Revolution, every day! The guinea pig is a provocateur, and incest is NOT possible in such situations: incest taboo my ass!

So, it started easy enough with that one day I was reviewing Asiel Norton’s brilliantly cult classic worthy film Redlands, which is not obviously a cult film, nor a classic in any way-and the damned guinea pig (who answers to the name of “HoooOOOoooot, hooOOOoot. Skweak! Hoot!”–but only if your fricatives are  produced when air passes through a narrow channel between two articulators wouldn’t shut the fuck up!

But easy day it was not, the damned pig squealing all day and night–and as marketing goes, with online markets being the new money changers and so on, I had never even heard of the guy, Norton, until his appearance above the skies of New Mexico, trying to stop a flight, because some huge black guy. likely traceable to some entertainment or security comapny was wearing a devil suit in the seat next to him, and others on the plane at the time were mercenary PR agents, filming the whole story, and Tweeing it out across the airwaves as it happened–by “coincidence!”

You can read more about the Hollywood PR mafia here, and take your guesses about why a guy might think he is being gang stalked by Jewish foreskin choppers, and their gangs of christian cultists and other goy after that.

In his case “emasculation” played a starring role, and the US international bankster mafia had the nations premier coverup artists and covert character assassins in the FBI leak sordid facts about the case to the press. Honestly–the FBI is on one hand a mere PR agency for the 1%, and on the other, sometimes actual agents get tricked into “working.”

Yeah–I know, right? Oh, don’t brak a fingernail, bitches! Work “happens” sometimes while you and your kind are sucking cocks to the top (shout out to Peter “The Stroker “Strzok, and his whore!)

Real “heroes” these folks. Stalin would be very proud!

Well anyways–the first headlineabot Asiel Norton before they buried the story in a “mental health narrative” was this:

Asiel Norton being targeted on a plane, and note the big black asshole in the devil jacket right next to his seat–and “cohencidentally” all of those Twitter tweeters surrounding him too. In the “Master and Margarita,” by Mikhail Bulgakov, we see similar “odd events,those events even MORE odd than Virgin Birth.

Surely James Comey and others like him dropped semen into a tissue when I wrote that word “Virgin.” Then, they covered it up–maybe dropped it into a targeted individuals car or something, just for fun, and of course, to flaunt their impunity. “Hey loof folks! I dropped a load of jizz into a targeted individuals car, and no one will investigate, cuz I am in LOVE WITH THE ADL!”

Hooray! Hoorah! The FBI so legitimate! Bankster enforcers indeed.WHy investigate the crimes that our own agents create? Yeah– its a conundrum.

Yeah….well, gangs of stalkers are all over Hollywood, in case you didn’t know this. And poor Asiel Norton simply knew no better. They eat genius for a living! Hashem forbid a message gets by them, without the ejaculate of the weasels that gave them fur (voluntarily, no doubt) of their shtreimels.

Such is a Jewish-christian propaganda stream–like a pissing Bad Boy on every rear windshield–a signatory of the Declaration of Depravity, and Pissantery, all in one. And much like the Protocaols of The Ziolist Elders, a “real” document, like the “Steel Dossiere” on President Trump.

Such is the nature of inter-generation;l crime syndicates, and their “agents” of narrative control!

Well–poor Asiel! Not yet Azazel, until that one day.

Then, all bets were off, as they surrounded him on an airplane and the Air Marshall–not DOUBT a “good christian man”and a “true soldier of Zion” allowed that to happen. What a due process free and anti-constitutonal shitbag–these dirtbags and cowards, these cops who go along with the bankster schemes, and wage stalking on airplanes, due to “Jesus” narratives—but, yeah–that guy has a “daughter to protect” from “the devil,” lol, right?

TARGET HER. She should be targeted–as I have learned with these shitbags, no one is off limits, and they have targeted my own progeny too.

Bro–your salary is paid by ” the Devil” and I hope she dies in a fire.I can help it along. Or, you can fess up, ok? Otherwise–BYE BYE BABY! What comes around, does indeed go around. And sorry about the brake lines, ok?

Pigs. We are dealing with pigs.Nazi like Jews, and their Zionist pals–that formula has not changed for two thousand years.Just look at this one guy for evidence of that. They will never change. They are why the Holocaust HAPPENED.

Bullets in the face cannot help such good people as these–more bullets in their faces cannot help their actual victims, and decades of watching the international octopus take over their minds like a horsehair worm invades a cricket cannot save democracy!

. BUT: investigating cases of gang stalking WILL indeed help the cause. If only….

If only, in the plot, Asiel Norton could have foresaged such a demise–that those who challenge the incest taboo in ANY WAY, would find a BETTER WAY.

And that is what Redlands is really about–a film maker who can hunt for tens of millions, and easily get it. ANd get it from people who might say out loud ” that Air Marshall probably fucks his mother in her tightey whitey aproned ass.”

It’s just a speculative dialogue, folks–that faggot* air marshall probably can’t even spell “mother” without dropping his paperwork, and wanking it to the sound of stewardesses eating meals wrapped in those tinfoil dishes. Code word, “girls” ” Waterloo!”.

Well anyways–what to do about Asiel Norton? He’s in a “pickle” right now. A huge “pickle” as internationalists vie for control of his narrative, with the FBI gladly assisting them in a slander campaign.

Hmmmm. Smells like an inside job.

Look how successfully the “gay mafia” its progenitors in Hollywood, and its enablers in law enforcement–and its allies in altMedia was able to reduce a fairly innovative national headlines making film director to the simplistic term “man,” and emasculate the shit out of him, like a guinea pig with its head in a hay bag. Its what they do, folks.

Man accused of attempted cockpit breach was having ‘acute mental break,’ lawyer says

Yup. You can fuckall bet that there is a sheitload more to that story. Stay tuned.

In my book? The multi=billion dollar Gay Mafia is on my radar, and hopefully, yours too.

*faggot is a term THEY use–its used here for display and demonstrative purposes. And if you are a stupid faggot, go away anyways–you are not welcome here. Look at this stupid faggot who rented a room right next door to Stephen Paddock, who killed a whole bunch of folks in Las Vegas one night, a few years ago. You cannot help the cause in any way, bottom boys and lipstick girls. Really–go watch some Sponge Bob, and circle jerk–or twerk, whatever. Maybe get out your Dolphin Toys and play–but please stay away from real stories, m-kay?

2 thoughts on “Revolution, every day! The guinea pig is a provocateur, and incest is NOT possible in such situations: incest taboo my ass!

  1. I can’t never figure out where to simply send you a dang message. I was trying to figure out how to inbox message Sebatian…you ARE Sebatian, right? Lemme guess, you probably won’t even tell me that much. Ghost Loops , that’s a play on “ Fruit Loops” Beee. Teee. Waaay.(or BTW as most would say)…Ghost Loops, I spent at least 15 to 18 minutes last night reading every list of “ Top 50 Espionage books EVAAAR” , “ The official list of the top fbi/informant set up post 911 books published in 2003 EVAAAR”, and “ THE 150 post 911 books ever published around 2003 about MANUFACTURED Terrorism EVAAAR”, and couldn’t even freaking get a small list of potential literary and literally bound suspects to narrow down. In layman’s terms , I’d sure like to read your book and get a copy for me ol’ Padre to read being that he’s a 3 time published novelist of Espionage books, a total nut bag avid reader, and also the dude with the connections! Being that his book Code 936-the Erin Brockovich of the medical industry, is currently in George Clooney’s film company’s hand being made into a “ screen play schmeme play “ for the makings of a Hollywood movie.
    Are you Khurrum Rahmam? Hope not cuz I can’t say that name , plus it’s not cool. Are you Simon? Hope so, love that name! Hope you aren’t Al Khatter? Is that a joke? It’s gotta be. Sounds like AL Quada…so AL KHATTER is a real dude that writes big wordy books about AL Quada? Guess so ??? 😳 Are you Steve? Are you Daniel? I think you are Daniel. Should be anyway…haha


    1. Hahaha. You should write the book yourself. You are pretty funny.

      Well, you got my ear with that bit about your dad. Let me tell you a true story: A guy in Mississippi recently went ballistic and shot at helicopters that were circling his house constantly.

      It made the local papers and so on.

      And the local papers of course, use quotes from their pre-vetted assets, and in this case, the asset was none opther than a relative of Tom Clancy.

      I couldn’t make that shit up–too weird.

      Well, as it turns out it was classic gang stalking start to finish, and the national guard base has nothing better to do aparently, so there’s that.


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