Pseudo Law: how does it apply to gang stalking cases?

There is an academic movement afoot that seeks to discredit those who have been damaged by the post 9-11 surveillance state and its predatory and barbaric policing practices, and related abuses. It takes the form of moral panic induced anti-democratic “pseudolaw”like the Patriot Act and its bastard cousins in law.

These forms of “law” gave governments that use them a free pass–to never follow a single law or treaty that had existed as law previous too it, the most notorious example being how the US-FVEYs abandoned the Geneva Convention, and torture prisoners in Guantanamo Bay to this very day–those men actually called “targets” in US-FVEYs intelligence briefs.

These laws range from California’s extra-Constitutional privacy protection’s for police and other public servants, to the many, many laws named after missing or murdered persons who make the headlines too.

Marsy’s law and the Department of Justice highlighting the “Victim’s Bill of Rights” is one such law that was recently highlighted in the Publix shooting, where a long term stalking victim killed a grandmother and her grandson.

That man had undeniably been stalked by other bad state actors in the judiciary, and other pseudo laws too, namely, he lost his house during a divorce, was forced to live in a tool shed, and even then filed for bankruptcy after he was forced by the state to continue paying the mortgage on a house he couldn’t live in–bizarre, and inhumane, these DVIC era pseudolaws that violate every civil rights protection enshrined in the US Constitution, while claiming to be in accordance with it.

I predicted that in that case, we would find out that police were EVERYWHERE before, during, and after the shooting, and later, after the “victim’s family” requested anonymity for the “victim” indeed, ROGS Analysis did victory laps when we t]later find out that indeed–the “victim” of the shooting was a nurse, like these nurses here, and that her grandson was indeed the child of a civilian employee of the police department too! What are the odds of THAT?

In gang stalking cases, ROGS Analysis predicts that “nearly 100% of all gang stalkers ARE current and former police, military, and intelligence agents,” and those in their orbit: paramedics, firefighters, nurses, psychologists–all of them on the state teats like suckling pigs.These are indeed, state sponsored gangs,” and they are indeed stalking people too.

So-these pseudolaws are EVERYWHERE since the gender biased Violence Against Women Act was enshrined as policy, and law–that law itself violating the US Constitution’s guarantees of equal access to the law, and equal rights–the fact that it completely denied the historical fact that women initiate the majority of violence in the home is staggering, even to this day nearly thirty years later. But it IS a lucrative source of grant money to states, and “women’s empowerment” groups and domestic violence shelters, the staff of which have been implicated in many gang stalking stories online–and a huge cash cow that many feed off of one way or another

And we saw THAT pseudolaw highlighted in the case of murdered Gabby Petito, where the press couldn’t bend over backwards enough to hide the fact that Little Red Blogging Hood had admitted to initiating constant violent contact with her boyfriend. Indeed-the police are still hiding the police body cam footage of a female cop trying to lay the blame for that woman’s violence on her boyfriend, whose parents were led on one of the most bizarre Halloween Hay Rides of all time, by the FBI–a journey into a swamp, to find their son’s remains–because they invoked their RIGHTS.

The simple fact is that Brian Laundrie had a chance to fight any charges the state might bring against him, and that police were watching him “24-7” via video camera’s as he went to the swamp. And the fact is that WHATEVER ACTUALLY HAPPENED to him was watched by police–and their associates too. These are the facts of that case, and how pseudolaw has replaced law itself in western democracies.

Read It: Generation after generation private donors, and international bankster’s loan the US government money to establish pseudolaw in states. Here is just ONE example of that– Mississippi Bureau of Investigation Human Trafficking Unit Grant: BJA FY 19 Enhanced Collaborative Model (ECM) Task Force to Combat Human Trafficking (“Grant”): Supporting Law Enforcement’s Role.

This is the with us or against us, binary narrative at work, this exact aversion of western states to follow the law and treaties that is the root of the two tiered justice system too–that is, if a targeted individual can in fact even access the courts.

But as we see in the case of Brian Laundrie–a highly skilled, media and technical lynch mob preceded any possibility of a court trial. And, its likely actual lynch mob of one kind or another followed him to that swamp too.

So, all that talk of “law” is entirely a false narrative, spreading the very seeds of fascism, at the behest of oligarchs and religious despots who finance the “American Dream” in the form of grants, loans and other funding or resource allocation doled out to the nations and institutions that enable them. And enable them they do!

There is a virtual industry of academic paper writing that pleads and begs for access to the billions of dollars available to those who look the other way in these cases, and apply pseudoscience to enable pseudolaw. Like all junk science, and junk law, we end up with people like Dr. Lorraine Sheridan at the University of Perth, AU and her paper mill cranking out very sound science-sounding studies, but never actually interviewing any actual targets.

Her studies analyze the online content of self-claimed targeted individuals–but carefully avoid cases of whistle blowers and security insiders, and my own case like with a vengeance, because ROGS Analysis is 100%, having studied actual cases, where unlikable, or otherwise not-white-like-Lorraine targeted individuals made the news.

And together, these are enabling a junk culture of actual gang stalkers and vigilante’s too.

This is also propped up by a disingenuous form of argument that takes the circular form of “skepticism,” which constantly demands evidence, while never providing anything but more calls for “evidence.” It is a form of pseudo-rational argument that provides no theory itself, designed to drain any researchers time, while parroting “I need more proof!”as a discrediting mechanism–it is Asperger’s Syndrome written into discourse.

So, lets first take a look at a conversation that matters to see how pseudolaws manage to pre-empt real laws, based in nation’s constitutions:

Dr. Michael Wood, a psychology lecturer at the University of Winchester and others like him went on record a few years back participating in highly organized and not-so-skillfully executed disinformation campaign about “conspiracy theories” waged by and IN major media companies such as the New York Times, whose journalism is historically biased, and a wing of “the deep state” and its agendas, according to most media bias fact checking sites.

Here are some of his contributions to the junk science of discrediting conspiracy theories. Cost benefit analyses indeed. Look deeper and you might even see him begging for a grant via cleverly named papers like The Price is Right: A High Information Access Cost Facilitates Category Learning

Yup. I can see it now: the Good Doctor Wood writes a grant proposal, with a statement like “PTSD and Policing: I seek to investigate the phenomenon of so many black men put themselves in harms way by turning their backs on the police, who then shoot them in the back “fearing for their lives,” causing these police massive trauma.”

Seriously–these are the kinds of people we are dealing with here–institutional sociopaths. They would write papers advocating for puppy killing if they could get paid to do it.

Which is why I write for free, get hacked, and stalked, and targeted with de-platforming every now and again too–to help actual TI’s.

UPDATE: Read my latest thoughts here and here after my recent “accidental de-platforming.”

I have also put him on my source watch list due to his inability to look at or consider evidence submitted by many actual targets, differentiated from #fakeTI’s, but also because he quite irresponsibly abandoned his own comments forum where he sought to discredit targeted individuals–and he inferred that while actual cases exist such as the well known stalking by Scientologists, he refused to acknowledge the greater gravity of police and intelligence gang stalking, or corporate gang stalking, as we saw in the eBay case either, where we saw former FBI contractor Jim Baugh claiming that hos tactics were ‘what I was trained to do BY the FBI!’

You can have a look at Dr. Woods forum here, and note the actual targeted individuals in that forum, none of whom talk about “directed energy weapons, aliens and micro-satellite brain beams” and all of whom talk about being targeted by government and corporate security industry goons, horrific community policing programs, or other such events. Many whistle blowers, many actual targets.

Contrast them with the #fakeTI’s who babble on about aliens and the flat earth over here at Ramola D.s blog The Every Day Concerned Citizen”, or anything by Targeted Justice, and the many others like it online. These people are the garbage pit of gang stalking, and I suggest you avoid them if you want to create social change.

It is at this junction where we see the split in the dialogue, as actual targets like Ahmaud Arbery get deliberately smeared by proxy before, during, and after these long term state sponsored stalking events because of crackpots with a left or right bias, or other agenda.

And so–because of the lack of social awareness about this topic, pseudolaw has emerged to replace our Constitution, no different than the Church waged the Inquisition on unsuspecting innocents, or tore it’s genocidal swath across the indigenous populations of the entire world, and used forms of barbaric torture too.

And pseudolaw is where it starts.

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