Black Lives Matter protester sues NYPD for gang stalking event in 2020

So, what happens to gang stalking targets?

Derrick Ingram attended a protest, and used a bullhorn to practice free speech in public, at a protest. He then got gang stalked by the NYPD. Have a listen to his story of being targeted, with actual red lasers (gun sight’s), sonic weapons (LRADs), and more, over at WBEZ Chicago’s This American Life:

“Warriors In the Garden,” a “story that’s always been there, but no one ever tells.”

So, it basically goes like this: the NYPD didn’t like his words (nor could they stop him from speaking) and so, they put a female officer in front of his bullhorn. Yes–the gang stalkers will ” use women and children” to entrap you in various ways, attempting to cause the appearance that you abuse women or children.

Indeed, the “female victim” claimed she lost her hearing, because she “put herself in harm’s way”–a jackass, standing in front of a bullhorn to be sure–and later, as FBI airplanes and other airborne police vehicles hovered overhead, police used facial recognition, to scan the crowds, and likely used one or another variety of fake cell phone towers powered by “microwaves” to intercept, record, and collect phone calls of protesters to identify people who believe in free speech, and , as FBI airplanes shot footage from above, and as the “SRG Strategic Response Group deploys an LRAD sound cannon against peaceful protesters” routinely in that area.

RELATED STORY: New York City settles lawsuit with protesters who were targeted with “sonic weapon.” Hackers are continuously reverse engineering these technologies to target them back.

Well “what happens to targeted individuals?” “Who are the gang stalkers?” and “Who gets targeted with gang stalking–” All of the above and more–everything targeted individuals complain about is in that ONE story.

That’s part of the answer–the things we can document with evidence. But what about all those men who are targeted with less visible means of attack, and stalking–all of that outside of the view of thousands of other protesters?

Well, in these cases we never know for sure, because at the point where the journalist’s duty to uphold government narratives for the sake of public safety becomes UNSAFE, and deferring to police narrative becomes “unsafe” too at exactly the point of “free speech,” where police narrative is stoked loaded with language and plastic words that have no real meaning becomes pure garbage, and the well documented psychobabble that they are known for, in their work online, as they mock their victims:

Electronic weapons! Laser Beams! Aliens have landed outside my house! They are torturing me right now, with microwaves!”

All of that type of gibberish is nearly always cops and their gangs full of state and federal workers, and others exactly as we see described here, but also Big Pharma trolls, and NGO funded think tank disinformation agents who are attached like leeches to the various state-federal dollar pipelines, and others in their orbit; or sometimes, actual victims who have little choice but to adopt their language, due to a lack of education, or coercion. Indeed, that is a sub-category of person’s who utilize police gibberish, for a variety of reasons too heady to get into here.

Watch, now, as police turn a request from a citizen to produce an arrest warrant according to the US Constitution into a “six hour standoff,” in an insane act of defiance of truth itself, and the headline, from StationGossip, is loaded like a police-manufactured brain bomb:

NYPD retreat after six-hour standoff with angry crowd outside defiant BLM leader’s home as they try and arrest him for assaulting a cop – before he turns himself in AFTER they leave

What a load–and all of that, because a man asked that they simply provide an arrest warrant, which he was in the right to do–yet police at every point have weaponized civil rights against citizens in such a way that they are murdering people who invoke legal rights!

This one story is a look at how “gangs” of police in official capacities flaunt and skirt the law in these cases, and note how what actual targeted individuals report is an exact MIRROR of what Dr.s like these claim are “delusions.”

This one story is a real eye opener, and a case of a man who simply asked police to produce a warrant for his arrest–which they did not–and instead, they placed a tactical unit around his house.

They aimed weapons with laser sights at him–they placed snipers around his home. But they still produced no warrant for his arrest, as he repeatedly asked them–very politely, I might add–to “slide it under the door,” which they refused to do. Seriously–listen to the podcast, and compare his smooth, even keeled voice, with the activity surrounding his home–the disconnect between the headline and the actual activity is stunning–just stunning.

And this is not an “isolated case” either–it’s happens every day in the USA, as police use what is called an “authority test” to demand that suspects heed their commands, simply because police are “commanding,” and not in any way related to law, our constitutional protectionsthat obeying a police command takes precedence over law and due process, even when it is fully in their capacity to follow simple process and procedure.

That rather than legal requests, with a warrant in hand, or any form of legal due process, or even simple civility (Mr. Ingram and his group are well documented, non-violent peace protesters)we see the authority test replacing civil process and due process, and even common civility, with police skirting the law everywhere, and then turning these events into opportunities to murder activists.

Oh, these Dr.s and their delusions. I have invited them to dialogue many times, but still no response–can you imagine why?

Comparing the case above to the claims of those psychologists should bring clarity to the issue, and reveal the difference between #fakeTI’s and actual targeted individuals, with little doubt whatsoever.

And this is what manufactured terrorism is too, as a guy who was literally under “24-7 surveillance” by a gang of over 30 cops, for 53 days, goes on a rampage in New Zealand, right next door to Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, who claims such “targeted individuals” are delusional when they try to simply exercise their civil rights.

It’s all police narrative, devoid of any pertinent facts whatsoever–they even go out of their way to “un-name” their victims too, as we see in the No Notoriety campaign, these cultish practices are spun from the dust by FBI agents, and other police narrators.

These events are deep state ritual at every corner and curve, and the USA is a mere police state by definition.

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