The bi-annual culling has begun! I deleted all of my followers, except one!

WordPress has a major “Silicon Valley Spying” problem–and it manifests itself in many ways, not least of which is that many groups and organizations have “operatives” embedded inside WordPress’s offices, policing speech,

These range from actual members of the intelligence services, to subsidiary anti-democracy fobs like the FBI’s Infragard, and others; to just plain old scumbags who infiltrate Big Tech so that they can push their views on others–primarily by censoring thoughts, words, and ideas that conflict with their agenda–whether that agenda is far right insanity disguised as religion, as we see in the case of known stalker Steve Wymer of the eBay debacle,, or whether that agenda is what is referred to as the “gay agenda” which is an equally word-crushing movement.

Well–my one regular reader might have noticed that I was recently de-platformed, and then, re-platformed, which is sort of “never heard of before,” which is quite interesting–I suspect the moles have a need for my meta-data again, and are working with the above mentioned Silicon Valley Spies to gain more information about me as a writer–a game changing writer at that.

Or, WordPress is what I have always thought of it as: a stellar platform for free speech, and they have protected my right to that as best as they can, after this crackpot spewed some mental vomit all over my comment pages, and then, requested that I delete it all–a huge task, as any WP user knows.

But more importantly–I was de-platformed just days after her escapade here, and weeks after she told me that “her friends” were attempting to hack my blogs online too!

Then, the race was on, for who could police my speech the hardest, and cause conflict here–all of that noted in the evidence that was compiled here too.

So, yeah, Dr. Sheridan--gang stalking is very very real.And I have documented it repeatedly online and off. Feel free to take me up on my offer, which I am sure that you will not–because you work for that exact police state that s=does these things.

Remember last time, when someone inside WordPress was altering content at my other blog, before I got de-platformed? Riiiight. “plausible deniability” isn’t just a thing in the intelligence community–it’ Big Tech’s biggest Silicon Valley problem.

Well, anyways, I booted all of those miscreants of my blog, because they are no good–not good people, not good writers, and not good human beings–the latter of course differentiated from “people” because human beings (thanks Karl Rogers!) are in the active portion of “being”–at the very core our existence is life itself to many people.And in my case I attracted some parasites–most notably that hateful, racist schtreimel wearing anti-human, Mosckerr, who I wrote about here.

Well, that said–welcome to my one follower–you know who you are–and your piece about the “paper castles”? One of your best yet.

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