Release the footage: Moab police continue to run a “narrative” in the press, refusing to release footage of park ranger PSYOPping Gabby Petito

My treasured readers will recall that Gabby Petito likely died at the hands of her co-combatant Brian Laundrie, whose parents were treated to an early Halloween party this week, as the FBI led them on a haunted tour of a crime scene, where they got the best Halloween present ever!

Yup–the FBI and its local assets in policing, assisted by an actual gang of people who waged a “noise campaign” outside their house, led Brian Laundire’s parents to their sons skull, some remnants of his bones, and a few other things.

Oh, those Merry Prankster’s at the FBI are so fun! Great folks there.

Related Story: What is “collective punishment,” and why were Brian Laundrie’s parents punished because they got a lawyer, and invoked their rights? Why do police punish people who invoke their rights?


Gabby Petito update – Body cam footage of Brian Laundrie fight ‘being withheld by cops’ after remains ID’d as his

SOME bodycam footage of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie taken by the Moab Police Department will continue to be withheld from the public, despite the confirmation of Laundrie’s death….Newsweek confirmed that while footage from two police cameras were released, video from a third camera will continue to be withheld at this time.

Well, before all of that happened, there was this fight*, and then a confession where Ms. Petito admitted to several misdemeanor crimes, and assault, which was caught on police body cameras, and the female combatant went on record admitting she started a fight, and lost**

The cop in that case was ready to put her in jail, and indeed–had he simply enforced the law, she would have been in jail, based upon her own words, and admission that she hit her then fiance’.

But he didn’t do that, because in these cases, a “third party” to US law steps in and works its devilry–gender biased narrative, financed by a variety of “special interests” who fund “special programs” in police departments.

Well–the press made sure to get two of those police body cams footage into every headline for a month or so, while largely failing to note that a third police body camera showed up at the scene–you can view that here–and that footage was withheld for “some reason.”

And that reason? The park ranger–a woman–counseled Gabby in gender biased language, and utilized “psychological operations,” to convince her that it was all Brian’s fault, and that she should leave him. And its also quite likely that this park ranger had some “special training” funded by “special interests” too. Here is just one example of the money pot that ultra-conservatives make available to states and their “special victim programs.”

And obviously, that would have been a great idea! Poor Gabby……it’s so sad she never learned to stand on her own two feet! Or learn some deadly karate chops, or some Krav Maga–or even when to know that her life is in danger! Folks–these are necessary things–why do we NOT teach them to women and girls by DEFAULT?

–GET THE F@CK out of abusive relationships!

Nice idea folks–but in these situations, ALL of our special interests make sure to get the guys cash and valuables stripped away from him before they “save these women” from “abusive situations. As we saw in the Publix shooting, not only had the guy been stripped of all his worldly possessions, house and home–but that he still had to pay the mortgage on the home his wife lived in!

Absurd laws, absurd outcomes.

It goes without saying that the DVIC is a bandit operation, similar to state terrorism, similar to how police stop cars and seize cash, similar to the DEA searching travellers records to steal cash, and similar to how piracy was once a major revenue source for the Crown of England too. You can have a look at one guy who was driven to ruin by the DVIC and its special interests here–that guy eventually shot a poor old fist fighting grandmother!

But the problem here is one of “narrative,” and the fact that police departments everywhere derive funding ONLY IF they gender narratives of violence, and lay social responsibility solely upon the male half of a co-combatant situation, and this straight out of the Bankster Manual of Domestic Violence.

And THAT is a problem, because it is at this juncture where we see the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) doing its anti-Democratic work–because on one tier of our society, we have a Constitution, which guarantees “equal protection under the law” and on the other tier, we have the DVIC and it’s other anti-Democratic institutions waging a war on due process of law, and civil rights.

And this is where we see the Hegelian Dialectic most clearly–that western powers will do ANYTHING to subvert “equal protection under the law” as long as they can uphold a gendered narrative where “mutual combatants” get a gendered treatment when one of those combatants is female–and the bankster’s*** can get their oily fingertips into the domestic sphere, stealing homes, kids, and cash in an unchecked free-for-all; indeed a free-fall that has seen America and other nations families destroyed since the Federal Reserve came to wrap its cuddly tentacles around “the women and children” of America.

And THAT is why the third video is being withheld. After all a “lie will travel the world a thousand times before the truth can get its pants on.” The DVIC carefully hides its presence from the light, and the truth is grim.

We are being panst’d, all of us.

*when males are battered by other males, police and bystanders are very likely to call it a “fight” as if it is mutual combat, when in fact, most often it is not–and this is a glaring flaw in “police science” which is actually, often merely DVIC funded “junk science.

**police frequently arrest the “loser” of the “fight” when it’s two males, even if the “loser” was a non-voluntary combatant. Its a self perpetuating, gendered, and biased model in policing across the western world

***It is frequently said that the “bankster’s” are all Jewish,and indeed, we see the International Jewish Mafia heavily involved in that industry–but the fact is, banks are corporate entities, with a variety of shareholders of all ethnicities, most notably and recently Chinese, Russian, Indian and Saudi billionaires being prominent shareholders to the American Corporate State..

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