Insanity, and the mind virus in policing, as other cops call foul on Brian Laundrie’s parents search: “sh*tshow”

BOTCHED HUNT, as police cultists lead Brian Laundrie’s parents on sick and twisted journey through the swamp to find his remains

Brian Laundrie search was a ‘s***show’ and fugitive’s dad should never have found belongings, says ex-homicide detective

THE search for Brian Laundrie was a police “sh**tshow” and the fugitive’s dad never should’ve been left alone in the moments before he “suspiciously” found crucial evidence, a former homicide detective says.

Tom Joyce, a retired Lieutenant Commander with the NYPD, told The Sun that he found it “so disturbing” that Chris Laundrie recovered a bag belonging to Brian out of view from investigators during a search of Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park on Wednesday.

The miraculous discovery, which came less than 90 minutes after Chris and his wife Roberta arrived at the park, was made near to where Brian’s skeletal remains were later found.….Chris and Roberta were seen in a video captured by Fox moving in and out of areas of a brush next to a trail on Wednesday morning while being tailed by two cops.

Note the use of the term “miraculous” in the reporting above. That is why western media is all a shitshow–this false and delusional belief in “miracles.”

Chris Laundrue is seen carrying a bag of evidence he found next to his wife Roberta
Chris Laundrie is seen carrying a bag of evidence he found next to his wife Roberta Credit: Fox News

On the left, there is the concept of restorative justice, where criminals have the opportunity to “restore themselves” and their victims.

On the right, there is only the concept of punitive justice, or retributive justice–and no demented punishment is ever bloody enough, demented enough, or sick enough for them.

In the case above, we see this sickness on full display as FBI agents and other police take Brian Laundrie’s parents on a haunted journey to find the remnants of their son–parts of skull, bone fragments, and his backpack–this is what the minds of gang stalkers looks like.

Let’s take a look at that dangerous sickness that pervades policing around our country, from The Sun:

Steve Bertolino, the Laundrie family lawyer, told NewsNationNow’s Brian Entin on Wednesday: “Chris and Roberta Laundrie were at the reserve earlier today when human remains and some of Brian’s possessions were located in an area where they had initially advised law enforcement that Brian may be.”

Hmmm. That sort of reeks of “collective punishment” doesn’t it?

The fact that cops–in lieu of Brian Laundrie, decide to take his parents–who followed the law, and got a lawyer, and that lawyer Bertolino advising their son to invoke his fifth amendment RIGHTS. Fundie cops and prosecutors and others in their sick and twisted orbit HATE people who invoke their RIGHTS, and have devised many sick and twisted methods with which to punish people.

As mind viruses go, certainly the FBI and its “behavioral” scientists could have stuck with the law, and did the damned investigation by the book, right? But no–they decided to take grieving parents on a journey to see their dead sons corpse instead, and deploy the media in a total shitshow with collective punishment, junk science, and “gang stalking” on full display as these sick web sleuths armchair quarterbacked every development–this IS what gang stalking IS.

And these people HATE rights of any kind–they hate the law, they hate rights. It’s very simple. Their version of a “god” demands harsh and inhumane punishments–go read their filthy religious books for proof of that.

Related: What is collective punishment, and what kinds of people use it?

As we see all over the place in modern policing, some are seeking to co-opt due process, civil rights, and many other freedoms that we hold dear–and while it may be convenient for some to say that leftists are all communists and so on–the fact is it isn’t leftists for the most part who do this shit–its fascists at every point.


Joyce, who said he worked on hundreds of homicide cases during his time in the NYPD, also insisted that investigators shouldn’t put the timing of the discovery down to coincidence.

“In my experience, every time an investigation came up, and there was like one thing happened. And another thing happened and someone said, ‘Wow, what a coincidence’ – nine times out of 10, coincidences were not coincidences

As I have demonstrated time and again (go to, search term “coincidence) these anti-democratic fundie bastards use coincidence to harass their targets–and here it is on full display.

SO, yeah. Case made–I rest once again, as others now pick up the cracked twigs and rock piles I leave behind, to find gangs of stalkers–and to prosecute them if possible.

And–is the FBI behind gang stalking? Let’s ask a gang stalker who is headed to trial, because he ‘did what he was taught to do by the FBI.’

Who are these people, exactly, and who do they work for? Certainly NOT justice, and certainly not YOU.

The Laundrie’s were demonstrably stalked by a gang, the police recorded their every move “24-7.” their son went to that swamp while under constant surveillance, and still we have this bizarre media shitshow the whole time–this IS what gang stalking IS. And it is the most severe challenge to democracy that the west has ever seen.

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