Differentiating normal, lawful surveillance form “gang stalking”: The case of Brian Laundrie

Brian Laundrie’s remains found in Florida swamp? Human remains found in Florida in search for Brian Laundrie, missing boyfriend of slain Gabby Petito

Before Brian Laundrie dropped out of sight, he was under lawful surveillance by police and FBI agents who were doing the best they could to legally keep an eye on him. And, sometimes, the the suspect loses his tail. Other times, the hunter let’s the rabbit run, in order to learn the habits of rabbits….

Brian Laundrie was under police surveillance but disappeared anyway, police admit

Florida police were monitoring Brian Laundrie, the fiancé of Gabby Petito, before he went missing.

A spokesman for North Port Police confirmed to Insider that Laundrie was under surveillance when he vanished on September 17.

He vanished all the same, and authorities only declared him missing after Laundrie’s parents let them know.

The police spokesman, Josh Taylor, said that officers monitoring Laundrie had done “everything we could within the law.” He did not specify what methods they had used.

But it is important to keep in mind–Laundrie is STILL not a suspect in her death. He is wanted for credit card theft because he used her debit/credit card, not murder.

So, herein, I will compare gang stalking with lawful surveillance, and make note of where they cross over one into the next.

The case started as a missing persons case, wherein the nations “internet sleuths,” comprised largely of former police, intel agents, and military types allied with coroners, forensic analysts (behavioral analysts, forensic psychologists) and so on.

As Teri Webster of the Fort Worth Weekly has pointed out, these online “sleuthing”groups” include an unusually high number of vicious bullies, cyber stalkers, hackers and harassers amongst them, and the victim of that FWW story documented many of the bizarre things that these miscreants are capable of.

Almost all online cases as Ms. Webster documented include a flawed, political, or otherwise suspect police narrative, a faulty police report, or a paid-for or otherwise corrupt or inaccurate coroners report forms the baseline of the story. In that case, a woman lost her son under extremely suspicious circumstances, and a likely police informant and drug dealer skated from manslaughter charges.

So, as those “online sleuths” from around the world began their narratives, it still was not “gang stalking” despite the fact that “gangs” of them are involved, because there have been no reports of “electronic brain zappers” or “directed energy weapons” with the exception that ALL lawful surveillance uses tools like wiretaps that have a judges signature, and cell phones and computers that utilize “RF energy,” and so on.

Then, there is the fact that a mob was/is actually stalking the Laundrie home, chanting ritually on bullhorns, and filming, photographing, and otherwise documenting the comings and going from the house. This is unusual, and not necessarily a product of police condoning them to do what they are doing. In fact, at several points, the police have intervened, and told these mobs to back off, and formed legal perimeters around the street.

No, even yet, this is not gang stalking activity, because these things happen around homicides and missing (white female) persons cases.

And of course, the media is in fact “in on it,” as they certainly have the legal right to be.

No–it doesn’t become gang stalking until we hear from those who are actually being targeted right now, and that is exactly three people: Brian Laundrie and his parents. We don’t have their side–we can’t ask them if weird experiences are happening on their electronic devices, or if strange people are following them around in a Publix.

It hasn’t yet reached the point of gang stalking, as incredible as that sounds, and until Hollywood narrators, media pundits, and other exploiters and racketeers get involved.Then it just gets weird.

Look at this weird old shriveled white woman, who rambles on about “demons” and evil forces:

Duane “Dog” Chapman (L)is a steroid-riddled, shameless old Hollywood whore on the right. She thinks “demons” are living on Brian Laundries Instagram account. Brian Laundrie, (R) is his “target.” I hope next time someone swipes my credit card, they spend 200k per day looking for it. Image from the web
Related Story: The fruitless search for Brian Laundrie has cost taxpayers a whopping $200, 000 per day, despite a 100% lack of urgency in finding the guy–he is a threat to no one but himself at this point, as cops rake in millions to uphold a narrative. And what is that narrative? It is “Cops will do anything to find an attractive missing or dead white female.” That narrative underpins all of white society across the globe.

Then, there’s this guy here, John Walsh, who is essentially a human steroid with a TV show, and who single-handedly and intravenously pumped the policing industry into the nightmare of militarized and often militant policing that we see all over the country today, as victims of that police state rot in America’s prisons for pot offenses, and the victims of that totalitarian dystopian fugue state realize that they are in a two-tired justice system, every time people like Walsh and his poverty exploitation TV hits the airwaves.

And as heinous tropes about the poor and the marginalized are trotted about every week as Walsh wags images of black men and trailer dwellers before the camera’s and essentially saying “this is what crime looks like–go get ’em!”

I mean sure–Dear John, the Whole World Hates That TRULY Evil Creep Otis-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named-Toole Who Killed your Kid.

But maybe, in the next life? Marry a woman who thinks that kids are more valuable than any merchandise she might have been shopping for that day–who treasures their child, and makes sure he doesn’t wander off and leave your kid alone in public, where they are then told to leave the store by young, female security guards. Just sayin’, bro. Maybe read Pinnochio, it’s a real cautionary tale about responsibility, and fathers.

Oh never mind–your generation was brought up singing along to one of the Greatest Stories Ever Told about insurance fraud, the Titanic. And who cares about that loser artist guy DiCaprio anyways? He would probably have been a creeper dad, right–the guy was an artist!? Not on steroids, not into high society and the fame game, hell, that long haired bearded sandal wearing loser didn’t even have his drivers license and so on.

Well, anyways–another WIN! for Darwin.

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