBI that so happens to be located on the lake in NOLA. Yeah, I ended up going they the hurricane and having my hotel’s roof ripped off ! ON THE EXACT SAME DAY I WEATHERED KATRINA ! Pun intended:)


    1. Ahhh, the Kate’s–they even name Hurricane’s after them–certainly Their Eyes Were Watching GOD!

      …oh, wait…nope. That happened in the shitstain state of Florida.

      Well, VonDrayne, such go spook names.

      And yeah, your lineage is quite interesting, and all, but why fess up online?

      Yeah, you keep it up out there, and who knows? Maybe one day I will take the time to sandbox a new email account.

      You might not know this, but NSA et al can follow you around all over the internet with just ONE email addy.

      So, yeah–make it worthwhile.


    2. If anyone could sue Facebook, it would have happened already–even billionaires haven’t taken that project on because “terms and conditions” and so on.

      But I am all for introducing a bill to break it up like a Ma Bell public monopoly.

      Which, not surprisingly, was LAST GENERATIONS gang stalker hub, hence the romantic ballad “Lineman for the County”

      It seems that adding romantic intrigue to the otherwise dull job of wiretapping people made all those hillbilly boys feel better about there jobs.

      “I hear you singin’ in the wires, I can hear you through the whine”

      ….not my first rodeo…..


      1. This Law Firm Found a ‘Special’ Way to Sue Facebook for Billions and It’s Totally Brilliant. (Or Else, Insane and Everything Wrong With America)Kind of unrelated, but they also reportedly have a volleyball court in their Getty Images
        There’s a 30-attorney law firm in Chicago that’s suing Facebook, and that sounds like it might be a good candidate for Inc.’s annual list of the world’s coolest offices.
        Perks include “an indoor volleyball court, golf simulators … and a large mural of emcees in the midst of a rap battle,” according to a report. But the firm, Edelson P.C., also has another highly unusual asset: Its name partner, Jay Edelson, holds the government title of “special assistant state’s attorney,” as part of an apparently unique class action lawsuit strategy over the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
        That status means the fifth-largest U.S. state has basically “outsourced law enforcement to a class-action attorney,” in the words of Eriq Gardner of The Hollywood Reporter, who wrote a 3,400-word analysis of the case.
        It also means that besides asking for $50,000 for each Facebook user who was affected by Cambridge Analytica’s actions–potentially billions of dollars in damages–Edelson is suing under a law that could theoretically ban Facebook from operating in the state of Illinois.
        The lawsuit is one of many that Edelson has filed against big technology companies in recent years, including Amazon, Apple, and Google. The New York Times once called him, “if not the most hated person in Silicon Valley, very close to it.

        But the status that Edelson apparently worked out in the Facebook case with Kimberly Foxx, who is the top government prosecutor in Chicago, gives him a potentially potent tool to keep it from being dismissed from court.
        When Facebook claims the plaintiffs in Edelson’s suit lack standing to sue, he argues back that he’s partly not only suing on behalf of private clients, but also on behalf of the people of the fifth-largest state in America.
        Depending on your point of view, it’s either an insane and potentially unconstitutional arrangement — or one that’s scrappy, creative, and borderline genius.
        Edelson declined comment when I reached out to them. Facebook hasn’t responded to me.
        But in one of their legal filings to dismiss the case, according to the Reporter, Facebook said the case is “being directed and financed by private attorneys with no accountability to the State or Illinois voters, pursuant to a contract of questionable validity that awards them a significant contingent interest in any recovery.”
        Actually, there’s probably no dispute there about the “significant amount” Edelson’s firm would make with a win. The firm is entitled to 20 percent of the recovery, according to the article.
        So even on a $1 billion judgment, we’d be talking $200 million in attorney’s fees. Maybe a lot more.
        By way of comparison, the state’s attorney, Foxx, makes about $180,000 a year.
        Here’s what else I’m reading today:
        Whole Foods needs more big, vacant stores. Guess who suddenly has them?
        Google is about to win a big battle in its war in Europe against the “right to be forgotten.”
        Avocados: Tasty flavor, lousy investment.
        Artificial intelligence nightmare: this company says it can figure out if you’re sharing Netflix passwords and let Netflix know.
        I think I’ll build a flying car, says Elon Musk. Internet reacts as expected.
        Madagascar has super-fast Internet, and now finally, a way to make money.
        Postmates is now worth $1.85 billion, apparently.
        Alphabet is facing a lawsuit for allegedly mishandling a sexual misconduct case.
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      2. Did you just spam a whole page into my comments section?

        DONT DO THAT.

        But the FB lawsuit looks interesting. That little issue of “standing” coincidentally is the same loophole NSA uses. But giving all of our data to Israel unfiltered, not so much…

        Well, hack away, Quixote!

        Meanwhile–it looks like your dad has alreday written the book on gang stalking anyways, with that Texas area code book.

        Well, if I am still a “free person” in the next four years or so, I might take up a pen and do a screenplay. But the money would have to be in a bank in the Cayman’s with my company name on it first–and me with a guarantee I don’t suffer Azazel Nortons fate afterwards.

        Poor guy…1960’s Hollywood cults….incest stories never sell well.


      3. It was an accident ghost. Sorry .

        **Speaking to my handler now-Go: Austin did it. Dora Dick Boy Scout..see you made him mad, happy? Is your spectrum more full now because last time I checked you were at capacity. I’m coming over now and sticking unicorn stickers all over your civic WITH SUPER GLUE, Think I’m kidding? Think those 3 suv cops scared me last time. Shewww…I got one of their numbers. He’s taking me to Applebee’s this weekend in fact.

        I’m back -Bwhahaha…I don’t go to Applebee’s, ghost.

        Truly , Austin did it. Send him a virus or something. The least you could do is sign my Boy Scouts of America patch revoking petition! (Ewww..that pissed him off. He’s deleting my words now.)
        Anyway, I’m having Austin’s first-aide, camp fire skills, and dirtySanchez Boy Scout Merritt patches revoked . Officially. The Scout Captain said Austin will have to turn in all his cool Boy Scout bumper stickers. Where will you get your boyfriend’s Austin? Whoa-ez-me…looks like it’s the glory hole at the new circle rd. Sex shop and I75 rest stops from here out:(

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Please take all of that personal stuff over to your own blog. My readers will get lost in these word sandwiches, extra lettuce.

        Write your characters on your own mirror, ok?


      5. How do I do this? It’s ridiculously all my correspondence. Is it all on your page. I’m not kidding when I say i can’t figure this stuff out. What’s it you want me to do -to be clear-take my personal correspondence off your page?

        One-I can’t find it on your page because I tried to delete this once I realized it wasn’t a joke . That in fact it’s being posted on your official site which I agree it doesn’t belong there
        2-I thought you read some personal ones and had administrative authority to NOT publish my crazy banter . And publish my relevant commentary and suitable blabber.
        3- where is the delete button ?
        4-I can’t delete the 4 million clones of my last post that Austin Fielder keeps editing and reposting . Eventually he just created a clone of my entire account so I am now getting alerts, likes, and comments from myself to myself …if that makes sense.
        5-today’s the day I’m ready to jump off. Jump off this $1200 iPhone and buy yet another million dollar iPhone . I even have a hired private cyber security guy I pay $100 an hour for who is as full spectrum as Austin. I even have an investigator. None of these people are doing shit. It’s hard. They haven’t caught up with the abundance of knowledge I’ve acquired regarding this crime.


      6. Well, WordPress is fairly easy to figure out. A, I write, B, you comment.

        Its that simple.

        I write, you comment, and I hit a button that says “approve this comment.”

        Its not rocket science, hun.

        And honestly, I don’t have the time to go back over all f that.

        It is what it is.

        In rare cases, I have spent time protecting whistle blowers and activists, but seldom do I have time to protect “writers.”

        A dime-a-dozen as they say.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Listen: if you want results, put some money on an account, ok? Otherwise, one security geek after another, they just milk you like a cow–none of them have “vested interests”

        I still am leery–but of you putr some money on Richard Moores Go Fund Me, we can continue talking.

        Seriously0-the guy is the lowest of the low in our society, but he keeps producing anyways. And he doesnt produce good shit, just shit.

        But whats important is hid willingness–please support that.

        And, if you do, he will be able to document these klaverns better, ok?


      8. Also on that note, I also keep these pages because I know that there is some Fusion Center/private contractor/agency stuff that goes on–but I no longer waste my time trying to find out what it is.

        In your case here–its a time sucker, and I am on no ones payroll to figure the problem out, ok?



      9. I told you before this drama began to post at my other blogs. You didn’t do that.

        And it was necessary that you DID that, so that I could have protected you from your own mistakes.

        And I don’t have time to explain all of this either.

        Then, even if I try to delete your comments in WordPress “free” edition–backdoored courtesy of US-FVEYs intel? I get this error:
        “Invalid comment ID. Go back.”

        SO, along the way here is what has happened behind that:

        All of your commens go directly into my spam folder “for some reason.”

        That account is compromised anyways, so I don’t really care about that.

        But your comments ALSO go to WordPress central and my blog, where I approve them.

        SO–as you said from the start YOUR friends–not mine–are trying to hack my accounts. So, provide me with those names–all of them, especially Lexi and the core group you mentioned from the beginning–and I might consider wasting the time it will take to get to the bottom of the problem.

        As I said–if you had simply used my other blog to comment, I would be holding a bag of rats right now, but you DIDNT DO THAT.

        SO, your bad, little sister.


      10. You do realize that you are asking me to spend valuable time on such a project? At what cost?

        The internet is basically hit send publish.

        Why do you not know that, after 20 years of internet training?


      11. No. We went there on vacation. He was the ethics chairman of the mother company Bristol Meyers Squibb that merged with Zimmer-Kimbrell and the surgeons were scrapping the serial numbers off my dads hip implants when they were deemed as defects and taken out of a patient due to rejection/infection. ( his contribution to this world is hip & knee replacements btw) anyway, these things are so dang expensive-especially back in the 80’s & 90’s. Anyway, corrupt “god complex” having doctors as dad would say -would file off serial numbers and recycle and implant them again. Dorthy Hammel was one of the famous cases. You know, the Olympic ice skater and PEARL TOOTHPASTE SPOKES MODEL -love that shit. Whatever happened to Pearl?
        Anyways as you’d say…haha. Ghost-anyways isn’t a word I might mention . It’s like the misuse of “ hateful”…uwwww that goes right thru me. Or people that say, “ where you at”? I want to throat punch those folks.
        Anyways, ghost, where you at?
        Germany? Simon, Geoff, Steve, Al Quada, are you in Singapore ? Brussels? Dayton ?

        Where was I …shit …oh yeah,, so dad said “ Doctor Doctor , Can’t you see it’s burning burning ? “ 80’s song reference again. And they said “ So”. Dad said you can’t put my defective hip implants in other patients to price pinch . They were then taking the money it cost to order new ones and using the faulty ones, blah blah blah

        So dad again said “ no you can’t”

        Dr. Said “ watch me”

        Brystol meyers /simmer illegally & collusively dis enfranchised my dad. Dad sued. Got largest settlement in BLUH BLUH history EVARRRR…

        And then corruption this & that.

        So my brother n law , Pete did something amazingly cool. Talk about Covert PROTOCOLS! He was working for senator Baker in DC . I come from a gag reflexing republican family of wasps by the way so grab yourself a barf bag…
        Pete applied for dad’s job under an alias . Got the job. Pete resigned from whatever white bread republican bull shit he was doing .
        Took job undercover. Worked there a year to the day my dad was disenfranchised. Went to corrupt CEO guy said “ surprise , I’m WGKimbrell’s son n law and I was just spying and gathering insider stuff to bust your corruption outfit wide open and in fact disenfranchise you and the your entire corrupt enterprise “

        Somehow I feel I’m not accurately telling the real story. Haha. Probably missing the premise of the corruption. I don’t know . It was bad though.

        Okay…did you think of that book title Mr. ghost bagger?


      12. Your book?

        Babbling in BarfBags on a Budget? Reagan Brewing Company Escapade?
        The Great Hip Replacement?

        Really–I think you should write the story yourself–its got everything in it.


    3. DELTA indeed.

      I think their stock went way up after the Great Disappearance, but down again after they “COVID-19d” themselves this week, by refusing the mask mandate.

      Its a Delta eat Theta’s and Beta’s world out there, be careful. Those Theta’s and Beta’s have a few tricks of their own.

      Pun intended.


      1. Now why would you say some shit like like when you know I’m going google the order of who’s on top ? Delta? How’s it go. Then I’m gonna read into it and …we’ll it scares me when you say that coy abyss type shit. Why ?

        Are you a provocative ( still can’t spell it-don’t tell the Gangstalking spelling Bee syndicate) a proVOK-A-a-tuer agent le représentant?

        Which reminds me of an 80’s song. Wanna hear it, here we go:

        “ Don’t turn around, uh-ohhh
        Because the ghost le commissionnaire’s in town , uh-ohhh. Zwei, drei, vier, one, two, three, it’s easy to see
        But it’s not that I don’t care, so
        ‘Cause I hear it all the time, but they never let you know
        On the TV and the radio (cha!)
        She was young, her heart was pure, but every night is bright she got
        She said, “sugar is sweet”, she come a-rappin’ to the beat
        Then I knew that she was hot”

        Name that song…

        Have a feeling you are a bit of a nerd so I will name it for you….

        Der Kommissar
        -one hit wonder by After the fire

        And what’s a Der Kommissar?
        -an agent provocateur. Was kidding about not being able to spell it. I’m a veteran teacher. Teacher. That’s the first thing GSers took from me. Called the principal said I was using the children in my kindergarten classroom’s urine to pass my state required drug test. AND THAT WAS NOT THE CASE! Because everyone that knows me can testify to the fake that I always have at least a year’s supply of human urine frozen in my freezer for those type things. Yep. Transparency. No shame in my game.


      2. Riiiiight. We look for tells in poker, but also in internet banter.

        Of course I knew you would Google it–or maybe it would fall right into your feed, like the Cartel Bandit’s search history got dumped on your system or s/th.


      3. I’m gonna explode. Why can you NOT DELETE MY COMMENTS . It makes no sense. Sorry Ghost, I can’t find it now. Hope it’s okay if if try to address the issue this eve cuz I got to meet a Boy Scout Captain about the revocation of some merit badges. Laugh! Haha


      4. Honestly–you ask a lot of time from your host, but offer no certain money, or certain guarantess of “worthwhileness.”

        It takes human time from my very life to do what you are asking.


      5. Hey Ghost.

        I haven’t read your messages yet as I’ve been busy ghosting you! Haha. Nooo…honestly, I just got back on the web ways. I had to go dark for a bit . I was dreaming up some pretty creative COVERT PROTOCOLS to do to this one particular BOYSCOUT I happen to know. Luckily, whomever is running this show likely “dismissed” this scout .

        AUSTIN GOT FIRED!!! AUSTIN GOT FIRED!!! Guess He’ll just have to sit at home and entertain himself with all his Dora The Explorer cos-play. Wonder what he’s gonna dress as for Halloween? ( insert laughter)

        So they rotated back to the start. Now my stalkers consist of my original “ handler” , the Plus Sized carpet fanatical , and the only unknown from my buffet of stalkers- who is signaling from Independence, KY. Which by the way, is practically OHIO. Suffice to say, I’ll probably leave this one be. The armpit of America is not for the weak. No need to pursue the verification of this cyber criminal. Ohio is the punishment!

        I must have scared Jesus and his Mexican sex slave Rodeo off ! seriously! Who could have imagined. I only went to his work twice, called him a few times, and just recently started washing my car …oh and my mom’s car, at his fancy apartment complex’s FREE FOR RESIDENTS ONLY car wash. It’s nice. Glad I have my own private car wash now. And it’s FREE! Thanks Jesus ! Gangstalking isn’t so bad after all:)


        Anyway, I’m writing you to tell you that I’ve plagiarized you 😁. I used your verbiage in my poster campaign art , and etc.

        Hope you don’t mind. Better not;)


      6. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

        You are rolling in the perks now!

        But, honey, plagiarism id NOT OK. Neither is copyright infringement.

        So, please reconsider–or, give proper credit.


      7. plagiarized was a very loosely used choice of words. An exaggeration.

        I think it’s extremely strange that you are threatening me with legalities. This entire correspondence is so inappropriate and unfounded. Sorry for whatever or whoever has hurt you, betrayed you, or mislead you that has made you so jaded.

        Even so, are you a “role player”? ( rhetorical)
        Or just a cruel human by nature? ( still rhetorical)

        Well in conclusion, ghost who quite possibly is showing all the characteristics of something supernatural, I don’t enjoy being mean to people. Hurting people, social media slander campaigns or even BLOG CAMPAIGNS for that matter. People that find dedicated interests and joy in argumentative internet banter and troll life, don’t have the light . I thought you did. Dang it Ghost!

        You are good! Real good.

        You are one of them.

        If it might feed your ego, you sure got me! I was in!

        This one hurt too.

        Is that what you like?

        You cruel cowards that hide behind the silicon . Too scared to give your name. Embarrassed of your damn identity and fearful of being exposed. I truly wish you could see the light. Maybe you wayward reprobates will someday real soon.

        You are a fake. I made a mistake .

        Still I will continue to trust . I will continue to be kind. And love people.

        I never like thespians. Hippies and thespians. Now I have to add role players to the list. Add criminals veiled as advocates , genuines, and journalists to the list.

        NEXT! My search continues….


      8. You might also enjoy crackpot Ramola D’s work–she is constantly feeling betrayed, every time some spook world character outs her on social media.

        And, she has at one point confused me with Dr. Eric Karstrom too, and I am not him.

        But whatsets me apart–and I am certain you noticed–is that I get results–I “prove” my case repeatedly, but not just MY case, but the case of other actual targets–Ahmaud Arbery’s stalkers are on trial now. The Tampa Bay Times wona a Pulitzer for reporting this stuff, and so on.

        Not a single one of those asshat’s–or Ramola, or anyone–has ever made that happen before.

        Any ideas why that might be?


  2. Why fess up on line? It’s not a fess up Mr. uncircumcised. ToooooShayyyyy:) I was making conversational commonalities with Richard and our shared southern heritage. Here’s a fess up. You know I only name my pets after obese delta blues singers ? No you did not, so, here goes:
    -Miss Sippie Wallace is my Coon Cat. She only uses the toilet . She turns the lights on when I hit snooze too many times. Have it on video!
    -Buddy Guy
    -Blind Willie Johnson
    -Etta James
    -Milk Cow Blue
    -Lightning Hopkins
    -Led Belly
    Anyway, I’m not scared of people knowing about me. I told you , I live transparently. I’m more than an open book-I’m a walking talking tutorial-When you have nothing to hide and NO SKELETONS…you can be.

    It’s so odd to everyone but me. I love it! I wish more people felt as confident with their real self on line. I wish people could quit hiding behind the silicon. AI can be so impersonal and unloving.

    As Father John Misty says in my favorite song, “Mr. Tillman “

    “I’m feeling good
    Damn, I’m feeling so fine
    I’m living on a cloud above an island in my mind
    **Oh baby, don’t be alarmed this is just my vibe
    No need to walk around
    No, it’s not too bad a crime*** “

    Yeah! So Don’t be alarmed. It’s just my vibe:)

    So did you go to NYU?


  3. I’m sorry , rereading my posts I sound like a victim of gangstalking or something. Seriously, you poor thing. I’m acting as if you are my therapist. Sorry, a bit starved of human interaction. truly, I’m embarrassed. also took too much adderral . Good gawd. Kidding again.

    You are in Venezuela which is super cool . Because I traveled there once upon a time. Boy do I have stories. Plane broke down in the jungle. Was forced to drink warm beer and eat blood sausage for 3 days. I went there to scuba dive, anyway, I dove “ The wall” and then the nitrous narcosis set in at about 70 ft. Into the blue . It made everything all better .


    1. Actually, no, you sound like a person on Adderal. Throw some Percocet on top of that, and calm down a bit.

      Maybe watch me Google this next revelation–have your Pal Austin send you the results: fuck she says a lot but doesn’t get to the main point.

      This is starting to feel like a Fusion Center timing attack.

      Ask him if he got the same result with the word “Chiroptera” thrown in.

      Like I said–you have more than enough material for your own novel–maybe go write that.

      Throw President Grover Cleveland into the story somehow–he was a real American hero, lol.


    2. You have possession of unique facts that could make a very interesting story. nitrous narcosis, broke down airplanes (with or without romantic interest tagging along) and that shitty LatinX blood sausage.

      And now, forced by circumstances to be part of a federal program that employs lesbians and disabled vets to watch porn–did I get that part of the story right?

      But honestly? You DO NOT sound like a targeted individual at all. Nuance…..nuance, web friend.


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