Jim Baugh, eBay stalker to court “I was just doing what I was trained to do by the FBI!”as judge slaps down his privilege claim, and “arguably unlawful” FBI tactics

Does the FBI train gang stalkers? Is the FBI behind gang stalking?

New evidence in the case of the eBay stalkers, as former FBI contractor James Baugh says ‘I used FBI training, gang stalking tactics, broke the law, because it was for the Greater Good!’

Just nuts, what the FBI is doing out there, breaking the laws its agents are sworn to uphold. Its a sham on the courts, a sham on the public, and a shame on them–and our nation.

A former top eBay Inc. security executive charged with spearheading a bizarre stalking campaign against critics of the company says the tactics he allegedly used were regarded as legitimate in the work he did for years as a federal agent and contractor for the FBI.

James Baugh argues he can show the harassment campaign he’s accused of leading mirrors the kind of deceptions he used in surveillance assignments for the U.S. government from 2014 to 2018, which he said sometimes required “arguably unlawful means” in service of a greater good.

More on that here, from BloombergLaw

James Baugh had attempted to compel the government to produce evidence which would “prove” that gang stalking is an FBI practice, and that “He reasonably understood the conduct was lawful or, at least, necessary; and he undertook that conduct not to ‘harass or intimidate’ or to ‘corruptly’ mislead but to serve important national security objectives,” Baugh’s lawyers said in federal court in Boston.

Or at least, necessary? Wow, if ever there was slippery slope the US has fallen off of that already–the “at least, necessary” standard of justice!

I would love to see that written into law, right? The “at least, necessary” standard–that one clause alone negates every and any law, anywhere. “Your honor, while that assassination of a public figure wasn’t legal, I know, but it was, at least, necessary.”

*Sound of judges pen scribbling a big letter X on the NOT GUILTY BY REASON OF “AT LEAST, NECESSARY!” line*

And so–how hard are federal prosecutors and FBI agents working to cover up gang stalking practices?

Federal prosecutors contend such records are “irrelevant.” The agency has gone full Glomar at each and every point where these practices can be seen or challenged-US citizens now live in one of the most opaque police states that history has ever seen.

Without confirming or denying the existence of the described activities, agreements, instructions, or warnings for the period between 2014 and 2018, or any documents concerning those categories, the government would decline to produce such records,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Seth B. Kosto told Baugh’s defense team.

The “the government would decline to produce such records,” you betcha! The gang stalking tactics, methods, psychological operations, constitutional violations–al of tha IS what the government, aka the DoJ and FBI “would decline to produce “for public scrutiny. They DO NOT WANT THE PUBLIC TO KNOW what they are doing in these insane, batshit crazy stalking events, exactly like what we see here, in the testimony of a convicted stalker, who was trained to do what he did BY THE FBI.

Just nuts….gang stalking is hidden in plain sight. Far beyond any abuses of the COINTELPRO era–exactly why is anyone claiming it is an “American” agency in the first place? It’s a secret police entity, the likes of which the US has never seen, augmented by Fusion Center spying, and these unimaginably insane, sociopathic contractors like Baugh.

And from PrisonProfessors:

US District Judge Allison Burroughs called the case — in which eBay employees harassed a husband-and-wife publishing team with online threats, a funeral wreath, live cockroaches, and a bloody-faced pig mask — “just nuts.”

Greater good indeed.

At issue in this case is that a major public relations campaign has been waged for many years to cover up this practice, which infects ALL of western society–that people who claim they are being gang stalked are “delusional,” because so much of what they complain about sounds “just nuts.

4 thoughts on “Jim Baugh, eBay stalker to court “I was just doing what I was trained to do by the FBI!”as judge slaps down his privilege claim, and “arguably unlawful” FBI tactics

  1. How can I get into contact with somebody that can help me sue the shit out of these people. I know a whole bunch of these people personally and they all got paid for doing it. I want backpay for every hour I was gangstalkers….. 8 years worth of torture…. I want something from it. I’ve lost everything including my sanity because of it. I have mental issues on top of it and a drug addiction as well. It didn’t help make anything better for me. It kept me isolated from people.


    1. Well, first, make yourself “representable,” and clean it up with the drug addiction thing.
      You must keep your mind solid, and present yourself well.

      In my case, I could name a security contractor, and may others, some of whom have since faced some consequences too.

      In other words–before you ask a lawyers (expensive) time, represent yourself well–heal, brother, but take evidence, name names, and start the suing process TODAY.

      Read my sections on how to fight back, and how to help yourself.

      Why do you think you were targeted and who targeted you?


  2. I like how these FBI scoundrels claim that their cover is, “The FBI trained me” as some kind of excuse for committing stupid crimes for stupid reasons. They also like to invoke their special status as special heroes, “…just protecting National Security…”. This usually means we can murder lawyers to prevent a mere civil suit filing or Motion for Injunctive Relief?

    These idiots are delusional grandiose type personalities. They think killing pets or hiring goons to spit in a Doctor’s face at an OK CITY gas station is somehow…rational and reasonable.

    I had one fat drunken FBI slob (John “pissing in the streets” Maspero) direct convict goons to live next to me (badged in) to break into my apartment and steal-search for legal documents. And, this was retaliation of faxing crime info to APD Sex Crimes Unit who locked in on a federal agent who I identified as a likely candidate for several sexual assaults.

    This fat drunken slob John Maspero colluded with former Ass Chief of Austin PD to “tamper with a Gov document-file” when these idiots tried to remove my memo from the file?

    Do a search on “John Maspero” Texas. That’s the kind of wacko who the FBI trains, launches, and protects from all the crimes that apply to all the mere civilians.


    1. I read that case–John Maspero. He’s dead now, and the world is one stinking FBI corpse cleaner for it.

      What a typical FBI-sheriff. I might write about it.

      The best I found was at RipOff Report, and I thik it was the woman from the voccct blog,

      She documented that gang of agents reallly well–unbelievable what those “good people” are doing out there, charged up by the love of “god”

      Shooting holes in her roof, during the floods–stealing her food–all those christians.

      If there is a war on christians, that’s why. There are more mass shootings in Texas than almost any other place, ad that’s why.


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