THANK YOU WORDPRESS!!! I couldn’t be more happy today!

So, I have had a recurring “de-platforming problem” with WordPress, which is not entirely the fault of WordPress, but rather, the fault of “gangs of cyber stalkers” who report my blog to WP and hope I get de-platformed–a flaw in WP’s free blogs to be sure.

Anyone who reads what I write knows that I write fairly unfiltered.and often somewhat inflammatory content–I even used “the N-word” a couple times for demonstrative artistic purposes, and called out a racist Jewish guy who hates ‘barbaric europeans’ with a passion. Is THAT anti-shemitic, calling out people who hate others pre-emptively, based upon genetic heritage–while eating home-made, Dutch oven roasted pastrami on rye, from Chef John??

And challenging white female privilege or white supremacy also gets the cyber stalkers worked up to–just look at this if you have doubts! White women and privilege–that’s a conversation that has gotten men lynched, tarred and feathered, and slandered for centuries–so common in fact that it built the “women’s empowerment” networks of America around just that very idea–and that idea right out of the Women’s Auxilliary of the Ku Klux Klan playbook.

So-imagine one or two random A_HOLE ‘S reporting a blog, and its not really a problem–but imagine literal battalions of cyber trolls doing that? And yeah, it’s a problem, to whit, the oddly named racist APP that does exactly that, ActIL:

A mobile phone app called Act.IL available for download in the Apple store recruits every day American Jews and organizes them in troll operations on social media in an attempt to control, steer and suppress public conversations about Zionism, BDS and Jewish power.

Act.IL’s founder and CEO, Yarden Ben Yosef, served in a “special combat” intelligence unit in the Israeli military. Most of the company’s staff is composed of spies. The program receives joint funding from billionaire GOP donor Sheldon Adelson and the Israeli state.

Source: Aletho News

Seriously–bin Laden, ben Yosef–to sane people, there is no substantive difference between these types of religious fanatics. And, they are who gang stalkers ARE for the most part–though of course, the left and the atheists also have their stalking groups we saw in the case of “Alana”the founder of the Incel Movement. It’s all a big Horseshoe to me.

And we know with much evidence that these “gangs” of cyber harassers are largely comprised of current and former military, police, and intelligence agency types, enlisting others in their orbit to harass people online and off–this is what gag stalking IS, and those are the people who do it. This blogs entire purpose is to simply bring that fact into the public’s awareness, for the common good.

In the recent case, someone, or something had marked my entire blog as spam (however they did that is a case study in hacking to be sure) and WP de-platformed me for a week, and later, re-platformed me after I reported the error.

Unlike the former case, where was taken offline, someone was actually accessing my blog from INSIDE WordPress, and altering my content at that time, at one point re-naming my blog “Q” and at another point, adding a picture of a SWAT Team to my masthead–purely sick actors these hackers inside WordPress, one of whom I have named, after tracing his web presence directly to a #fakeTI blog in Las Vegas–and a couple of “its for the children” types of organizations too..

The latter case was a “virtual SWATting” event–which is no joke, and which is also a felonious assault in and of itself. Hacking is a crime, and it can and should be prosecuted much more than it is. But the problem there is that spying and its associated mayhem creating activity–while illegal–is largely Catch Me If You Can policing, with zero accountability anywhere.

But in the recent case…were these actually inside WordPress as coders, and developers, and so on?

There are many, many scenarios where a hacker can intercept my blog in progress, and that is just one of the attack vectors. In the latter case, I was actually being stalked around Hollywood, CA, and all of the bizarre activity of stalkers occurred–my regular readers might recall this meme from that era:

Religionists are all heinous monsters:The Inquisition in Spain” Tortures of the Inquisition including “waterboarding” at right. Vintage Woodcut Illustration from: “Book of Martyrs; or a History of the Lives Sufferings and Triumphant Deaths of the Primitive as well as Protestant Martyrs from the Commencement Of Christianity to the Latest Periods of Pagan an Popish Persecution” by Rev. John Fox pub 1832. aquired 2001 Tortures carried out in the name of religion

Ooooooops! Wrong image, hold on….

This guy was stalking me from coffee shop to coffee shop as I published my blog, and other bad actors were too. I photographed many of them–they have an obsessive relationship with photography. This is what is called “conspicuous surveillance” whose goal is to terrify, harass, and intimidate the target–there is no other legitimate investigative or other purpose than that, as this incarnation of COINTELPRO 2.0 has no other goal.

What makes this latest exploit more profound is that my posts had been marked as spam in WP’s filters–and certainly, I do not go out of my way to get readers, or publicize my content–indeed, most of my followers are ALWAYS gang stalkers–the exact type I outlined above, and the exact type that this woman here indicated that she is affiliated with too. And because I am aware that most of my followers are no-goodniks, I deleted almost all of them–I do not want their kinds lurking here.

Gang stalkers are primarily anti-democratic miscreants, and true anti-socials down to the very twisted fibers of their souls–if indeed such people possessed a soul in the first place, which I doubt that they do.

That said, here is what WP reported:

Thanks for getting in touch. I’ve taken a look, and can confirm that your site was mistakenly flagged by our automated spam filters.

You should not have received this warning, and I have removed it from your account.

WordPress support is excellent, incredibly helpful, and nearly unrivaled online–and considering that its a free service, one of the most generous gifts to the free speech community around the entire world too.

And as it turns out, I am an “over-writer” meaning that sometimes, I am writing and editing five or more pieces at the same time–sometimes from several different browsers, ad even different operating systems, lol…shame on me, this time.

And it’s quite possible that I don’t refresh my browser enough.Occam’s Razor to one person is part of a larger story to another person–and that is what gang stalking’s proponents want us to know–that Occaam’s Razor fails the test when it comes to gang stalking’s heinous and anti-democratic practices; indeed that mock and defy explanations–thanks for reminding me about that, WordPress!

But is gang stalking real, though? Please check in with a documented target of “community policing gone neo-Klan” in Mississippi, where Richard Moore is endlessly targeted by these anti-democratic anti-social miscreants.

3 thoughts on “THANK YOU WORDPRESS!!! I couldn’t be more happy today!

  1. It’s quite clear at this point that any person that dare say anything positive about Richard Moore and his exposure of corruption will themselves become the subject of criminal creepy stalkers. As we continue to press forward and our quest to out the closeted freaj criminals and let the world see them for what they truly are, we expect constant push back from these basement dwellers. And that’s precisely why we’re here! The platform this block that everything that’s done leaves a digital footprint we expect this and we don’t expect it to change. On that note the enemy should not expect us to change either. So what’s all the fuss about? It’s about exposing the big blue wall of Lies of corrupt law enforcement going to Great lengths to protect the LIE. It just so happens that we embrace the values of free speech and constructive dialogue that brings society to a better place. The battle is a large one not an impossible one, the closet fascist the new age ku Klux Klan and the women’s empowerment movement seek to destroy the free worlds way of life. We battle those they’re their positions change like the wind just a simple as their social media profiles. They absolutely define the word coward and pathetic. We will keep defining these people we will give you their names, their positions, their crimes and we will do it relentlessly.


    1. If you had told me that one day I would assist a Baptist in ANYTHING, I would have called you crazy–as a non-theist, I am repulsed by religion. But as a human being, I am impressed by the human spirit–and Richard Moores spirit is fearless, bold, and righteous.

      As for common enemies–it is always the co-opters of social movements that are the enemy: how righteous feminism was stolen by “women’s empowerment,” which is really the Women’s KKK in action; how righteous Jewish leftists causes are undermined by the Toxic ADL, and their equally repugnant co-opters amongst other religious and tribal sects–and how every “man problem” created by these sociopaths is relegated to “addiction, recovery, and homelessness.”

      The fact is that the “deep state” of power relations, and the sectarian alliances among them have conspired to turn democracies into two tiered serf-states, whether by corporate cloak and dagger support od nn-governmental organizations, or through community services, the threat to democracy is real, and validated in incidents like what we see with Richard Moore’s case–and millions of others across the nation. It is not a Right-Left problem, it is a DEMOCRACY problem.

      NAming names is the beginning of targeting the narrative with injections of truth–who are these people who ramble on about “eectronic zappers, lizard people, satellite brain blasters” and all that other garbage–and why are the “official sources” only citing the crackpots in their work?

      We have answers, don’t we, Richard?

      Naming names, and identifying these sociopaths is a start–but tracing out theor webs of associates is the goal.

      Dr. Lorraine Sheridan = denialist prison system profiteer
      Dr. David V. James+ works hand in black glove with police at North London Forensic Psychology, targeting “criminals”
      Christine Sarteschi= has a book to sell about “black gang members” and always appears in domestic violence narratives, upholding gender biases
      Dr. Joe Pierre= UCLA drug prescriber, and Veterans Administration drug pusher
      ….folks, the lists go on and on. Get involved! Know disinformation when you see it.


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