Getting away with murder: “Turn, he just didn’t”–as Abe Dabela takes a bullet to the back of his head

Trampling on human bodies, trampling on the truth, with evidence laundering to boot! Gang stalking and firefighters for the win!

–According the Dabelas families attorneys, “[Abe] Dabela had been intimidated by Redding firefighters at a local bar a few weeks before his death,” and that death including a bullet in the back of his head, and a muddy footprint on his back–and zero amounts of his own DNA were found on the trigger.

Painting targets now: Who are Abe Dabela’s killers? With dirty cops and fire fighters–we lose pieces of democracy, one good attorney at a time.

Supposing that gang stalking isn’t real, as suggested by Dr. Lorraine Sheridan and her partners in crime, Christine Sarteschi, David V. James and the rest of their gang, I would like to ask those non-existent gangs of non-existent stalkers to target the following people with non-existent gang stalking:

Douglas Fuchs, Redding’s chief of police; and seven of Redding’s police officers (Ryan Alcott, Mark DeLuca, Peter Quinn, Timothy Succi, Brandon Kaufman, Brittany Salafia and Michael Livingston

Here below is more about the mysterious stalking and eventual murder of Abe”Gugsa” Dabela , from an investigation produced by the Connecticut NAACP, and from an excellent write up about the case here.

The Highly Unlikely “Suicide” of Abe Dabela

Dabela made no secret of his political views, which favored the second amendment and private property rights; and other opinions, which we shall explore later.
The case file includes a full account of what happened according to the plaintiffs. Here are some of the most glaring anomalies it reveals:

  • Dabela had no physical or mental health issues and no history of erratic or self-destructive behavior. Reports from those who observed him at the pubs the night of his death reflect a man in good spirits. And he had made plans with his landlord for a motorcycle ride the following day. Why, then, would he have committed suicide?
  • Dabela’s hands were never photographed and tested for residual gunpowder, as would be expected after such a death. Why? (His hands were originally bagged for this purpose, but later washed without residue testing. His jacket sleeves tested negative.)
  • A gunshot wound to the back of the head is normally attributed to homicide, not suicide. Why did the investigators rule out homicide even before the autopsy? Other facts contradict the suicide theory: The bullet entered the left side of Dabela’s head, yet Dabela was known to be right-handed.
  • A muddy footprint was found on the back of Dabela’s jacket. It’s hard to imagine how it could have been Dabela’s. Whose was it?
  • Dabela’s DNA wasn’t found on the trigger he allegedly pulled. The tests were performed twice with the same negative results.
  • Using a metal detector, the police found a bullet near the crime scene four days after the crash, but it wasn’t the bullet that killed Dabela. The bullet that entered his head was never found. A firearm was found in the SUV along with the spent shell casing of a .40 caliber bullet and a bullet hole in the back of the driver’s seat.
  • Hair evidence was found on the inside of the passenger window in Dabela’s vehicle, but was never tested for DNA or compared with other DNA evidence.
  • The police who discovered Dabela’s body in the vehicle neglected to secure the vehicle or establish a perimeter around the site to protect against evidence contamination. They did, however, place police tape around the entrance to Dabela’s apartment.
  • Whether Dabela was murdered prior to or after the crash is still unknown.

More injustice. In June 2017, Danbury state’s attorney Stephen J. Sedensky, III ruled unequivocally that no homicide had occurred.

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