Take back the left: get racist money out of left-wing politics

The toxic poison of racists who hide behind claims of “hate” directed at them would do well to look at the hate they send our pre-emptively.

I first encountered the Kommunity Kulture Klan’s and Kovens of the “diversity” crowd in kollege, where they are very active stalkers, and all of them funded or incited by so-called leftist Jews; and most of the latter neither leftists. or in any way representing “diversity” in their families, their neighborhoods, or their synagogues–all packed to the rim with Jews, not a black, Asian or African–and certainly no Congolese anywhere to be found there during a kiddush.

I know this from experience, firsthand, mind you. And as supporting evidence, I would like to note that I grew up with migrant workers who crossed the US border every summer to pick vegetables in the US back when the US still had any farms worth mentioning. I ate at their tables, and chased wild dogs with them–I learned to cook chilaquiles con queso, con pollo, con chorizo, con jamon prohibido……chilaquiles verde….and cinnamon tortilla’s from their mothers– much like a shabbos goy, but without the “fanfare,”lol.

I know hate when I see it too. You can view it over here, a one of my “followers” sights down his nose at other human beings who are “barbarians.”

So, in order to pinpoint the roots of racism, or the cause of social dysfunction, and especially this form of dysfunction known as “targeting individuals,” we must look at the world’s great hate, and ask ourselves one generation to the next “whose hate is it exactly?”

I have covered how deep state mind control and influence operations are active at every minute in the west, creating a crisis narrative, and that a major part of that is hate hoaxing, which is a crime, but is seldom prosecuted to the full extent of the law, because it is most often minorities perpetrating it.

So, let’s look at a few more fake hate incidents for clarity–to shake the propaganda cobwebs away.

Fake Hate is a crime, prosecutable in many ways, and websites such as the one I documented here, and also the Hoax Hate Crimes site, and a few others document these hoaxes are multiplying across the internet. I urge my followers to join these sites, and help document this peculiar form of hate–that has real victims.

Then, I want to examine one incident that was all over the news, and Twitter, where a woman from one of the more “radical” hate groups disguised as an activist group, worked her hateful “magick” in California; and then, link these groups to gang stalking.

These are not victimless crimes, because the victims are EVERY MEMBER of a targeted group–and the worst part is not merely that the crime itself targets dominant groups with power, but that in so doing these fake hate incidents completely destroy the much needed support that could be gained by other more legitimate outreach–and so, the victims then, are in fact the actual minority group that seeks such support!

But: the perpetrators now have the full support of the racist Jewish-christian groups that teach them these tactics, while the group itself now has the stain cast upon it by these dirty deeds.

And how do I know this? Because I was surrounded by fake activists for most of my life, and the vast majority of them worked in three places: The FBI or other police agencies, the ADL-Israeli intelligence, or the US military clandestine, domestic operations. These are what agents provocateurs ARE, and how they get recruited. And they are all working from a position of impunity.

CA student ‘activist’ faces 8 years in prison over hate hoax

Anayeli Domiguez Pena also claimed that she was assaulted by mystery white men, and that she had a smoke bomb put in her car–and she caused the school to get shut down to.

But we have seen this all before–and the college will get extra free money because the state’s dole out cash every time one of these hoaxes goes down. And colleges are FULL of informants, and agents provocateurs too, as well as professors from various agencies who are themselves deep cover CIA/FBI/NSA etc.

I predict that Anayeli Dominguez Pena will likely become an informant of some kind after copping a plea–the fed’s LOVE her kind of “activist”!

Charging papers below:

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