Richard Moore, Union County Lawsuit Update: you better get ready!

In the post above, I am going to begin taking a more professional approach to Mr. Moore’s case, over at my slightly more professional blog, by beginning to research and name “new names” and continuing to cover the Case of Richard Moore suing the Union County, Mississippi sheriff and other named parties for gang stalking.

Because his case is so interesting, and many of the people involved are indeed wealthy and powerful people, they can be sued for substantial amounts of money in damages. And, their Facebook pages are a virtual case investigators dream of guilt by association too.

Other coverage can be found here, and here, and here.

Mr Moore’s case brings many interesting legal and journalism related issues to the table, ranging from Facebook stalking, Facebook as a “public square,” to many angles of the historic free speech debates, to the issue of fighting words versus defamation and libel.

Have a look at the case, and watch as a gang of stalkers in Mississippi comes under the microscope, and one genuine targeted individual attempts to fight back, using legal means.

Meanwhile, enjoy this Woody Guthry classic “You Better Get Ready.”

You Better Get Ready
Words and Music by Woody Guthrie

I had a dream the other night.
Sing on, brother, sing;
About this war we’ve got to fight
Sing on, brother, sing;
I dreamt the Devil come to me,
And he woke me up from out of my sleep;
And here is what he said to me,
Sing on, brother, sing.

….read the rest of the lyrics here–a song of wartime solidarity, and a call to fight the enemies of international finance!

And we all know how that worked out for old Scratch, don’t we? Yup–he didn’t quit, not a single bit, sing on brother sing! Sing on sister sing!

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