Jokes I tell myself: Facebook’s Fall From Grace Looks a Lot Like Ford’s

Ya think?

Let’s see racist, tribalist’s at the helm, lots of spooks, and a specific “chosen one” heading the operation, exactly as a “chosen one” headed up Stalin’s operations, and East Germany’s operations, and….and….so many more operations!

Facebook founding investor (Not A Jew!) Roger McNamee says: ‘Facebook is a threat to whatever remains of democracy in the US

Anytime anyone, anywhere allows tribal sectarian racists, corporate slave makers, and religious sectarian deep state players to have their way with “the children”(plus a few racist schtreimel headed sheep herders like this guy here) it turns out badly–for “the children,” and Facebook’s latest “mind control and Svengali scandal” is no different.

Henry Ford was a big fan of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” which may, or may not have been written by a “cabal of Jews,” or written by Russian intelligence agencies, or written by a sort of brilliant, but manipulative and substantially biased author who did indeed manipulate tribes, and who for the record, was MOSTLY spot on. Wealthy Jews DO target the goyim in exactly that way.

And–I wasn’t there–were you? When that so-called “antisemitic pamphlet” was distributed by a secret globalist propagandist who was trying to describe the role of “Jews” in the hierarchy of globalism. So how could I know? Real/not real? Jew/not Jew who wrote i?.

Yup. I know;-)

Yup–a Jew. Who else could write so well? And me, of course. That seems significant.

Henry Ford, the founder of the company that gave gang stalkers those loud engines that police detectives and their pals in the “deep state” sit just a block away from “targeted individuals” homes, as they rumble their Ford Mustang GT engines to terrify their targets–yeah, those asshats–all targets know them. See this list of gang stalker terminology and dialectic tropes and tactics if you are in doubt.

Related Story: Have you ever considered filling your repressed homosexual gang stalking, Mustang driving #fakeTI’s exhaust pipe with expanding foam–AFTER you find his/her home address? Cool results will ensue!

Noise harassment indeed! Just click that link to yet ANOTHER BILLIONAIRE, Bill Gross, implicated for “noise harassment,” and facing charges for exactly that type of “odd noise delusion creation” scheme. Even Jews hate such other Jews who do this shit.

Well, anyways–Henry Ford was also a big pal of Hitler–hey folks, it’s just a corporate thing, ok? Anti-spamitism, shemititis, chronic inflammation of the racialist organ requires examination by the medical mafia and its “prescriptors”–so get that checked out, ok?

I mean–anti-Palestinianism, or whatever its called these days is so outdated. Fuck, some of them even run cigar stores now!

Like everything global, today’s cheap cotton goods derived from “mind controlled zombies from Xinjiang China,” are yesterdays black American slaves and the “indentured” Irish, and the buggered others of the “British Colonial Empire”–nothing to see here folks, unless you want to use a microscope and examine ALL of history and its “corporate” bodies.

Have a look, folks, at what has been happening with Facebook, and in its many “influence operations” and what early investor Roger McNamee called it ‘a bigger brainwashing tool than even Hitler (and his Wallstreet financiers) ever imagined.’

Yup. More of the same, and then some. Is Facebook a monopoly, or an infringement upon or replacement of the public square? I think it is. At this point, it’s a public utility, and indeed has replaced the public square tenfold–or more.

But what REALLY has me worked up is this: Is Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen related to Gary Haugen, and his notoriously CIA/US state department/NED prostitution operation that is attempting to gain access to “all the world’s HO’s and Bitches,” just a relic of Bush era propaganda operations in prostitution, pornography, and “human trafficking,” as hard core religioists seek access to “women and children” from other nations?

My money is one “depleted uranium.”

And I bet she is, and they are, too, but I am not placing odds at this time. Click this headline below for more!


Facebook’s Fall From Grace Looks a Lot Like Ford’s

WHEN FACEBOOK WHISTLEBLOWER Frances Haugen appeared before Congress last week, it felt like it might finally be a turning point. Haugen’s testimony created a major crisis for a company that until recently seemed unable to be regulated, and unlikely to be broken up. Scandals before this have made splashes yet somehow haven’t resulted in meaningful change. But if history is any indication, the tide is about to turn.

Haugen, who revealed internal documents showing that the company was aware of its products’ harms, said that she wishes to fix rather than destroy Facebook, but these are not the only two options. The third, regulation, is at its heart not about patching up broken, dangerous companies and their products but is about changing the social, political, and business landscape that allowed them to grow unchecked, operating as rapacious, destructive entities. It ensures not only that the present companies’ harms are stopped but also that new companies cannot take their place and continue the same destructive business models. As we approach peak Facebook news fatigue, it’s worth remembering that regulation of new technologies in this way has a strong historical precedent in the US. And this long lead up has almost always been part of it.

To understand how Facebook will likely land after its fall from grace we need to look at the striking similarities between earlier regulatory battles and what is going on now. Before there was Big Tech, there were the Big Three: Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors—and an infamous memo that cemented in the collective consciousness of the American public that strong regulation was a necessity, not a nicety.

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