ROGS Analysis of gang stalking- is it 100% effective in predicting outcomes in mass shootings? You DECIDE! Publix shooting, Timothy Wall, dirty DVIC cops

Is ROGS Analysis of gang stalking effective? It’s batting about 100% in mass shooting cases, and the Publix-Timothy Wall shooting on June 10, 2021 in Royal Palm Beach, Florida is no different.

And guess what?

Yup, “cops, and their relatives in convenient places” before, during, and after these events, as DVIC operatives try to craft a “mental health and public safety” narrative with pseudo law, but “somehow” not being able to prevent these events, lol. I have an idea: maybe, let’s follow constitutional law in family courts and other kangaroo courts which have their own two-tiered “system” that exists OUTSIDE of the Constitution in these matters, and in every way echoes slavery and its bizarre laws too.

Take a look at the case of the Scottsdale Arizona shooter, who targeted all of “the experts” who had railroaded him out of his marriage, as his wife was banging a cop; or the strange case of David Schladetzky in Minnesota, or the Portapique mass shooting, where fat hog-joweled realtor- town council members and state interests were slathering over the guys shoreline property BEFORE the shooting, or the recent New Zealand mass stabbing where cops were following a guy for many many years because he didn’t pass New Zealands “free speech” tests, in order to put context to these Kafakesque events.

timothy j wall
Today’s featured speaker, from “beyond the grave,”:Timothy Wall. Say His Name! This advertisement brought to you by PUBLIX! A safe place to shop!Image source

Lets look at our first indicator that Timothy Wall was being “gang stalked” aka “followed around by police and their community assets” after being driven to ruin by the DVIC and its enablers, and then labelled “mentally ill” rather than “broken by an unjust predatory and systemic practice of the DVIC and the corporate funded police state“–let’s lay a slab of deli rye first, so we can chew through the word salad of official source crisis PR with extra mayo later.

From the Palm Beach Post:

Wall drove to the The Crossroads shopping plaza, at Okeechobee and Royal Palm Beach boulevards, on a red scooter. Surveillance cameras caught him lurking in Walgreens and then again in Publix earlier in the morning, when he was apparently spooked off by a sheriff’s deputy buying groceries.

Wall entered the Publix, holding a golf putter, using it as a walking stick.

Right. Cops are EVERYWHERE in these targets lives BEFORE DURING and AFTER these events. And this form of policing, which first saw the light of day was used in Palestine as the British Empire and Zionist interests waged a war to drive people off the land, too.See this for evidence.

The guy was truly broken by the state apparatus and its gender biased family court system–here he is being forced out of his home after he failed to comply with “the narrative” in many ways, not least of which is that he was not a “taxable bread winner” and despite his usefulness to his daughter as a father–apparently, ha also didn’t own a shiny red fire truck either, like these heroes over here who stalked a guy before he killed himself


So, lets recap ROGS Thesis: Cops and their community assets are literally stalking these men “24-7” and/or, these cases are directly related to real estate transactions, and men broken by the absurdist family courts, and have flunked the secret free speech tests online that are given to people via hidden programs like “Moonshot CVE,” or sheriffs departments that use Fusion Centers to spy on people all over the west now, ad especially in states like Florida–for some reason, lol..

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM encountered these anti-democratic processes, and the DVIC narrators within the “narrative” and more.

Neither here, nor there…..right?

Let’s put some context to the narrative and have a look at the little prediction I made about that Publix case when I wrote about it, sort of in passing because it fits a known pattern and profile, and I will highlight the prediction below.

Let’s test the ROGS hypotheses:

Timothy Wall, possibly targeted a gang stalking old lady. My guess is that the newspapers refuse to name his “victim” because she was a retired cop, social worker, or other DVIC operative. But we will never know, because the newspapers do not want to give gang stalkers “Notoriety

At the time, the newspaper’s wouldn’t name the “hero granny” who Wall killed–I think he blasted her into hell with a shotgun, but news reports vary on that. So I had to investigate a bit, wondering why anyone would cover up such an important fact–because as we see in standard crime reporting, and ESPECIALLY when its men targeting other men–both victim, and aggressor are named in the press.

SO why can’t we name this hero? This heroic, fist fighting granny who “just happened to be there?” Well–ROGS Analysis posits that she is a cop, is related to a cop, or that she is otherwise part of the community policing scheme.Otherwise–got nuthin ta hide then nuthin ta fear, right?

Name These Heroes!!!

It is antithetical to any trained journalist to not use names in journalism, and yet here we are, in garbage stories like this, with half-assed journalists “not naming” people who are “victims of crime.” It is VERY MUCH in the interests of the Public to know the facts of a case–any case.

Let’s take the deeper dive and re-cap the story, from

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office said in a statement June 10, 2021, there was “no known motive or relationship between the gunman and the victims.” PBSO is continuing its investigation and working to identify what led to the shooting, officials said.

“We’re trying to determine what led up to the shooting,” said Teri Barbera, spokesperson for PBSO, in a statement to WPBF.

The toddler was the son of a civilian employee with the Sunny Isles police department, according to Local 10 News.

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said during a press conference that the murders of the toddler and his grandmother could have been prevented. He said his department established a behavioral services unit which could have acted to investigate whether Wall had a gun and place him in mental health services.

Bradshaw further said Wall “fits the profile” of mass shooters.

“This didn’t have to happen,” he said.

The Associated Press reported that law enforcement agencies can seek orders from a judge to seize firearms from anyone who is considered a danger to themselves or others and hold the firearms for one year under Florida’s Red Flag law. After one year, the hold can be extended if law enforcement shows the person still presents a danger, the AP reported.

But Maia Knight, the sister of Wall’s ex-wife, said the woman tried to get him help and treatment, according to the Palm Beach Post.

“He had mental issues. He wasn’t taking care of himself,” Knight told the Post. “My sister was going to the courthouse, going to police, telling everyone he needs help. My sister was trying to help him but didn’t know how.”

Yeah, Riiiight, Sheriff DVIC Dollars–your department and its “behavioral unit” with way too much time on its hands also fits the profile of gang stalkers too–and your tactics fit the profile of “manufactured terrorism” 100%.

This weird, “not naming” them trend has curious anti-journalism overtones, similar to how the No Notoriety campaign, and the Don’t Name Them campaign has roots in deep state narrative, non governmental organizations, and law enforcement cult activity–indeed the “movement” was first highlighted in news stories quoting an ultra-conservative an FBI Agent.

Related Story: When Osama bin Laden started al Qeada, he did it for the same reasons that Saint Alana the Medicated started the incel movement–to provide “community” of like minded people, to solve a social problem, companionship of like minded “believers” and so on. So why hasn’t the Founder of the Incel Movement, which has ties to terrorism been arrested yet? Read on, dear reader, read on!

So, I went back into that case, and read through a few articles I had missed or skipped over at the time that false narrative was circulating in the media, and guess what? Mr. Wall, totally destroyed by the DVIC apparatus, had targeted a “poor old grandmother” who “fought back” as he blasted caps in her and her grand child.

Well, sure, WAAAAwaaaaWAAAA! How sad! Hopes-N-Prayers©!

But the reality is that I was correct: the murdered kid was the spawn of someone in the police industry, who “just happened to be” the son of a civilian in the Sunny Isles police department forensics unit!

Well, yes--ROGS Analysis IS excellent science! Look, another ROGS Bingo! “Extraordinary claims, extraordinary proof,” dontchathink? Cosmologist Carl Sagan would be very proud of me! Because case after case after case, the pattern repeats–its scientifically predictable that the majority of gang stalking is carried out by current and former police, military, and intelligence trained persons, and their reltives and associates in the community who wage military derived PSYOP on civilians.

Then, all those Hopes-N-Prayers afterwards:

I know people are tired of asking for prayers, but Im asking anyway. So I ask for your prayers right now for the families impacted by today’s shooting in my district. No politics today. Just prayers.

And the papers trotting out one or another pseudo law that the police state wants to push–in this case–you guessed it–another gun control law, called Red Flag Laws that undermine the second amendment based in other pseudo law, to whit:

“The family has invoked Marsy’s Law, therefore, the names of the victims: 1 yr/old boy & his grandmother will not be released. The gunman’s name will be released after his next of kin has been notified. There is NO known motive or relationship between the gunman and the victims,” said a statement from PBSO the evening of June 10.

And of course, no one can figure out what led to the shooting, as pseudo law after pseudo law undermines the rights of citizens, starting in family courts:

“We’re trying to determine what led up to the shooting,” Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office Spokeswoman Teri Barbera told The Sun-Sentinel.

Ad then we see how America’s predatory and gendered Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) its banksters, corporations, and its complicit “state family court system” (not based in any constitutional law that I can find, anywhere) has actually crushed the guys balls into the dirt.

Are you thinking what I am thinking right now? Riiiight. ROGS Analysis predicts all of this in these cases.

Wall Filed for Bankruptcy & He Was Granted Discharge on April 28, 2021Bankruptcy filings for Wall indicate he had $215,000 in debts and only $6,000 in assets. Most of his debts were owed to his ex-wife. Their divorce was finalized in 2018, court records show.

And FINALLY buried beneath all of the “Hopes-N-Prayers,” we see the case roll out as a stalking event:

Bradshaw added that Wall’s ex-wife said he was acting paranoid and thought he was being followed.

And then–in come the hero’s!! I won’t even bother to source the quote:

They just kept coming. Cruiser after cruiser, ambulance after ambulance, fire truck after fire truck.”

Can you spell cop porn?

I imagine for a certain type of breeding stock, the quote above invokes a certain, um…eroticism, but the rest of us just say “who didn’t see that coming?”They are NEVER THERE when you need them–except when their pal’s in the community are pushing some pseudo law, and using guys like Timothy Wall to do it for them–these are 100% preventable manufactured terror events. And lastly–as we saw in the Nova Scotia mass shooting and home burning rampage by Gabriel Wortman–the “unnameable victim” in the Publix shooting was also–coincidentally (lol) a nurse!

One of these types here who rambles on about how “domestic violence is torture!”while never once opening her yap about real torture like Abu Ghraib, or Guantanamo Bay Cuba, much less the western gulag system, aka “rape factories” that women like her put men into every day.

These people ARE NOT HELPING folks. But you can.

You know what YOU CAN DO TODAY to help prevent these types of events?

Educate yourself about “community policing” and its anti-democratic basis, and all of the pseudo laws, junk science, and anti-democratic tools and tactics that these corporate police states are using on “targeted individuals,” because that is what Timothy Wall was, because the evidence points in that direction, and indeed, he fits a profile–of a man targeted by predatory state practices; and the conduct of state agents, is a pattern of conduct that we have seen in many other cases.

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