Dear k10art, aka “KK” from Kentucky: you were right! Your “friends are indeed hacking away at my blogs, and emails! What happens to gang stalking targets?!

My avid readers might like to note a few of my comments sections, where my “ best and most newest fan” wrote, and told me that she has friends who are trying to hack my blogs. I want to take a minute to thank her for that!


You were right, KHK, aka k10art, aka “missgangstalkedusa” –your “friends” have indeed been hacking my blogs, from Russia, and many other places(Louisiana, Virginia, Colorado, Germany, etc.). I have been documenting that, and will soon send them some love.

But: please tell me what you know about “Lexi Graybill,” and those other asscracks that are hacking my blogs, m-kay? I would like to file a few FOIA’s to a few agencies after that–honestly, you are doing GOOD WORK.Keep up the GOOD WORK. You have guts, and prowess in that area.

Please tell your “friends” that I have been collecting their IP addresses to, ok?

Hey, k10 Kimbrell whoever you are.

Dont Be a Ham Sandwich! And you should be proud of yourself–not ashamed, or going all psycho on me–because you have actually been doing EXCELLENT WORK with your OSINT and SOCMINT!

But you got the wrong guy on your charges below–see how complicated this is? My guess is that you do NOT.

One word: NUANCE.

You don’t get that at all.

So, Boo! And Happy Halloween, honey–STOP SCARING YOURSELF.

For all of your projection that YOU put all over MY blog–after I tried to take this conversation private many times–even using the email addy you provided?? Tame yourself–and keep learning, or just keep driving yourself nuts.You have fallen into what the terror creators DO: they manufacture terrorism by these exact means and methods–and they use what I call “webterrogation” to do it–a combination of cyber stalking combined with interrogation techniques–none of which are helping Democracy in any way whatsoever.

But the roller coaster that you bought the ticket for? The feelings of the ups and downs will come in handy one day, I assure you. And you are indeed one tough cookie–not a girl scout at all anymore, so knock it off.

*WTF!?* that pinging noise….those servers there one minute gone the next…..*PING…Sound of webterrogation at its finest.*

But you did that to you, and now it’s time to go back to the books. I have enjoyed our conversation–that conversation that YOU put into my pwn comments section, after I tried, and tried MANY TIMES to get you to STOP DOING, and after you (even now) refuse to learn from.

Honestly–I could use a guy like your dad on my team, if only to help train YOU into better web behavior. He has a clue–GO ASK HIM.

Then, there is a guy in Kenya who could use a little “love” sent his way. Kenya, sounds like Keenoo, for my long time readers. Then, ON TO NIGERIA! And Russia, eventually, after a stop over a helicopter leasing outfit in Las Vegas–and that Nazi from Austria too.

75 thoughts on “Dear k10art, aka “KK” from Kentucky: you were right! Your “friends are indeed hacking away at my blogs, and emails! What happens to gang stalking targets?!

    1. Well–you have specific inside knowledge about their activities, and they are actually hacking at my blogs around the world as you noted.

      And that activity began as soon as you contacted me. I have records, and logs, and data. This is not some joke to me–this is a felonious assault.

      And you did indeed assist me by bringing that to my attention, and I thanked you for it.

      BUT: I also requested that you not comment HERE, and gave you several other communications channels–you didn’t use them.

      I find it disingenuous, and sort of “irresponsible” for you to not have done that.

      Hell–use Guerillamail, or any throwaway service and end a letter. Use Dropbox, and submit an actual offer, with finances available.

      But you didn’t do any of that.

      And that indicates to me that you do not understand nuance, which is a very dangerous thing in communications.

      NUANCE is the difference between the bad guys knowing, and the bad guys NOT knowing.

      I am one of the only “good guys” online with this topic, which is why thet are attacking my work. I am a game changer-the “God particle,” and so on.

      And since I began to write on this topic, people are winning Pulitzer’s, and other journalists are writing GOOD stuff about gang stalking by filthy pigs and their criminal associates.

      And the danger of not understanding nuance is real, and has real and actual mass casualty events attached to it–but also a lot of quiet deaths too.

      SO there’s that.

      Trust your gut, and everything else follows.


      1. Look–if you seriously want to finance some gang stalking, we can makw that happen–but for what? Why? And who?

        You haven’t even taken the most basic security measures to maintain your anonymity!

        Do you see how that’s a problem for guys like me–whose number ONE objective is exactly that?

        And all of that as asscracks are hacking into my various accounts, data mining for personal information?

        Riiiiiight. You and I are two different types of characters, wouldn’t you agree?

        And one of us plays safe, while the other just puts it all out there, where problems can occur, because one of us “puts it all out there.”

        Yup–that can be a problem, you see, in “dark operations,” as it were.


      2. Right.

        I will remove this post after you read my replies–and I will note that exactly, and only three people have read this post–you were one of those three.

        And so–this blog has exactly two chronic stalkers. THey read everything that matters to their types of people–and I am about to weed them out, and go dark again with several other projects.

        I did enjoy our conversation–but again note, that you didn’t take any active measures to maintain the security that these kinds of conversations require, much less protect yourself.

        Please don’t blame me–blame yourself. I tried for YOUR sake to get you to follow simple protocols–like fucking Dropbox, etc–and you didn’t do it–how do you think that would work, if for example we were seriously engaged in common struggle?

        I asked how we could arrange to write a script, and get it made too–you didn’t even reply to THAT!

        SO, LOOK–what can you expect? You are fundamentally trying to ascertain my identity–join the club, I am the best writer on the internet on this topic, hands down.

        But identity comes with a price–because everyone else and their asshat crews are putting it all out there for FREE these days.

        Do you see why that is a valuable fact? A VERY valuable fact.

        But you seem to miss nuance. Maybe your next blog can be “missnuancedamerica,” lol

        Hey, wait–I think that will be MY next blog!


      3. Recall this, please:you said” Your blog correspondence outlets are either confusing or they ARE confusing”

        Honey–its a simple captcha at the bottom–4+9= (use a digit in your answer).

        Now, if you are at all serious check yourself–internet squabbles are ALWAYS a waste of time–and this project so far has been nothing more than you trying to ascertain my VALUABLE identity.

        And maybe–go check your dad’s email!


    1. OK, well, I asked for clarification, and tried many times to get this conversation into a “quiet” environment–you didn’t follow up.

      Your own actions have consequences, ya know.

      And as of now, I am the one who is actually being targeted by “your” friends–you kept calling them that “my ex-BF” and so on.

      Listen–words DO have consequences–dialogues DO have meaning, unless you negate that meaning by not being responsible for your own words

      Hey–I get it–you are a good writer, ok? But I get lost in the bullshit of it, because every time I tried to bring you into “quiet space” you didn’t do it.

      My other blog simply has a Captcha “what is five plus seven, solve the problem”–and you didn’t even do that.

      Guerillamail, etc.

      I tried to go to bat for ya, hon.


    2. You know–thre ARE ONLY TWO KONDS OF PEOPLE IN THIS KIND OF DIALOGUE: perps and victims of perps.

      No offense, but you came across as a perp–because the real test of that is whether or not you will assists an ACTUAL VICTIM–and Mr. Moore is that litmus test.

      As I said–my goal is to put gang stalkers in jail, or worse if I can. Because democracy dies every time these filthy bastards win.


      1. You are a gangstalker.

        You just pulled off the obligatory ROLE PLAYING “TRUST FALL “

        You are gaslighting me.

        You just participated ( and you are continuing ) to execute misinformation & defamatory media posts

        A one person social media slander campaign against me claiming ridiculous elements BOTH YOU AND I KNOW ARE FALSE AND CONTRIVED

        You just threatened me and you are continuing to threaten me with unfounded, baseless, and unsubstantiated accusations. ALL OF WHICH SCREAM MALICIOUS INTENT !

        Threats and slander of falsified claims of alleged criminal cyber hacking activity . A very juvenile attempt of fictitious and manufactured BULLSHIT that makes zero sense to any even minded individual with a moral compass

        You just set me up to trust you only to betray me.

        You mislead me pretending to be a victim and advocate offering help.

        You practiced in media surveillance by acquiring and displaying our correspondence in addition to my personal information and details of my case only to publicly post it and scapegoat/gaslighting yet again by blaming me for this

        You continued to probe and push for any information that you deemed valuable for later abuses
        ie: the overly obvious, “ hmmmm…why were you at the doctor’s ? And what for? “ inquiry

        The Percocet comment. Lemme get this straight, you’ll discuss scheduled & controlled narcotics on line , but won’t give your name or even the name of the book you authored on line? Curious.

        You again gaslight me . In this effect using gorilla tactics and elementary projective tactics redirecting a fabricated blame after you in fact publicly published my personal correspondence. Which by the way, I give zero shits about. Again, when you are honest and live transparently , you have nothing to hide. Therefore you have no fear. You can even tell people YOUR NAME! You have no concerns of someone discovering who you are. What your name is. Where you live. And especially the name of the book you wrote. Shoot, a published novelist that isn’t promoting or bragging about themselves, their endeavors, AND REFUSES TO DIVULGE THE NANE OF THEIR NOVEL -AND NOT EVEN WHEN SOLICITED??? Bizarre.

        You had the complete “ I’m your friend/No I’M not / IM YOUR ENEMY “ trite standard of this campaign.

        The flip flop polarity

        SUDDENLY AND FOR NO REASONING OTHER THAN FOR PURPOSES OF ORGANIZED CRIME You have manufactured fake reasons to declare some kind of contrived rationale to back this

        And If this isn’t baiting , then I don’t know what is .

        This is truly in the top 5 of all the gangstalking trust falls I’ve been tricked into . And one that truly caught me by surprise.

        Is that what you like? Wasn’t this your objective? Happy ?

        I really liked you. I trusted you too. I even thought you might have a moral compass. Was hoping you and I would become close friends and possibly team up to help victims and spread advocacy. You were definitely believable .

        With the exception of your sexuality. You need to work on that one. Real men don’t loosely and frequently patronize woman

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      2. Well. Well….that was painful to read. I’m sorry you feel that way.

        Um: publishing comments on a blog is pretty standard practice for any blogger, except those intel trolls, their associates and their relatives with the non-descript food and travel blogs devoid of a single shred of personal information.

        Yeah “AromaofVagueness” and “LustingForWanders” and so on.

        And really, that’s a lot of projection up there hon. I have offered you many lifelines, and you just wrap them around your own ankles, Penelope.

        This :”You just set me up to trust you only to betray me.

        You mislead me pretending to be a victim and advocate offering help.”

        NO, I wouldn’t do that–but you did! Hon–you wrote to me–an arguably overly cautious stranger on the internet.

        Now, I must rescind my offer of taking this post down, because others who find me quite useful will need it as a reference point–and no, I never said I am “a published novelist ANYWHERE, EVER, to ANYONE,” though I do have a standing offer from a non-FVEYs government publishing house right now, which I have been dodging a bit–because writing about the fall of western democracies is painful–painful to research, painful to write, and F@CK do I hate editing.

        It reminds me of an equally bizarre exchange from many years ago online, where a former CIA person was arguing (all over the net, BTW) with an FBI person.

        Some guy named Marino, and one of the more famous female intel trolls who are the stars of the #fakeTI show over at Ramola D’s blog, and Targeted Justice and so on–I can’t remember her name right now though.

        Oh, yeah–James Marino and Barbara Politis-Hartwell–what a shit how that was.

        Anyways–whenever you decide to restore yourself to sanity, feel free to write again, ok?

        Or–maybe, for example, write OVER AT YOUR OWN F-ing BLOG.

        But I do not undestand this part of your comment at all :

        “With the exception of your sexuality. You need to work on that one. Real men don’t loosely and frequently patronize woman”

        Yeah–real men, whatever they are, with a gun or something tucked in their pants.

        And “patronize” has a dual meaning in this context–did you mean I am banging hookers, for example, or sending flowers to women whose pants I want to unzip?

        Check, and check.

        But really, I am just a poor guy with a nutsack full of venom–like actual targeted individual Stanley Cohen, who has been through hell and back during his time as a fighter for the Constitution–but unlike him, sadly, I have a micro penis–even trannies, dogs, and mosquitoes won’t have anything to do with me. Well–the mosqiutoes…

        If another donkey NEVER gives me that donkey chuckle again, it might help restore my not-a-real-man pride to real-man levels–maybe, but the pain….

        Every kind of critter is always mocking me “hey Mr. Mosquito Dick, can that thing actually sting?”

        Its embarassing–one time a after a ride on a Greyhound bus (I was deep cover a a United States Citizen, before the fall of Democracy “as we knew it”, once upon a time….) a gang of gnats swooped in on me, stinging me all over the place with their gnat things–which are too small for the naked eye to see–and the entire time singing :

        “Mr. not-a-real-man has no weinie to sting, so we sting his ass to make him sing!”

        But that wasn’t even the humiliating part! No–it’s that they hung around for like, half a day,–or about fifteen years, I forget– daring me to sting them back!

        “Hey micro-weinie,” they said “C’mon, we’ll even give you a second chance!”

        Just a second….And then a third and so on.

        By the time they buzzed off, i am pretty sure they were singing “A thousand and one chances! GOD that’s funny!”

        But by then I was weeping–I could barely hear them I was sooooo humiliated. Will Ferrel tears, I guarantee you.

        Well, all that said–if I can find the time, I will take down your comments, ok?

        But right now–for some reason–I am feeling like a small, delicate green moth, in a glass jar–surrounded by bats!

        Yeah, I know right? That feeling of safety only lasts so long, and then, all the air is gone in the jar.

        Not a pretty picture.

        The good news, though, is that I told you from the very start–this is what I do. I’m a trapper of sorts.

        But I can’t get that horrible high pitched sting….er….singing out of my head! Have you ever heard a gang of recruits singing like that before? I have, and I can tell you, they are NOT a talented bunch, for the most part.

        And that one guy–he says “Well, I had to study how to beat a lie detector before I applied…”

        That sucker can’t tell a handler from a rabbit–none of them can at that level.

        But according to him? He beat the lie detector , and made it to the next level.


    3. Did it ever occur to you that what I said could protect you from what your alleged stalkers are doing to you? I bet you didn’t consider that–you are so full of yourself, that again–you completely miss the nuance here.


      1. Huh? Ok, whatever.

        I honestly have no idea what you are on about–you talk in circles, exhibit paranoid thinking, and think that somehow I am out to get you or something–hell, I will report it too.


    1. UM, nice try, I am 100% completely sane. And that “take your medication” thing is a 100% Big Pharma narrative.

      You might like to know that other countries are not under western Big Pharma trance formation–and those countries citizens are 100% NOT on US-FVEYs Big Pharma drugs, and solve social problems in other ways.

      I will take the post down. That one is easy to do. The rest are actually a lot of work.


  1. I will remove this post after you do that. The others seriously will take a lot of time–I will have to delete other peoples comments too, which is antithetical to what I do here–I will have to remove the entire posts and rewrite/republish them.

    Do you not understand that is a lot of work? That it is also something that you essentially did to yourself?

    Listen–I like you to, but your unawareness of basic simple protocols is dangerous to yourself and others!

    Can we agree on that?


    1. I haven’t read your tantrums. Sorry. I choose to like you whether you like me or not. And I’m not one of those SRP geeking out on gangstalking blogs . You know that. But I am a surveillance role PLAYA though! Just in reverse. You’d be proud.

      Ghost Boy…I have some NEW good stories AND NEWS for THE WHOLE TARGETED COMMUNITY!!! Let me know when you are done Hatin! Don’t hate the playas…hate the game. Nahhh…that’s bullshit! Hate the players too! Haha
      Just not me. I’m a targeted player. See what I did there? Making my OWN GANGSTALKING VOCAB!!!


      1. Look, I really don’t know what to make of you, TBH.

        I am just a guy who writes about gang stalking, and I cannot fully figure out your angle–like I said, my litmus test is that people help an actual TI, Richard Moore.

        After that, I honestly do not know what you are on about.

        You have some good ideas, like turning this around on the gang stalkers, but at every junction where I asked you to put up or sht up you balked!

        So, I give up.

        Meatime, you were correct that your [als are hacking away at my accounts, and its criminal activity. I will report it.


  2. Well I think we have already had a conversation about this and I hate always being right, especially when I really want to be wrong. Each week comes witha new round of clowns playing every conceible role. What strata out that seems to be similar never ever is. The fact that you have taken up my plight in this deep state cesspool of vomit called community policing, they will stop at nothing to silence me. So now they are trying to hack you and derail you, they want to pinpoint you so you can be targeted. As they are targeting me and my family mornusing my family to target me. Mississippi Department of Human Resources works directly with Homeland security. I sent you the links. These are the larger culprits I haven’t named but that is soon to change. They have hacked everything I have. There is no such thing as privacy. They commit felonies like it’s ok. I continue to work on my federal Lawsuits and I will not stop. I continue to report fraudulent use of Grant Money to the DOJ. I continue to file Civil rights violations complaints and I’ll continue to contact politicians and when they snub me or ignor me and our cause, they will answer for that on the campaign trail. My last YouTube video was uploaded just for Union County Sheriff office and I’m pressing felony complaints against the stalkers in the video. The larger picture is Exposing the highest levels of government officials and other Grant thieves. They keep records to justify nthe spending. That means names of victims. The entries are in Fact fraudulent, each Entrie is a crime. As they try to hack you please understand those are the ones that are hacking and running this criminal Enterprise in the dark and against the laws of this nation. Send me what you have, I need names and all I need is for one of them to slip up. They already know they are in deep shit, I e caught them slipping too many times. So, keep doing what your doing because these cowards think they can stop the TRUTH, they will not succeed

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    1. Correct. This “especially when I really want to be wrong”

      I had hoped she was going to be the real deal too.

      So, yeah–well, look up the case of Ted White in Missouri. Some scumbag detective from the Dixie Mafia was banging the guys wife, and then framed him on a sex abuse charge. He spent time in jail, and sued–and won his freedom back, and a 30 million dollar payout that broke the shitty little town who employed that detective.

      I think he said “IT’s great to be free, but they stole my family from me.” Yup–sound familiar? LIsten–I think you are a patient man. If I were you, I would likely have a shotgun, and if they came on my property? Yeah–I would have a plan for them that involves the phrases “Stood my ground/in fear for my life.”

      These pigs and their little gang do this shit all the time, and yeah, we need to put them in jail, or worse.

      The Constitution doesn’t lie and “equal protection under the law” has meaning, even if these local gags of police, firefighters, state workers and so on believe it does not.

      I asked her above to put some money on your GoFundMe, and she balked–your case–a clear case of stalking by a gang–is a litmus test for whether people believe in law, or do not believe in law.

      You might also be intrigued that a few years back, on one of those DHS fakenews sites on the web, some guy who was posing as a journalist named “Xkeyscore” was writing about gang stalking, and he called it “Project Pedophile,” where the FBI sends its minions into public to harass alleged pedophiles.

      The power of that term as a tool of social control is stunning–its as if they figured out that the death penalty isn’t really a “deterrent” so they need more psychologically brutal methods to maintain their version of social order.

      And so they started in the prisons back in the 1960’s experimenting with rape, and it was a very effective form of prison control. And so the y exported the results back into society, and then, they started the pedophile thing too.

      A really good read that documents this is “In the Belly of the Beast” by a convicted felon, Jack Henry Abbot and another is the writing of Eldridge Cleaver, the Black Panther.

      Abbots work is very good in that it documents how screws began to use rape to control inmates–and that, straight out of the CIA MKULTRA experiments in psychic brutality.

      So, yeah–go get those bastards, one name at a time–and get GOOD evidence that they are what you say they are. One thing though–use plastic garbage bags and sandwich bags and the like to preserve the evidence you find–like those signs, which will have DNA and fingerprints on them.

      In law, there is the concept of “spoliation of evidence” and the more you handle the evience, the more you spoil it–so get clean evidence, and turn it over in the police report.


      1. I have the signs in my trunk, only three people have touched them and the rest are perps. The last one from October the 10th talking about ” How do you like our drones” I sent the photos to the FAA. and it is confirmed,. The law enforcement wing of the FAA are going to conduct an investigation. My fingers are crossed. They have used them for years stalking and tourtoring me. Once I have the name of the people and agency operating the drones, They stalked me from coast to coast, I will take them to hell and back in Federal court and expose them and gut them!

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    2. I will send what I have when I get a minute–but you can read through her comments, especially the ones right at the beginning, where she names a few people that are allegedly targeting her.

      And notice that her main goal at all times was to get my name? Why would I ever do that for free?

      And do you also see a pattern? The Fort Worth Weekly article that mentioned you–even that author wanted my name–why would I ever give that away for free?

      IN that article, as you might recall, one dipshit was coming behind your comments, and trying to discrdit your story.

      Tiffany Fontenot, as I recall, and when you study these people, you find them all connected to former CIA/FBI etc., and all of their far right, ultra-conservative psychobabble.

      In Fontenot’s case, she is into “everse speech analysis”which is garbage science, but began at CIA in the 1970-80’s at the height of the Satanic Panic.

      That’s pure MKULTRA, nonetheless.

      So–yeah, its a name game to be certain. Why would I ever give that away for free?


  3. Richard–please come back here and lets talk openly, so that the public can understand this issue better.

    As you noted, she “ghosted”and that, just before Halloween!

    These people are indeed tied to “rituals”and occult practices.

    Ghosting just before Halloween, lol. HEY Kristin, where did you GOooohst?

    And my guess is that the local cops and their predator fire volunteers in your area will have a huge community meeting, warning parents to keep their children away from “Richard Moore, the child predator!based upon their phony trial from 2006.”I read your trial transcript. You are innocent in my eyes, until further evidence.

    You are a threat ONLY to your local KKK, and their “volunteers”in the Alpine Valley fire department.

    These small. hyper-local communities get federal dollars from using you as a scapegoat, while doing nothing to combat real predators, like Hollywood billionaires, for one example.

    You might also check out the case of Ahmaud Arbery–the local community is torn, and fearful, becuae they all know each other–the murderers know the prosecutors, and the cops–yup, its a problem in communities like yours too.

    They are just stupid people–devoid of critical thinking skills, and full of stupid mechanisms–their brains cannot do “logic”for example, and they always default to “superstition,”rather than fact based logic and science. .


    Did I scare you, Richard? Of course not!

    You are NOT a stupid Mississippi hick–you are a person about to be vindicated, bro. ANd the world is watching! I have aboy 50% of my traffic here watching ONLY your case!


    “How can we defeat gang stalkers?”

    We start this way, bro.


    1. Its never ending, I get followers and Facebook always sends me updates ” see who followed you today” actually sends chills up my spine. I don’t need Facebook to show me what I see in my rear view mirror! So yes, the FBI Infra guard has in fact changed the way many process the word “follow” I call it criminal STALKING! They always gush with a thumbs up and hand clap emojis.which always conjures up my immediate reflex to bitch-slap someone. Cant wait to start sending notices to Facebook saying look who ” signed on to the Federal class action lawsuit against you and Google today”. Donald Trump is pissed and so am I. He has hired Tobacco attorneys, the most vicious in the world and probably still bitter over the lawsuit they lost to then Attorney General of Mississippi Mike Moore( NO DAMN RELATION). Mississippi was awarded Billions and every state in the union thereafter. That money BTW is tucked away in a trust and our own Governor Tater Reeves cant get one cent for Mississippians even with the Scamdemic in play. Mike Moore from North Mississippi, and neck deep in community policing and combating human trafficking via torturing citizens they don’t like and for no other reason. What ever fraudulent entry they make about a ” target” is simply fraud and it inst difficult to trigger a feeding frenzy with a good juicy lie! So ” Releases the Trolls” So, when I get new Fans gushing with praise I ask them to love me with their check book and not a hand gesture. And boom, just like that we get a Ghost or a broke Troll turning ghost.The object is to relentlessly attempt to confuse and knock a real Victim off his narrative. They do not expect to be drawn into the fold of criminal misconduct defendants, which is exactly what they are doing. So as they send perps to my house to stalk and fire weapons and block traffic, I document and I have ONE HELLUVA FOLLOW THROUGH GAME FROM HELL! Ghost , LMAO its the bearded woman AND THE COUSIN INBREEDING THAT REALLY SENDS CHILLS UP YOUR SPINE.Yesterday they finally delivered on one of my fears. They had a midget couple stalking me at Walmart! Walmart shoppers and stalkers may very well bring PT Barnum back from the dead. These pathetic people have raised the bar on moronic freaks! So how in the world does community gang stalking policing recruit so many players? The GREAT Prophet PT Barnum told us, ” there is a sucker born every minute” . So, yes the circus came to town in Alpine Mississippi and never left! Soon, Ladies and Gentlemen, kiddies and cousins, may I now direct your attention to the center ring, The United States District Court for North Mississippi!


      1. Also: check your IP address. This one–– goes into my spam folder–I will check the others. But your emails go  into inbox and spam, whereas Kristen Kimbrell’s ALL went into the spam folder by default.

        Interesting, ay?​


      2. Richard, feel free to provide updates to your situation here, on my blog.

        Your last email was scary–those guys with guns, and the morons who crashed a car in front of your house–purely diabolical, what these sociopaths do, and I especially want the footage of that crash.

        It boggles the mind how insurance fraud is perpetrated by these people-for example, -that a car worth 10k is over-valued on an insurance policy, say for 12k instead–and that human beings would find it worth their time to crash that car in front of your house, on camera–for 2000 measly dollars!

        See what happens when a genuine manufacturing and agriculture based economy goes away, and the DVIC takes its place? Greedy triple dipping cops and other state workers form gangs, and defraud the public, the fed, and their sponsors in corporations–can you see why you are valuable, exposing such shenanigans?

        Not only are these police-affiliated stalkers perpetrating crimes, but they are also destroying our institutions, and our businesses too. Insurance companies are major targets of fraud and abuse–I suggest that you follow that claim, and submit your video to the highest levels of the INSURANCE COMPANY, including the names of the perps if you have them.

        Yup–America is a sick and dying animal, down to it’s core. What does 2000 USD buy in America anymore anyways?

        Yup–a lot of gang stalking. The country, its institutions, and its corporations are broken at every level.


  4. All this dick sucking between you two makes me jealous:) maybe I should grow one.

    On another note, Richard Moore, please respond to my inquiry and request for your cameo. Seriously, I’m making rounds. Visiting Linda Bess in the armpit of American ( Ohio) then I was hoping to interview you.
    Told ya so…..
    big things! oh and PS: my gangstalking investigation lead to SPEARTIP SOLUTIONS, CK tactical security, and the mutha fing Association of old crows-aka: murder of psychopaths. And a dash of knights of Columbus & Masonic Satanists.


      1. Right, it’s odd.

        But Merry Xmas to you there in MS, lol.

        And you are correct about one thing–these asshats do in fact want to inhibit not only male power, but also sexual potential–as you have said, to attempt to destroy your ability to connect with others. Its as if the entire olice state agenda is to use white females to inflitrate every important dialogue between men and ruin it.

        I saw your recent videos, and they are getting MUCH BETTER! Short and sweet, and to the point, especially the one with the sonic toy.

        This is really necessary for others from the outside world to comprehend your situation–short, brief videos, one at a time, with EVIDENCE. I saw how they gaslighted you in the F-Troop barracks, and it was clear–27 mintes long isnt too bad.

        I couldn’t help but notice how that one guy dodged right out of the room as soon as you entered–he didn’t even look at you, and had probably just arrived BEFORE you, lol. Total creeper cop.

        Then, that one little asshat thug sitting off to the side of the video as you talked to the captain at the desk.

        The guy says “well, we have nine counties, how could we track you!?”Lol….thats what they do.

        The Fusion Centers are how they do it, all linked in to these networks of state stalkers.

        A good FOIA is the radio chatter that goes on BEFORE they stop your car. You have the right to the emails, and the radio communicationsthat involved your stop, as well as the cell phone records of these troopers who were on the wire as they stalked you.

        The other video where you have that electronic thing–excellent work, and much on point, at 5 minutes long! Very good. The average viewer who first encounters you doesn’t have the attention span for hour long videos.

        But, that sound blaster gadget in the second video: I couldn’t read the label! Video was fuzzy.

        Can you write the brand name and the frequency/technical details/manufacturer here in the comment section so that I can research the thing, to make sure you are not being trolled by some fake TI?

        From the outside, the gadget that you held up in that video could be one of several of similar things, and without the data that you described, the viewer cannot know what it is exactly.

        Maybe post some photos of it to your blog? I can investigate that.


    1. I just caught that comment about dick sucking–why do white females always presume that male relationships are “gay” or something? I think as we see in the J.K. Rowling v. transmen thingy online, white females have a problem with the men who reject them and their poison privilege.

      But penis envy isn’t just a thing in a book, lol, right?

      Listen–something you could never understand is that bond that develops between men who are under fire with a common enemy–live or die based on whether or not we do the right thing to keep our compatriot living–it seems this confuses you.

      And on another note, the white female was used in the last several decades as a wedge between every important dialogue between men, so that other interests could divide and conquer the various dialectic spaces that are uniquely male.

      Then, crazy gay women like lesbain Alana Broadmore from Mental Health Canada formed the incel movement to tarnish men further, on the notion that getting white female pussy is the ultimate goal of men–which it is not–and then, they started stalking men too.

      All over the west, these women’s empowerment groups are stalking men–invading our spaces, and our conversations, uninvited.

      So, that said–I am sure I can’t speak for Richard, but he seems to be a pretty standup guy, not at all interested in the sexual circus of white women and their Internationalist handlers, unlike myself, who is a scumbag by definition.

      Frankly, I have plowed more furrows than the average guy, and enjoyed every bit of it. If I numbered my love interests over the years it would be in the high hundreds.

      There is this thing that happens to a man around woman/lover/one night bingo bang number 453 or 4 or where we evolve.

      We evolve to know that these types of relationships are inferior to male friedships, because they dont last, and becaue women generally cannot evolve past teenage angst, and pseudo-romance that mirrors the playground politics of girls who are girl friends.

      And it is there where we meet the real world, where women simply do not belong, for the most part, because no one is trying to kill you, whether by gunfire, stalking or bombs, and in facteveryone keeps you all up there on your pedestals, so they can look under your skirts.

      Men do not have nor seek that form of luxury, and generally seek to avoid the useles conversations that swirl around that forever-10-years-old type of dialogue that women just love.

      That said I will investigate your lead on Speartip (now: those fuckers propably ARE sucking each others dicks), and send some drama there way if you are correct.

      In my own case, I did in fact sue a security company and put it out of business. Those little chomos were stalking me everywhere, and working with the police to do so.

      The latter link is/was very difficulat to prove, but in those days, we weren’t as aware as we are today of the types of equiptment they use in the stalking–all of those various technologies that were fist upon the public back in the 2001-13 era, such as Stingrays and hHailstorm tech, etc.

      As for the Association of Old Crows, yes, retired cops and miltary asshats are heavilly involved in online stalking, hacking and so on–just look at all of those retired spooks from Targeted Justice, etc.

      Major stalkers, and soon to be indicted in a few jurisdictions, if we can line up the right legal cases.

      These people deserve what they get.

      As for your intimations about the Knights of Columbus, and Masonic asshats, these groups are indeed heavily involved in gang stalking.

      Also look into Rotary Club, Lins Club, B&Y club links because they are MAJOR gang stalkers–and can be caught and prosecuted.

      Again–you are kind of hard to follow, because you go off on tangents, and use hyperbolic language that never quite gets to the point!

      Clarify it a bit, put things in context, and lets see what’s really on your mind–as I say, this is no game.

      I might mock gang stalkers here at my blog sometimes, but when it was in full swing? Nothing to laugh at.

      So, if you are truly being stalked, keep naming names, and doing the research–they can all be prosecuted if you get the evidence.


    1. Well her Daddy is a criminal like her. Her finances her stalks and crimes. Rest assured that will not go unchecked. She worked you to get to me to stalk me. She is a compulsive liar which is the quality of all those involved in the Etasi Community Oreinted Policing. Criminal charges will be forthcoming. If she isn’t arrested and charged with these felonies then the law enforcement I lkdfe the complaint with with be in Federal court., Along with her and her family in that ORDER.


      1. Yes–gag stalking runs in the family. A lot of this latest era of stalking has its roots in fundamentalist churches–and the US State department under Bush.

        The most nororious fudamentalist stalkers worked at the US STate department, and especially in Hungary, Slovakia, other eastern Europe ad the far east. Their “causes” were always wining the hearts ad minds of the “women and children” and that meas sex workers. ad so on.

        They are all over the map as stalkers–and that guy is no differet.

        I think I told you that he took three mission trips to the far east, al part of that STate epartment push.

        In other news, I just wrote this to (you know who)
        Hi, I am seeking Lee Moore of the “Moore and Moore” ad agency, on behalf of a family matter–his cousin Richard, Fred Moore’s boy in Mississippi.

        I will briefly state the matter: Richard Moore in North Mississippi is doing some really interesting PR related social media work, but it seems that he could use some guidance from family members.

        As journalist and a PR person, I became involved on his behalf after he fell on some hard times, and he could use some work-from -home employment.

        If this is the right Moore agency, I would be glad to hear from you, Lee Moore.
        I will be writing about his case online, and in context to your late uncle, Charles Lee Moore, the civil rights era photographer, and I would like your input as well.

        I can be contacted at the email I provided in this exchange, and happily await your response.


      2. That’s interesting that he won’t answer phone calls or emails.

        Early on, she asked me to write to him, and I did–neither she nor he returned the email.

        When she firststrted writing, she had offered that she could fund a movie, or a screenplay–and I tried to take her up on her offer. But she seemed to be just blathering endlessly–all talk no action.

        Her dad actually did write a novel, some obscure story about the US tax code, so I thought maybe she was legit–Hollywood stalkers do in fact sometimes find blogs like my own, and try to capitalize on the data.

        Yeah–the whole thing is just weird, and her too.

        I will write more about that later–I still can’t believe that she stole your stuff!



    2. Well her Daddy is a criminal like her. Her finances her stalks and crimes. Rest assured that will not go unchecked. She worked you to get to me to stalk me. She is a compulsive liar which is the quality of all those involved in the Etasi Community Oreinted Policing. Criminal charges will be forthcoming. If she isn’t arrested and charged with these felonies then the law enforcement I file the complaint with with be in Federal court., Along with her and her family, in that ORDER.


      1. Yeah that Blue Ocean link is interesting isn’t it?
        What’s a “good person” like that doing raising a daughter who goes out stealing some guys stuff, and then threateeing to call the sheriff o the victim?

        As honey traps go, they could at least throw in something tasty, lol.

        It was a totally failed honeytrap setup–she playngthe victim, after extensive planning with the sheriff and others to try to frame you.

        Worst frame job ever.


      2. I wasn’t even going to bring this up. But Kristin Kimbrell has obvious mental issues. She also mentioned that she was a school teacher yet she couldn’t articulate why she no longer taught school. Her so – called story didn’t hold water, at not on the person she was fixing the blame. All the things that real Targets of Community Policing aka Perverts on Patrol stalkers get accused of are simply the auctual crime of the perpetrator. That is the most logical conclusion Kristin Kimbrell is a social reject. Nothing about her could possibly appeal to either sex. Chances are very strong that she was and may still be partners sexually with her father. She was flaunting a brand new AmEx Gold card in his name and protrayed him William Kimbrell as her husband and her mother Pat as her brother. You can’t make this shit up! So, the story about the diaper wearing boyfriend somehow made her a target is total bullshit. She couldn’t get a date in a troop train! She was however involved in robbing people and possession of methamphetamine. She used the drugs that made her feel beautiful and wanted. She got being extremely hornet confused with the beautiful and wanted part. I suspect somewhere in the picture some very under age student sees that she is in fact beautiful and wanted as he was confused because of tbe hormone effect and such while under the influence of methamphetamine. She blamed the judgment lapse on her daddy. He’s pushing 80 and can’t get it up and has to wear diapers to bed for bladder problems.Daddy sure didn’t want his kitty slut to ever TELL IT. So daddy’s influence kept his little princess out of prison and straight into a full time Criminal Community policing stalker. So t tbe possession of 2 grams of methamphetamine and the child molestation was put on the end of a stick that will hang perpetual and that is the way th like it. Her code name is 10 karat is simply a play on words. A 10 karat diamond weighi 2 grams. Now, that sure says a whole lot for the pedophile following she has!


      3. You are hilarious.

        Well, that’s one possibility–but you notice that she has fallen off the map since then Not a peep or a new post at her blog since forever.

        That’s interestig, isn’t it?


    1. I think you are correct. And I hope that you appreciate that I use your case as a “litmus test” and that if people will help you, they can help anyone–they are likely actual TI’s.

      Odd paradox isn’t it? You and your god, and me who rejects your god? And those who sought to undermine our friendship–I think that is a story in and of itself.

      You know–the core tenet of those Free Masons that have stalked you for so many years? It’s called “brotherly love” and they all seem to fail at themost basic of all tasks in that regards.

      That Golden Rule is not there as window dressing–and it isn’t just christians who follow it, or invented it–it is the core of humanity.


      1. Hilarious! Al those gay Masons–yeah, their slavery schemes are thin cover for their homosexuality–the need to subserviate other via their stalking and violence.

        Its totally perverse psychology.

        You shoud read the excelent blog “Murder By Gaslight: William Morgan–Revenge of the Free Masons”

        Its about the guy who published a book about Masonic secrets back in 1826, and ended up “drowning” after he was kidnapped by Masons.

        54 Masons were put on trial, including the sheriff, and given various sentences, though it was never “proven” who killed him.

        ANd of course as we see everywhere–the cunty coroner was a Mason too–so no one could provably identify the body or prove it was murder.

        The Maosns always attempt to fill key positions with their guys, to cover their tracks.


  5. To Kristen: Gang stalking is no joke–those who do it are criminals of the highest order.

    I have asked your input on every channel I could access–you don’t even reply at your own blog, and since that debacle where you were working with the Union County Sheriff–just wow!

    Pouring gas.

    I hope you see that I tried to do everything possible to encourage you, and to build alliances where they are needed.

    I also asked you to support Richard–not rob him.

    So, I would appreciate your response–and I am sure he would appreciate you returning his electronics that were in your car.

    If you have a complaint against him, feel free to air it. As you see, he is not afraid of this story–why are you?

    Come out little ghost, and face the day.

    There is a HUGE Blue Ocean of opportunity of you straighten yourself out here, and make it right.


      1. Lol….

        I really don’t know what to say about her–she has written a few posts since you and I last talked, and its the usual garbled gibberish.

        Why she doesn’t return your belongings is just beyond me–what kind of respectable person would have anything to do with that stuff?

        Now–I know you don’t want to hear it–but I still think there is an outside chance she is being targeted at some level–whether its her daddies connections stalking her when she’s bar-hopping (drinking is sin and all that), or some other weird thing–like the factthat she appears to be an inheritor of his net worth–maybe some trust fund crap–she DOES seem to have some form of disorder in her life.

        And I always want to believe, as they say–that people should be believed.

        She has not replied to my request for her to return your belonging either, so that’s weird right?

        I have been at this awhile–she seems like the lush kind of target–and they coe across as kind of crazy, and its hard to tell for sure.

        I think obviously what you went through indicates bad character–but possibly–and I always hold out hope for people–possibly, she is caught up in some way that has yet to reveal itself.

        What she did with the sheriff is pure b.s., no denying that, and these types are risky as hell. So we can only hope she sees the light, returns your suff, and makes a proper apology–but I won’t hod my breath.

        In other news: have you ever considered doing a Podcast about all of those wonderful details that you have on your head about your corner of the world? I think if you streamlined your thinking–and got your head out of the day to day assaults–I bet you might find an audience, and some hope!


      2. Date rape drug? You know–she seems to have some kind of trauma that I cannot identify exactly–go over to her blog, she has a post up about Myron May, the Talahassee shooter. Its her art work.

        For the life of e, I cannot figure out her angle–but one thong for sure is she keeps pitching these cockamamie angles on gang stalking, none of which add up to what real gang stalking is.

        One fact that hols out across the dialectic is that women are targeted different than men–and I know what she did was bad, and I know it is total perp behavior–but keep in mind that she is likely being “handled” by some asshats, and that she could come around, as they say.

        The litmus test is “will she give you back your electronics,” and appropriately explain what happened.


      3. lol.

        I think a good Heffewiessen would be in order–its her beer!

        And notice that she hasn’r made an appearance even yet? She gets these posts evey time a comment is made.

        Interesting, isn’t it?


      4. She obviously has the link here–she gets updates. So the answer is inn the question, right? Hey Kristen–its all out in the open here–why don’t you respond to Mr. Moore’s allegations against you?


    1. Is that right?

      If a country boy can survive… now tell me about running the the “trout line”…..

      Yeah–the great English tradition of homosexual buggery is alive and well in those southern jurisdictions.

      Buggery, in case you don’t know is the Protestant/Catholic rape of young boys–and no small surprise that when the so-called “feminists” were drumming it up for their cause in the last several decades–RAAAAAPE!!!—they focused itently on denying that this happens, and they wrote the definition of rape almost exclusively as “man to woman,” fully overlooking buggery and Ye Olden Timefs Great King Jamefs Tradiftion of The Lord of Yon High Seas–kidnapping and rape of boys.

      This is due in part to the southern Dixiecrat’s and the influence of those hook toothed vagina’s in the Women’s KKK–bitter fanged bitches like your pal Lynn Fitch.


      1. Facebook ban me for 30 once for using the word Dixiecrats! However they have no issues with me referring to Zuckerberg as a cunt with legs. As far as the ” trout line”I can’t believe you knew about that! That is when police departments like Oxford a college town, post up outside of one of hundreds of water holes for college students and arrest the pretty young drunk college boys for public intoxication! They get them back at the station and yep you guessed it, a whole line of drunk ( my daddy’s rich) boys naked for a strip search(;tease) and most of the time they need help with stuff you know. This is when they learn that a country boy not to be confused with a college boy can survive. Ole Miss Rebels! William Faulkner lived two blocks from the station and only God knows exactly how much he gathered from observing this sub culture of humanity.


      2. See–this is why you should WRITE. And I mean “write what you now!” I would gladly edit your stories–they are gold.

        Yeah–you could say I am familiar with the deep south in intimate ways, but as usual–gotta keep that all DL;-)

        And really–did you read my posts called “We say grace, we say ma’am” and “I’d love to spit some beechnut in that dude’s eye”?

        I wrote them both for you. The first one is sort of a story about what you guys go through down there–and try to guess who is the pervert in the story, lol.

        Yeah–I know a bit about that part of the world….


      3. I pay attention more than most know. It is difficult to find the time to write But I may take you up on the editing part. And yes I happen to be in the part of the world where Sweet&Low and low hanging fruit has nothing to do with sugar substitutes or fruit but has every to do with Suger substitutes and FRUIT! Thank You J. Edgar


      4. re: “I pay attention more than most know.”

        Yeah, I noticed that–you are playing fox to all of those wolves. I got that right away–its a necessary skill in that environment.

        Lolo, on the downlow on Sweet and Low….lol.

        Yeah–your stuf, once you weed out the pain and suffering from our day to day factual life is quite interesting. I think you could do a whole Podcast on Elvis and Tupelo–your video about that was excellent. A little research, a little policsh, and I think its a good story.

        As we agreed, he was no doubt gag stalked just as was Martin Luther King, by US Military Intelligence and all of those god damned bugger backing Jimmy’s.

        Onr thing about major media is that they weed out those important details–its not the Jews any more than it is the Protestants, and the Catholics affecting/infecting our media–and one thng they don’t want folks to know is how hard they work to stop alternative narratives, and keep things like the race divide alive at all times.

        As you know, you me an Elvis have something in common: we are well versed in black culture–a direct threat to the race narratives people are sold on in the US.

        And add to that the fact that now, the same racists are trying to package Asian experiences in the same racist manner–or calling Hispanics and LatinX people “white” denies how many suffered just to cross the border and pick the cotton that the blacks would no longer pick–these are the REAL stories of the South, and the west in general.

        Remeber Forest Gump? There was a reason that his futre partner–the black guy–died: Asians were coming soon…..and the Indians….the Muslims….the Africans….and so on.

        The black guy always died in that era, and never got his shot at the real titles, whereas the future will have the heroic-but-not-obvious hero white guys taking the bullet.

        Your case is like that.


      5. My first job was working as a janitor when I was 16 during the summer. That is how I bought my first car. I worked the the YMCA Florence Alabama. And that was about the time the Village People gave the world the hit song YMCA ( you men’s Christian Association) I’ll leave it hanging there because it’s getting late and I need rest. When I try to write exhausted it’s harder than a preachers dick, I’ll tell you.


      6. Yup.

        That’s EXACTLY what I am talking about–you are a natural writer, and the thing you say deserve a wider audience.

        More exhausted than than a preachers dick is beyond hilarious–I myself am on my knees, every day, praying for “controlled release” lol.

        BLAM! Oooops….I need to work on that….


      7. Oh yeah–you would largely be a nightare to edit, because you rable endlessly, and go on tangents about God.

        But if you knock that shit off, and stick to real stories, and facts of your life, I think you could be brought into line–highly readable stuff.

        But I am not sure if you have it in you to do the work of research, and nuances that are necessary to get the good story–you are stuck a bit in “your own story,” and iss how imprtant that is next to the story of others–in some ways the main character–in other ways, clueless about how the main character should focus on others to get the real story out there.

        Your example wth Fred Childers and his wife is one such story. It could be really good, but it lacks depth and insight into THEIR lives and YOUR intersection with them.

        Just one example.

        And–you gotta stop talking about dumb and ugly bitches” and so on, unless you qualify it–some women for example have pain that you and I cannot know.

        I always think about the heavier girls as having a burden but it takes time to figure out what that burden might be…..we can’t just pt it out there bluntly….nuance, Richard.


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