Brian Laundrie slips out in plain sight while under “24/7 video surveillance”: examining the claims of gang stalking targets via media narratives

TrashCam: The media coverage of the Darwinian debacle of the Brian Laundrie-Gabby Petito case reveals a LOT about police investigations–and junk science, as it is revealed the cops had a camera hidden in the neighbors trash can the whole time.

The many myths that surround policing in our two-tiered justice system are too numerous to go into here, but one of them is that police use legal methods during investigations, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

And we saw evidence of that in the recent testimony of indicted gang stalker James Baugh, who revealed in court that the many illegal and criminal actions he took against his targets were things he learned while working for the FBI. But not merely ‘things he learned’ but in fact, things that the FBI taught him to do.

Such is the nature of due process free, un-Constitutional modern policing known as “gang stalking.” While gang stalking is the popular term, I prefer to call it “Catch Me If You Can” policing, after the movie of the same name.

Well, as it turns out, Brian Laundrie was under “24-7″video surveillance, and according to that fact, he slipped out of his family home in plain sight of police cameras, and right under the noses of the people who were monitoring him “24-7.”


Brian Laundrie cops set up secret camera in neighbor’s trash can to spy on home BEFORE he took off for hike and vanished

It is not illegal for police to place a camera in a trash can, or anywhere else in public, or on private property with permission of the property owner. And the police who did that are well within their call of duty, and within the law too. Good job, guys.

But it is a bit curious, don’t you think?

And that’s where this case gets my attention–I stalk the gang stalkers, and reveal their methods. Look at this post here, where I noted that “sometimes they let the rabbit run, in order to learn the habits of rabbits.

And that’s what those cops were doing. And that is where I raise another question: so–if indeed Laundrie was found dead in the swamp, while being filmed “24-7” and tailed by cops? Yeah….riiiiight.

Have a look at this post, where some guy and his gang of stalkers surveils a guy and assists a suicide, which is often the desired outcome in cases where little or no chance exists of convicting a suspect, due to negligence, criminality, or otherwise botched police investigations.


Hey folks: try to get your guy–but do it [within the law] ok? Because this modern tactic of gang stalking–which had its origins in dark Eastern bloc nations, and then settled into Britains “legal” system, has now come home to roost everywhere in the western world now is-.—-.—–.-.-.-..-.–.Hold On! This just in: it happened in Chicago, under Chief of Police John Burge, and in Birmingham under Bull Connor, and Los Angeles under Gates, and….and…….oh never mind–its origins are in America after all!

And it makes you look bad, and it makes what is left of our democracy look like an Eastern bloc nation, circa 1933 going forwards.


My money is on ” they knew it would be a hard case because Brian Laundrie invoked his 5th amendment, and they murdered him and fed him to the alligators.”

Modern cops, their DVIC overlords, and their international bankster financiers and their soldiers on the ground in policing despise suspects who invoke “rights,” and will kill such suspects so that the “narrative” and lies travel the world a thousand times.

After all–who really gives a shit about a couple Darwinian misfits*, when in fact, product placements of the DVIC–threat narrative!!! endangered white females!! Domestic violence is a man problem!!!– are worth so much more?

Yeah–read that story about the assisted suicide, and you will get a better idea where I am on that. That’s what happened here, my money is on that.


Can you? It’s as if it were a Lifetime movie in the making!

*Well–they care about them “differently”to be accurate–each Gabby Petito who can be exploited first as a “mentally ill” person who needs bankster medications is worth tens of thousands per year to the medical mafia, and then, as a breeder who will likely pass on that “mental illness” nets states a lot of federal revenues too–and every Brian Laundrie who goes to jail nets the for-profit prison systems nets the banksters between 50-100k per year as a prisoner, providing “jobs.”

But: THE NARRATIVE of Little Red Riding Tube is priceless

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