Dear Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, David V. James, and some guy named Roth: this is my invitation to dialogue about “mental illness, delusions, and gang stalking,”in context.

Dear Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, et al:

I have watched your work regarding “targeted individuals of gang stalking”since the time you were quoted in the New York Times, talking about how targeted individuals are “delusional,” and noted your link to the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex variously.

As you learned fairly quickly, quoting internet trolls and anonymous shit posters on the topic of gang stalking made you look like a total fool. And you did that in the New York Times of all places.

Now-disgraced journalist Mike McPhate also learned that using legitimate column inches for crapaganda has a price–look–the guy runs a “newsletter” now in California, which no one reads–and wherein he now reports on “gangs” of police in police departments.

I also noted with a certain apprehension, that your later study–a “content analysis” of self-reported targeted individuals published in the NCIS assessed the claims of these people from the standpoint of their claims, but failed to weed out the propagandists, and police gang members who often pose as targeted individuals, these known to actual TI’s as “#fakeTI’s.”.

And here is that later, slightly more productive, but brutally short sighted analysis:

The Phenomenology of Group Stalking (‘Gang-Stalking’): A Content Analysis of Subjective Experiences

I invite you to feel free to assess my own work herein, and elsewhere on the web, some of which you have already read. And fell free to call me “delusional” too, because unlike most TI’s, I have sued and settled with gang stalking security companies, puting one out of business entirely. Chalk it up to “gang stalking cases won,” which is a popular search term that comes into my blog with great frequency now.

Ad then, to compare it to the case of the eBay gang of stalkers who fit MY profile of gang stalkers--not yours. Below is an excerpt from a major news source, which–unlike your study, did NOT interview anonymous respondents on “the internet” to get results.

In re: the eBay gang, aka “the eBay Cockroach Cult, from The Register”

Baugh and Harville were charged with conspiracy to commit cyberstalking and conspiracy to tamper with witnesses. But despite their colleagues admitting waging a campaign against the couple – which included sending disturbing items such as a preserved fetal pig, a bloody pig Halloween mask and a book on surviving the loss of a spouse to their home address – both execs maintain they are innocent. Ex-eBay global intel staffers to admit they cyberstalked online tat bazaar’s critics – who got pig heads, funeral wreath, and more in the mail READ MORE

This week, American prosecutors hit the duo a series of new counts: five new cyberstalking counts; two counts of witness tampering for Baugh and one for Harville; and two new counts of destruction, alteration, and falsification of records in a federal investigation for Baugh, one for Harville.

To reiterate–“nearly 100% of gang stalkers are current and former military, police, or intelligence agents and their webs of associates in the community.”

That’s my simple thesis, Dr. Sheridan–would you care to concur?

I also invite you to read my work around the web too, where you can peruse some work you are familiar with (I have your IP address, BTW):

I will also at this time offer to apologize for any comment or post wherein I denigrated you, or your research–but as you see, I was correct in stating that organized gang stalking programs exist, and that targeted individuals exist too–in fact, the Tampa Bay Times won its “13th Pulitzer” having reported on the Pasco County Sheriff, targeting individuals, many of whom are minors–children, Dr. Sheridan–children, harassed endlessly, and forced into homelessness, and worse.

SO, in the least, your studies are disingenuous, and in the most generous interpretation, simply ill-informed, and I invite you to respond to this letter, in any form you wish–even a lawsuit, because Heaven Knows, I have arguably defamed you, all over the web, and cast doubt upon your (flawed) work.




a mere search of that nym attached to the phrase “gang stalking” will point you in the right direction.

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