Who survived the Great Culling yesterday?Linguists, and writers, and one hard fighting TI from Mississippi!

In the great culling yesterday, I deleted the majority of my followers, because they are either intel agency trolls, racist stalkers and lurkers, or word police who come in a variety of disguises, like this asshat here, who puked all over my comments section, and then demanded I delete her spam-posts–her posts LITERALLY went into my spam folder, she was so prolific.

While I was initially happy with her general thrust and push, she crapped out on her promises, and turned into a paranoid troll after I asked her to contribute to the GoFundMe of an actual targeted individual, Richard Moore of Mississippi, who has nightly stalkers firing bullets around his house, and worse–follow that trail, and you can see I sensed some paranoia in her life.

I sort of hated to delete a few of them–a couple sisters from Israel who design fashion–I deleted them because they never “interacted with the material” in any way at all. But its Israel, right? Who knows if they are laughing along as I do at my attempts at humor, or my criticism of white privilege and Bari Weiss–who is connected to one mass shooting on US soil–or are in fact just collecting information to feed to any of a number of deep state Israeli psychological operators, right?

Such is the condition of humanity these days too, as social media collects and markets us all in one form or another, as many #fakeTI’s online like to say “it’s a modern slavery! They are selling us!” and so on. Not that they aren’t, whoever “they” are. That’s what Silicon Valley IS, a modern sort of slave market, leveraging our rights and “freedoms” to the highest bidder, while the National Security Agency literally gives all American’s data to Israel, completely unfiltered.

Riiiight. Louis Farrakhan so nutty, claiming Jews are slavers, lol. Not.

My favorite, and most enjoyed deletion?

“radiated24/7” a blog written from Hong Kong, likely by a spook or NGO operative of one kind or another. Ouch! Did they ever flub the ball during the Hong Kong takeover–shame on you, NED! I did some background on that one, and wow–tinfoil hat, and some spy gear all hunkered down in a dirty Hong Kong flat are never a good combination if you want to start a conversation.

Those “satellite beams connected to my right rear molar” types of people speak a form of language that probably SHOULD disappear, but likely won’t any time soon.You can view their odd “para-sympathetic/euphimistic speech and dialogue” here, at my best and worst of gang stalking blogroll, where they ramble on about aliens, and directed energy weapons, and the flat earth too. Talking gibberish doesn’t help a single TI–only by speaking the facts can we bring this issue into the light.

And especially have a look at “mind reading locusts” as state agents dependent upon federal “human trafficking” dollars write blogs about that exact topic–these people are insane psychopaths.

Don’t get me wrong–I believe that ALL speech should be preserved, but unlike Big Tech and its enablers, I believe the public should be able to VIEW and INTERACT With that speech–those words, phrases, and ideas that represent, document, or help us form culture.

But I also kind of enjoyed deleting this guy, who hates “barbaric european’s” with a hate as great as any great hate, and while I tolerated him for awhile, I finally cut bait, after some glitches with my WordPress account, which you can read about here where I discuss the culling, and here, where I thank WordPress for restoring my blog–absolutely unheard of , “re-platforming!” What a great company!

That last guy–it would be nice to have Orthodox Jews to interact with, and discuss things with, but WOW! Remember what they did to Bruno, aka Sasha Baron-Cohen? Riiiiight.

WOW! That “one guy….” RACISM BINGO–a dual citizen of both Israel and the US (Texas of all places) who is very much on record, and all over the internet waging a campaign about how the world will be a better place if the Cohen’s rule it again, after destroying both secular Jews, AND heathen barbarian “europeans.”

–as if they ever did rule any world in the first place. And, those types of Cohen’s always–ALWAYS despise these types of Cohen’s, in an odd paradox which is too deep and full of tribal sectarianism for me to get into here in this post.

But who survived the culling you ask!?

Only you will know, because all of you are “contributors” in one way or another to the very important job of preserving speech and words and cultures that form around them!

I now welcome my followers who are doing field work in language preservation, particularly as relates to minority languages–when language dies, culture goes with it as they say, and so, the important task of preserving the history of those cultures dies too, which is NEVER a good thing for those cultures.

One of the most misfortunate disappearances of culture that sticks in my recent mind is the story of the most fearsome and Pagan men of the Baltic–the Curonians, featured in “The Men From the Land of Amber.” Were they Europe’s last hope against Jewish-christianity? I think they were, and I have personally found sources of amber with which to honor them.

Neither Here, nor There, but yes–I have collected a few things on my journeys that can bring our diverse, non-Jewish-christian cultures back into focus–and away from the slaver’s of Silicon Valley too.

So, I wave my feathered cap to a group of linguists, and culture preservers, who blog and study languages– and “HEY, LINGUISTS!? Maybe turn your eyes and ears to China, where thousands and thousands of local dialects are dying every day! Those dialects could use some study too!–and maybe a few dictionary entries too!”

Indeed–unique individuals form unique cultures, young fellow–keep up the good work! But also, keep in mind that unique individuals are ALSO highly targeted by the bad actors I mention above, in ways that defy the imagination too. And that can be a dangerous thing. Protect yourself fellow traveler, protect yourself!

And to my other readers–learn a bit about nuance and language–it helps decode the gang stalking dialectic!


LINGUISTS!! Maybe get a few of your colleagues on the project of China’s many dying dialects! As you have noted–there are words that only the elders can speak–stories that only the elders can tell! And–its an opportunity to be part of the next 100 years of progress, too.

Then on to India! And Africa! Wow–words are so cool!

5 thoughts on “Who survived the Great Culling yesterday?Linguists, and writers, and one hard fighting TI from Mississippi!

    1. Well, science is a cure for ignorance. How was she being “zapped?”

      I know that in your situation, we adopt the language, and “belief systems” of our oppressors–so I ask again: how was she zapped, and what scientific proof do you offer?

      I am not saying such bizarre incidents happen or not–I an merely asking for scientific “proof,” which is an interesting conversation in and of itself


    2. I don’t understand the context of your comment.

      And please–no talk of “zapping” here, ok? Only facts, bro.

      I do understand that many religious people do use the term “xaping” in several ways, including that they believe some god has helped them–and I do understand why some eople are entrapped into such lanhuage–but I don’t want my blog to attract those types of people generally.

      Have a look at the case of Dr. Stella Immanuel, who uses such language for reference—she’s on record talking about “sex with demons” and “electronic weapons.”


      So–I get why some people use that type of language,, but it doesn’t help the general public to understand the story–and even makes people turn away.

      Stick with facts, bro.


      1. You know what? I thought it was a joke too–it was actually funny the first time I read it, and my instinct was to laugh–but because of your situation, I didn’t want you to think I was laughing at you,instead of the joke!

        LOL….and who says TI’s don’t have a sense of humor!


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