I am watching, as strange people in a “gang” target a man in Mississippi: and other journalists are watching gang stalkers too


I have three four nine people looking in on the case of Richard Moore now! Yay for the gang stalkers, whose amazing art work can be viewed here!

A targeted individual wrote to me today, stating “Last night three boys all in black walked down the highway and pointed guns at me and started firing. They were blanks and I keep walking towards them*.”

That’s what we used to call “heart” back in the day–like Buford T. Pusser, in Walkin’ Tall, a man faces down a band of cowards who are in a gang, and the lone individuals fearlessly asserts their rights, and a willingness to defend themselves, and their property.

But this form of stalking–which is incredibly common across the US-FVEYs nations, is sadly an every day occurrence, and while blacks and Latino’s are targeted this way by police, we seldom look at the white population that is under the exact same threat–and that’s significant, because when we allow vigilante stalking, and then, a disinformation narrative waged by the odious–and hideous Svengali’s of the One Percent, we miss opportunities to shore up our democracy with the iron wall of justice, and create coalitions.

David” is a targeted individual who I interviewed in Hollywood around 2017, as I was being stalked by named persons and non-governmental organizations. His father, an East Coast industrialist, left him a multi-million dollar fortune, but the gang stalkers got to him BEFORE he could build a proper support base and protect his wealth–and they stalk him to this day.

Another target that I am communicating with whose stalking began as a workplace whistle blower asked “So how do I use this SOCMINT to catch a gang of stalkers?” Predictably, as ROGS Analysis posits, his gang includes a case that started with a dirty cop–probably a “Rotary Club” or other fraternal society member like this beauty here–and lots of firefighters showing up EVERYWHERE in the guys life, which he is documenting.

I pointed him to my self help sections, search terms “help.” “free tools,” “self defense,” and “how to,” which you can search also, using those same terms.Also the many, many, many documented cases of firefighters organized as gangs, no different than a criminal syndicate.Use my search box, “firefighter.”

But helping individual targets is time consuming and expensive–so I generally suggest that readers search for posts about ROGS Gang Stalking Analysis© which is a scientific and falsifiable method of tracing gangs of stalkers–and the results are court room worthy.

It is nearly a bullet proof method where we find that nearly 100% of stalkers are current and former police, military, intelligence agents, their relatives, and their associated community policing assets, sometimes including foreign agents, like my hackers in Russia right now–none of them “Russian” at all, lol.

Look–most targeted individuals are not what “normal society” would call “likeable” because they don’t follow artificial “norms” or because they are indeed sometimes offensive kinds to other offensive kinds of people of some kind or other–but stalking is illegal, regardless of who is doing it.

So–stalkers–you might not like the “target” for whatever reason–but you are breaking the law when you stalk them, and that can have consequences, and increasingly, targets are getting smarter–and I am helping them do that too. You better get ready folks, cuz judgement time is nigh’!

Just have a look at this gang of police and prosecutors, and other assets in the community who are now being prosecuted themselves, in the case of Ahmaud Arbery, whose mother used SOCMINT and OSINT to catch a gang of stalkers who tried to lunch her son.

Well, that said, other writers are now taking on that anti-democratic practice as I have documented, and Ranker has a great write up by a young writer, as those of us who have been at it awhile nod or heads in approval, and pass the torch.

Go over there and have a look at some exciting writing by an exciting–(though a bit green behind the ears) author, and vote on which stories there are the most plausible!

My favorite and “best” gang stalking story there? This one, about Asiel Norton, award winning film director from Venice, CA, who was “disrupted” on an airline flight over New Mexico like a or something–while a guy wearing a huge skull on his back sat next to him on the flight, and “coincidentally” many Twitter-ers, and public relations agents sat next to him too, filming the whole thing, before during and after the event.

Yeah–what is gang stalking for the win? Yup–just that one case gives us a glimpse. Extra points for “incest narratives” that critique the Abrahamic/Talmud-Torah/Bible/Koran/Zoaroastrian Quadrafecta of Babylonian mystery religion, and its cultists, many of whom work in the “manufactured terrorism” industry.

Gang Stalking Stories That Will Freak You Out

Jacob Shelton

Much of the gang stalking paranoia that exists in the modern era has probably been exacerbated by the proliferation of video sharing technology and social media. Most people who believe they’re a targeted individual of organized gang stalking are not only hosting a few narcissistic qualities, but they also have a brain full of mental issues. Or maybe not?

What is stalking? According to modern scholars on the topic, gangstalking [sic] can take the form of anything from people at work bumping into you repeatedly to the government zapping your brain with a microwave ray. Vote up which of these gang stalking stories are the most interesting and plausible, and if you’ve got some insight into the mysterious and coo coo for Coco Puffs world of gang stalking, share your intel in the comments.

And hey, Jacob! Don’t forget to mention the chronic and explosive police and surveillance state that crapped itself all over our US Constitution in the last 20 years, including full time social media monitoring, Fusion Center shenanigans, and the US-FVEY’ wiretap of ALL Americans data that crosses the wires! Ooooops, and D-oh! You forgot to mention that….

Take a look at my Gary Webb Award for Excellence in Gang stalking Journalism below while your over here too, if you want tips about how to write better on this topic. Its a real “holler.” And feel free to ask about the terms and conditions too.Whereas once I offered a $5000 stipend for excellent gang stalking writing, that offer is rescinded–it no longer carries an award.

But wow! The prestige of winning this beautiful trophy of squeaky clean pigs at a trough–honestly, it is worth its weight in gold as cultural capital! Indeed–I was the breath of a butterfly, breathed onto the wings of other butterflies, knowing that I breathed because OTHER butterflies came before me!

A glimmer of this glorious trophy, as pigs look in upon other pigs across the abyss, asking “hey are you the deep state provocateur, or am I the deep state provocateur?! And that, as they continue to chew through the bottom of the Police and Surveillance State pig trough they all feed at.

*Moore has since backed off of that claim, and syas that ” I don’t know of it was blanks or what. The video just shows them shooting guns. I wasn’t killed.”

2 thoughts on “I am watching, as strange people in a “gang” target a man in Mississippi: and other journalists are watching gang stalkers too

  1. As a technical TI, I have documented many of the tools, tactics and procedures used by Gangstalker’s, including the “hum/buzz” of the artificially induced Havana Syndrome.

    They are local signals that can be profiled and located using RF direction finding techniques. This is the work of Freemasons, modern day Nazi’s. Freemasons are the deep state.

    Check out my posts on:


    1. Interesting. I will take a look when I can.

      Right–there are many ways to create noise harassment.

      The most common by far are the gang stalking asshats who sit their car up the block and rumble their muscle car engines, or wage a “noise campaign” by honking their car horns.


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